By Denise

When I was 13 (in 1988), I lived down the street from my friend Jess. One summer we were snooping around in her basement and found an old Ouja board.  We decided to take it out and play with it.

We didn't take it seriously, and started asking stupid questions to see what it would say. Now, being 13, I wasn't sure what I believed in. I thought she was moving the handpiece, she thought I was, etc. However, every now and then it would go to: J-B-5-1-8-9. It kept going to these sequence. We had no idea what it meant, only that it kept going there. Now, my friend Jess had a last name that began with a "B" so of course I thought she was trying to spell something out with her initials, but she denied it. We used the board a lot that summer, and it would occasionally repeat that sequence J-B-5-1-8-9.

Summer ended and school began. Since I was a year older than her, I started high school and she was still in junior high. We still hung out, but we kind of drifted apart over the school year.

As the school year was drawing to a close, I got a phone call from her mother. Jess was sick and was in the hospital. She wanted to know if I could cover her babysitting job until she got better. I, of course, said yes. After a few days, I was concerned that she was still in the hospital, and I called her mother to ask if I could go visit her. We went to visit her over the weekend.

When I went into the hospital ward, I had to give my name to the nurse, and she had to go check to see if she would see me {I thought this was odd, but I didn't say anything}. The nurse came back and led me to her room. Poor Jess was lying in bed looking horrible. I got real nervous and asked her what she had & if she was going to be okay. She looked at me and started to cry.

She was walking home from school alone the previous Monday afternoon and decided to take a shortcut. While doing so, someone jumped out from behind a tree/bushes (I don't remember exactly) and attacked her. She was raped, beaten, and left there. Someone found her and called the police. They eventually found the person who did it (it turned out to be someone she knew). The date that it happened to Jess B? May 1, 1989 (same as the sequence from the summer before: JB5189).

I sat with her for a while, and she is the one that mentioned that Ouja board sequence, and how it had predicted something would happened to her on that day.

She recovered and is doing fine. They caught and prosecuted the man responsible, and he paid for his crime.