Winter in Lake

By Georgia


It was winter in Lake Tahoe.  There was snow all over the ground, knee deep to me, a 7 year old at the time.  I had this old fashioned ice sled.  You know, the kind with the metal rails on the bottom and boards across the top, with a rope to drag it around by.  I don't even know why I was trying to use it since there was no ice, and it didn't slide down slopes at all.  But, nonetheless, here I am, cute little bundled up girl, wading through the snow with a sled in tow, along side our beautiful new cabin.  Next door to our cabin was this brown house.  We had never seen anyone in it the 2 years we had lived there, save the occasional realtor.  It wasn't run down or anything, just a big plain brown house with white trim.  My brother and I were always kind of creeped out by this house.  We weren't sure why, there was just something amiss.  Kids have good intuition about those things.  Their minds are so open to anything that they are more receptive to when something is wrong or weird in energies.  So anyway, I start toward the creepy house, to play in the snow.  All of the sudden, seemingly instantaneously, there is a man and woman some 15 feet in front of me.  The man is laying on one of those folding nylon-strap lawn chairs.  He is wearing a plaid short sleeved snap button shirt, Bermuda shorts, and flip-flops...did I mention there was a foot and half of snow on the ground?  The woman is standing next to him wearing a blue terry bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers.  She has a pitcher, and is pouring him a glass of iced tea.  The man looks up at me with a big grin and gives a little wave.  The woman takes no notice of me, and seems very emotionless, pouring the tea.  He moves his mouth as if he is speaking, but I can only hear a muffled voice.  The area they are in has no snow, just pine needles, as it would look if it were summer.  Their whole area's aura has a mistiness to it.  I stand there and look at them for a few seconds and weakly wave back.  I'm not smiling, I am certainly freaked out and confused.  I turn and walk back to the house, not looking back.  I was sure I should not see what I just saw, so I didn't want to see it again.  

Over the next three years that we lived next door to that house, several other weird, unexplainable things happened.  Mostly fleeting images out of the corner of your eye.  This was the most vivid.