Q:        Who is the actress who recently played the nun taking care of Nora?  I recognize her from some long-ago soap.  Did this actress play Tad (AMC) Martin’s mother when he was a child?  I sort of remember Joe and ??  Martin, and this actress reminds me of the same person who played that role.  Sharyn T.

A:        The role of Sister Agatha was played by Caroline Kava.  Although Ms Kava bears a resemblance to a younger Mary Fickett who plays in the role of Ruth Martin on AMC (1970-1996, and 1999-present), she never appeared in AMC.

            Quite possibly you might remember seeing Ms Kava in one of her many television appearances.  She has co-starred in “The Practice”; “LA LAW”; “X-Files”; Star Trek the Next Generation”; “Dawson’s Creek”, and “The Equalizer”.

            She has also had co-starring roles in many feature films, including 1988’s spy thriller, “Little Nikita," with Sidney Poitier, in which Caroline played the Russian born mother of River Phoenix. 


Q:       Whatever happened to Patrick and Marty?  Did Patrick die?

Q:        I stopped watching a while back and I am really interested in knowing where did Marty Saybrooke go and do you think she will come back? Thank you.  Holly S.

A:        Due to the fact that I do not know how much of Marty’s history you are lacking, I will begin when the two first met and bring you up to the last time they were seen in Llanview. 

            In 1995, Marty traveled to Inishcrag, a remote island in Ireland.  While sitting in the Wild Swan Inn, Patrick Thornhart, yet unknown to Marty, grabbed her and kissed her.  Marty played along with him.  Pretending to be his wife, she helped him elude the Men of Twenty-One, a terrorist group who were hunting him down.

            Patrick told Marty that this group suspected him of having sheet music in his possession that was coded, and could reveal their terrorist plans.

            It was not long before the two grew extremely close and eventually made love.

Meanwhile, Todd Manning, wanting to make amends to Marty for raping her in the past, made his way to Ireland to bring her home to Llanview so she could be with Paloma, a friend of Marty’s who was dying.

            After Marty left Ireland, Todd stayed to help Patrick.  While there, Todd was mistaken for Patrick and shot by the terrorists.  He was presumed dead.

            A few months passed and Patrick traveled to Llanview to find Marty. To his surprise, Marty had become engaged to Dylan Moody.  Dylan was Max’s  brother-in-law.  Although Patrick tried his best to convince Marty of his undying love for her, she refused to let herself be swayed, and married Dylan.  Patrick was heartbroken and ended up grabbing Blair Manning (Todd’s widow), and took her to the stables.  Because Blair hated Marty and blamed her for Todd’s death, she used all her wiles to seduce Patrick.  While in an embrace with Blair, Patrick kept visualizing Marty, which led him to pushing Blair away.

            In time Marty finally broke down and told Patrick she loved him.  She made the decision to tell Dylan about Patrick.  Unfortunately, before Marty could talk to Dylan, he suffered a serious back injury that left him paralyzed.  Marty knew she could not tell Dylan about Patrick now that he needed her, so she told Patrick they would have to end their relationship.

            After that, Patrick turned to Blair  and they had an affair.  One night while they were “together” on the floor of Blair’s penthouse, someone was watching them.  It turned out to be Todd, very much alive.

             Time passed.  Together with Bo Buchanan’s help, Patrick and Marty discovered the truth about the Men of Twenty-One’s conspiracy from a microchip hidden in a book of Irish Airs.

             When Dylan recovered and could walk again, he did the right thing by agreeing to give Marty her freedom to be with Patrick.  In 1997, Marty and Patrick were together again and deeply committed to one another.  Marty accepted Patrick’s proposal of marriage, and the two were even happier when they discovered that Marty was pregnant.

             Meanwhile, Todd was plotting with the leader of The Men of Twenty-One, because he hated Patrick for sleeping with Blair.  At the same time, another terrorist, Mahoney, was making his way from Ireland to Llanview to kill Marty, Patrick and Todd.

             Patrick and Marty had a beautiful outdoor wedding on top of Llantano Mountain.  Then shots were fired and one of the guests was hit.  It was Mahoney in his attempt to kill Patrick.  Patrick chased Mahoney to Todd’s penthouse, where he was holding a gun on Tea Delgado.  They fought and both Mahoney and Patrick appeared to be killed.

             In the ambulance that was taking Patrick’s body away, Marty sat by his side and he raised up to kiss her.  It was then that we saw that the whole thing had been a set up to fake Patrick's death and whisk the two lovebirds away, free at last from The Men of Twenty-One.   Marty wrote a goodbye letter to Bo and Nora, explaining that she decided to leave Llanview because she could not cope with Patrick’s "death."  Even with the letter, Bo and Nora had the feeling that Patrick was actually alive.  In the end, Patrick, Marty, and their unborn child escaped to an undisclosed location, where, presumably, they are still living a very happy life.

            It is possible, with the ending of this storyline as it was written, Marty could return to Llanview, with or without Patrick or the baby.  Though, at this time there has been no mention of that possibility.


Q:        What ever happened to the character of David Renaldi?  I know that Michael Zaslow passed away, but was the character ever resolved in any way?

A:        David made his return to Llanview in May of ’98.  He was at Llanview hospital when Dorian spotted him.  He asked her not to tell his daughter, Cassie, that he was there, but Dorian did what she felt Cassie needed.  So Cassie and her father were reunited.  David lived with Dorian for a few months, where he bravely dealt with his illness every day.  He then moved out, and from one of my sources, the most recent information is that David is still living in Llanview, though the talented actor who played him, Michael Zaslow, passed away from ALS on December 6, 1998.



Q:        Could you please tell me what was the song Janis Ian sang in person at  the Nurses Ball for Stone?  I believe the year was 1996 or 1997.  Thank you so much.  Christy, NC

A:            Christy, sometimes it is very difficult to track down music and artists who have performed on the soaps, because this in not information that is normally listed. 

            In this case, I was fortunate to find not only the information for you, but the lyrics as well.  The song is “When Angels Cry”, and Janis Ian sang it live at the 1996 Nurses Ball.  Stone Cates died of AIDS in 1995, and this song was a loving tribute to him.  You can find the lyrics to “When Angels Cry” at, http://gurlpages.com/mrs.spooky/waclyrics.html


Q:        Do you know the middle name of Michael Morgan/Quartermaine of GH?  And what about Elizabeth Webber’s middle name?  Starfruit87

A:            According to my sources, Michael Morgan's name was changed after Carly married AJ.  His name is now Michael Alan Quartermaine.  Elizabeth's full name is Elizabeth Imogene Webber.


Q:        When Tiffany Hill married Sean Donnelly, her hillbilly family came to the wedding and the minister gave her “real” name during the ceremony.  I can’t for the life of me remember what it was…can you help?

A:            Certainly. The day they were wed, was the first time that Sean heard Tiffany’s real name.  It went like this:

            Minister:  “Elsie Mae Crumholtz, will you take...”

            Sean:        “Who? Who?

            Priest:      “Ah, Elsie Mae Crumholtz.  Isn’t that correct?”

            Tiffany:   “Yes.  Will you just get on with it please!”


Q:        Was it ever determined who, exactly killed Bradley Ward?

A:        For those readers who do not remember this incident, Bradley Ward was the son of Mary Mae Ward.  He disappeared one day, never to be seen again, until 1994, when his remains were discovered in Luke and Laura Webber’s garden.

Twenty years subsequent to this, Edward Quartermaine and his business partners, Jack Boland and Frank Smith (before his mob activities were known), bitterly fought Bradley over his opposition to their housing projects.  Jack Boland lied to the police when they questioned him, leading them to believe that Edward was the murder.  He was arrested and brought to trial.  On the witness stand, Jack Boland perjured himself.  Edward was convicted, and would have served his time in prison, if it had not been for Mary Mae, who let it be known that he could not have killed Bradley, as he had been her and Edward’s son.

            Jack Boland was later found murdered.  This led Luke, who was helping Justus (Bradley’s son) in his investigation of this case, to believe that Frank had murdered Jack to keep him quiet. 

            Because Luke shot and killed Frank Smith during their final altercation in Puerto Rico, Frank was never convicted of murdering Bradley, nor was the case ever officially solved.



          In my column of Sept 3rd, contained within the answer regarding Brooke English and Tad Martin, I stated that Brooke first had her ectopic pregnancy and abortion, then later gave birth to Jamie (Tad’s son).  I should have stated that Jamie was born first, in 1991, and then in 1994, Brooke became pregnant, once again with Tad’s child, and had to have an abortion.  I want to thank Brandi,  who brought this to my attention. 

Q:        A friend of mine remarked that Ryan on AMC has the same last name (Lavery) as Anna Devane’s late husband, Duke Lavery.  Could there be. . . Do you think that . . .          Was it just some coincidence that happened prior to Alex’s appearance on the show, or by some design?  It could be an interesting plot twist.  Anyway, has anything ever been said that would suggest some connection?  Thanks.  Chris

A:     Wow Chris, you must certainly want me to earn my money with this one.

Let me begin by saying that there is always the possibility of there being a connection between Ryan, Anna, and the late Duke Lavery.

On GH:

Duke and Anna first met in 1986.  Soon afterward, they made love.  There was no mention of her being pregnant until 1988.  Because she suffered an accident, she lost the baby at General Hospital.  Anna and Duke were separated and reunited a few times until 1990, when he was shot and died in her arms.  Years later Anna was presumably killed in an explosion.


Alexandra DeVane arrives in Pine Valley.  She is a doctor.  She has married Dimitri Marick, she is led to believe that he is dead, and later on she falls in love with his brother Edmund.  (Forgive my short version of some of these facts, we are only interested in Alex/Anna for the time being.)

Edmund gives Alex a horse as a present, and she names it “Scorpio”.  She later travels to Wales and a woman refers to her as “Anna”. Returning to Pine Valley, Alex starts having memories of a woman named “Anna”, and a girl named “Robin”.

A short time passes and Alex’s mother, Charlotte is in Pine Valley with her.  Charlotte later confesses to Alex that Anna and she were sisters.  Charlotte had stolen Alex as an infant.  Alex was trained to take over Anna’s life, failed in her mission and had her memory erased.

Those  are the facts on the characters of Alex and Anna on each of the soaps in which they appeared..

Hypothetically speaking:            Anna’s unborn child who died after her accident, could have been taken from her without her knowledge.  That was only 13 years ago.  Ryan Lavery is at least in his mid-twenties.  So that rules him out as being her son, unless the writer’s are using the same time warp as they did with the age of Lily and Miguel’s son, Juan, on GH. 

What do we know about Ryan Lavery?  He is from Iowa, where his parents live.   He has one brother, Braden, who was convicted of rape when he came to Pine Valley.  Their father was abusive to them, and he was also an alcoholic.  That’s the only information we have been given thus far.  Could Ryan be related to the late Duke Lavery?  There is no answer to this at present, but I will bet you a quarter from my next paycheck, that if there is even the most minuscule possibility of them being related, the writers will make the most of it.

Q:        I’ve been a fan of All My Children for years and  have always enjoyed watching Walt Willey play Jackson Montgomery.  He’s so good looking, and I’d like to know more about him.  Anything you can tell me?  JoAnn  

A:        Walt has been charming the ladies since he first appeared in the role of  Jackson Montgomery back in 1989.

He attended Southern Illinois University where he majored in sculpture.  After Walt toured with an improvisational comedy group, he decided to pursue a career in acting in New York.

His first professional role was as an extra on All My Children.  After that, he played in the role of Joe Novak on “Ryan’s Hope”.  On stage he appeared in “Frankenstein”, “Barefoot in the Park”, “Five Finger Exercise”, and “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

When Walt is not acting on AMC, he enjoys doing stand up comedy, and continues his interest in art, doing his own line of t-shirts.  When he is not busy acting or performing, he relaxes by playing chess and scuba diving.



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