July 8, 2003 

At some point, you will definitely hear more from me about my sorrow over the upcoming loss of some of my favorite daytime characters.  I’ve thought long and hard about how to continue doing both the occasional column and the spoiler commentary given the change in climate that comes with a cancelled show.  It’s a “how do you kick a guy when he’s down” kind of thing, because I tend to kick, as you know.  But, I’ve decided that there’s no point in treating the show any differently in my columns, because that doesn’t really serve anyone and would really be highly hypocritical.  We all knew this was a possibility and yes, I’ll admit that my time IS too precious to waste pretending to enjoy things I don’t…and lately, I have had reason to criticize this show.  That doesn’t mean you agree with my reasons, but I’ve tried to remain truthful to my opinions without letting politics (etc.) play into it, and I will continue to do so.  I will hope with the rest of you for a last minute reprieve that probably won’t come (along with a change in the direction and focus of the show if we actually got to the reprieve part) and I’ll continue to write what I really think.  I daresay you’ll notice some bittersweet meanderings from time to time (I’m sure you’re feeling them yourselves) as I try to wring out every drop of pleasure from these characters I love so much.  No doubt I will also be moved in the not so distance future to talk about the cancellation, but for now…it’s just on with the show. 

How great was Caleb’s “It’s hard always being right” after Livvie worried that Rafe would go somewhere?  When Caleb isn’t trying to be poetic about “his love”, he has the best lines and delivers them perfectly! 

I still can’t believe that they killed Karen.  I’m just really disappointed by it, and I’m disappointed that it only provided about a half hour’s worth of drama as well.  I just don’t think this was a necessary decision (and frankly, Marie Wilson is okay and all, but I’ve never been a huge Karen fan…and I STILL don’t think they needed to kill her off) and it does disappoint me that a longtime GH character has now been restricted from reappearing over there.   

That said, the memorial scenes between Scott and Lucy were sniffle worthy, and the scene’s where Kevin realized Karen had relived the worst time in her life (drug addiction) for him right before her death were really powerful.  Even more powerful and moving, for me, was Chris’ line about being the last of the seven interns.  *Sob* 

How much more touching would it have been if we Karen had met up with Eve in Heaven though?  Casey (yeah, yeah I know she was the catalyst and all and she’s been better lately, but this was a BIG moment) and Karen had no connection that I cared about (besides bopping the same man, of course) and I didn’t really *feel* those scenes. 

The “Inside the Music” episode was vaguely interesting I suppose.  Then again, an entire episode centered mostly on band members that aren’t all that important to the story felt like a bit much. 

Hey Caz…you should get that tattoo on your forehead checked out because honey, that thing switches sides sometimes!  I’m worried for you.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be…maybe the next big story is based around a tattoo that won’t stay put (hey, tattoo’s can grant wishes too ya know!) and you are the star of the arc!

Did you notice that Caleb and Livvie actually had normal sex?  No fangs, no biting, and no blood…I was impressed.  Maybe we’ve moved past it?  It was actually a sexy love scene for a change.  Nice work. 

So how about Imani’s entrance?  How do you fall through the floor while standing up and end up in that position coming down?  I think I remember a spoiler about her being mysterious…maybe the mystery has something to do with why she’s lying down on the storeroom floor.  Otherwise though, she’s gorgeous and I wasn’t unimpressed so far.   

I missed the first five minutes of the day that Rafe apparently finally used his slayer powers.  So, what I can attest to is that he’s fast at it, lol.  It was over, done with, and not mentioned again by the time I tuned in and I think it was before the first darn commercial even.  Figures, months of making fun of Rafe for not slaying anything, and I miss his first time. 

I also missed how Jamal got the ring…since it is supposed to be so hard to take it from whichever vampire has it and all.  I also don’t really understand why we had to go through so much turmoil if Caleb always had the power to make his every wish come true…but who am I to be logical? 

Sooo, Casey is now urging Ricky to go for it, from Heaven?  I thought she was rather disapproving of his need to have fame even if it means selling his soul to the vampires and all?  Why isn’t she telling him to get a life and stop hanging with the bad element in town? 

Erin Hershey was fabulous in the scenes following Rafe’s stabbing, and in just about every scene with Rafe since.  She’s been carrying their scenes as far as I’m concerned, in fact.  Lately, Rafe just looks like he’s confused a lot, lol.      

Alison and Livvie talking, and Rafe and Caleb talking reminded me that there is indeed drama and interest in two characters interacting based on their history, their goals and their fears…there is a story to be told even without the supernatural present every moment.  I love when they take a minute to remember that relationships are really the key. 

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So, Natalie found Keri, and five minutes later Keri’s back in town and she is set on getting her man back.  I might be interested in that whole thing if I weren’t still wondering how she managed to pack up a baby that fast.  I’m beyond perplexed at not seeing her have to go spend a million dollars replacing all the baby crap she apparently left behind.   

Mitch is dead, sadly, and there is much mystery surrounding his demise.  Again, I’m interested but I’m still stuck on wondering if that was the first anyone had checked to see if the man was actually dead when they pulled the tarp off him and made the big reveal.  Seriously, there were cops swarming all over, Nora was had made it there already…everyone is standing around and then *swish*, they pull off the tarp and everyone, including Flash, gasps.  I suppose she might have checked that dangling hand for a pulse, but darn, if it were already so cold that you were sure he was dead then I’d think you would want to be sure it was even a real person under there. 

How hot are Troy and Lindsay?  Catherine Hickland has been fabulous lately…the look on her face after Troy left her in her room at St. Anne’s was perfect. 

Heh, Bo:  “Going somewhere?”  Walker:  “Going to the bathroom, wanna come?”   

Let me interrupt this column to announce that I officially LOVE Walker.  Love every semi-creepy, funny, charming (in a semi-creepy way, of course) thing about him.  It is Excellent work for a new character…just excellent. 

NuKevin is…interesting.  He’s growing on me a bit but I’m still not sure.  Liked him best, not surprisingly, with Walker.  The “I didn’t inherit it” stuff was great! 

Um, is it a sin to root for Rex in the Rex/Jen/Joey thing?  Because I know he’s bad and all, but I swear he really is the smartest one of the bunch.  Watching Reverend Joey waffle between his non-existent job responsibility, and his lust for a lying, annoying, nothing but trouble little brat is just mind numbing.  I so think they deserve each other at this point.       

Nora is looking particularly luminous lately, I must say.  It was nice of the new DA guy to notice. 

I’m cracking up because SoapNet has their little “Tomorrow on GH” blurbs messed up.  The funniest one was when it flashed across the bottom of the screen saying “Tomorrow – Antonio gets the upper hand on Mitch!”, while Antonio was already beating the crap out of Mitch before my very eyes, lol.   Yeah, ya think? 

I so hate it when Carlotta has a point!  I know, I know, everyone is right once in awhile just by accident…but making me take sides between Carlotta and Keri is just cruel. 

What is with Natalie and Christian’s sitting room (or whatever that room is…it needs more comfortable chairs before I’ll call it a living room)?  Every time they’re in there people start talking in front of other people like they aren’t even there…or like they aren’t two feet away and can hear every word.  Mostly, they do it to poor Jessica.  Antonio comes running in and Natalie says “Jess isn’t doing very well” like she’s forewarning him of something before he sees her, except that Jessica is RIGHT behind her!  Pay attention, they do it all the time. 

Al and Marcie are still making me swoon, I loved the July 4th episode (particularly Rex’s “I’m just here for your wallet” line), I’m warming considerably to Jess and Antonio, Dr. Troy is hot, and Joey is a dolt and should spend less time talking and more time shirtless. Jen is a bigger dolt and if they manage to make me like her too then I may just have to swear off this show based on the possibility of mind control or something.   Evangeline and RJ are interesting but it’s time to move it out of restaurants already…I’m sure they’d look good against a backdrop other than the Palace or Capricorn as well. 

As for who killed Mitch, it’s really too soon to guess.  The usual red herrings are still being tossed about, but I’m interested and that’s pretty impressive for a murder mystery since I feel like I’ve seen enough of them to trace the story arc with my eyes closed.  I’ll miss Mitch, but the time had come.  And as usual and most importantly, I can’t wait to see what OLTL has for me next!   

Wow.  Well, I’ve been watching but I just can’t find much to say lately.  I’ll throw out a few comments but honestly; it’s all been rather uneventful for me.  I mean, I see things happening, things that should be a big deal, but somehow…they just aren’t.  Sometimes when I’m watching this show I feel like I’m watching a game that I don’t understand the rules of, and just when I think I’ve got it down, someone changes the rules anyway.  So, after awhile you just sort of look at it instead of actually watching it…if that makes sense.  Eh, whatever.  I’m still looking. 

Yes Skye, Alexis is really “that desperate” and will “do anything” to “get what she wants” which is, of course, her baby.  I wouldn’t dare defend Alexis’ stupid scheme because I can’t contort myself into the shape I’d need to pull that off, but Skye is on my “hypocrite much?” list big time.  Um yeah, Skye, you just keep yapping on and on about justice and not letting someone get away with a cold-blooded murder.  Where the heck is Coleman when you need him?  He might be able to shut her up with a well placed “Aren’t you the woman who pointed my gun at Jax and Brenda on their wedding day?  Gee, Alexis’ motivation was revenge for her sister’s murder and protecting her baby…what was yours again?”  She may not have pulled the trigger, but we’ll never know since Jax called a halt before we could find out.   Everyone involved in this story appears stupid, heartless, or clueless.  Riveting isn’t it?  And for Pete’s sake can Skye PLEASE leave the mansion once in awhile?  WTF? 

Nice right Courtney!  Follow it up with a left next time though, ’kay? 

Does anyone on this show have a job anymore?  Anyone?  The only characters that have families are the ones that are apparently only allowed on the sets that house their homes…so there’s no way around letting them interact with another family member on occasion (Cassadines, Q’s).  Otherwise, family is also a non-issue for our current storytellers.  No Bobbie even though Carly is missing again.  No Audrey (or friends) for Liz through all her trials and tribulations.  No Cameron for Sherry…er, I mean no Cameron for Zander.  I miss jobs, business deals, professional looking people, and families. 

Tyler Christopher has been outstanding.  Nik’s obvious pain over Emily’s decision made it worth sitting through Emily’s drawn out attempt to protect people.  It got very old, very fast.  And, correct me if I’m wrong, but the last couple days did little to help her look any better.  Nikolas was the inspiration for her to go to the support group.  She thanks him, and tells him she’s going for Zander.  Then, she sees Zander kissing the woman that she promised not to screw over, and she promptly goes back to Nikolas.  Instead finds Lydia wearing the ring, throws a little hissy fit because things went as she said they should and Nikolas was marrying Lydia.  So then, she pouts and looks hurt but promptly goes BACK to find Zander…wtf?  Could she possibly look any flightier?  I realize she’s working under pressure here and all, but darn, I find it hard to like her much.  Gia was much nicer than I would’ve been – Em should talk to Brenda about whether it’s a good idea to use your illness as an excuse to mess with other’s lives.  In fact, I’m not sure I’d mind if she went ahead and flew across the pond for a nice long visit to do just that.  I was beyond disappointed with the anti-climatic ending to the drawn out ruse as well, and I’m sorry but Zander and NuEm just don’t have “it”.  My advice would be to keep them far apart because they don’t do each other any favors. 

Watching Sonny and Jason argue and struggle over power shifts would have been interesting back when I cared for either one.  I like that Jason is obviously worried for Carly, and I like that Carly isn’t even wondering why it isn’t Sonny crawling all over that house looking for her…she just knows why it isn’t.   I’ve gotten a few moments of true enjoyment out of the panic room situation and I’m grateful for anything that keeps Carly and Sonny away from each other (they don’t do each other any favors either).  Otherwise…it’s mostly just silly.  Oh, and “what are you up to now” is the new catch phrase I guess.  Watch for exciting new inflections on each and every word as TB tries to make it sound interesting for the thirty-fifth time.  

How often are Sonny and Faith (and the twenty other people that know about it) going to discuss their little con in front of open doors and witnesses?  Not that the FBI is any better, following them around and speaking to them in public.  Nice cover.   

I fully enjoyed the Stefan/Nikolas conversation today.  SN was in top form, and it was great to hear them actually talk for the first time.  It reminded me that sometimes it’s worth watching just for the actors alone.  Doesn’t get much more yummy than a SN/TC scene, now does it? 

Surprise, surprise!   Stop the presses!  Sonny just announced his latest “plan” and yes, that’s right folks, it consists of….(drum roll please)…waiting for the other guy to slip up!  That man is so constantly changing up his strategies making it nearly impossible to predict his next move.  *Insert eye roll here*  

Uh, Lucky?  Did you bury Summer yet?  In fact, did they find her body after Luke swiped her gurney?  (I may have missed that, I’ll allow)  Have you gone home and taken a shower since she died or are you just hanging in the park or on Spoon Island hoping to climb on the Lydia train?  Good grief boy.  Oh and someone please cut the cheesy porno music that twangs up every time the two cross paths…we can see that it’s cheap without the sound effects, believe me. 

Georgie and Dillon are too cute for words.  Maxie is dumb…but so are many teenagers.  Yep, it’s my favorite story thread right now.  That’s scary for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s on about once a week for five minutes or so. 

I love Lydia and am increasingly irritated at the upcoming recast as each day goes by.  Seriously, I’ll try to be nice to the new one but my hopes aren’t high.  I figure JF was coming off as a little too smart underneath that cynical rich girl attitude.  *Sigh* 

“Psst, Sonny!  This is your jaw speaking.  I really must ask you to cease and desist with your penchant to speak every word while clenching me.  I know that you have a hard time showing your feelings and all, but please, I can’t take it anymore so you’ll have to find another way.  I mean, c’mon man…I thought the constant gum chewing was bad, but this…  Oh, and for the record, your barware has a restraining order in the works so I wouldn’t even glance in its direction if I were you.” 

That about does it for me.  Truly, sometimes I watch and wonder where my show went.  In a way, my GH break allowed me to distance myself enough that I can now watch favorites be useless (AJ) or stupid (Alexis and Skye) without much reaction…they’re becoming just people up there doing “things” instead of beloved parts of my day.  Sad.  There are moments though, when feeling comes back, both good and bad…like when I find myself truly cringing at Sonny spitting out insults to women or when I feel a rare rush of “Aw, isn’t that romantic” hearing Dylan talk about beginnings.  Being reminded of what I’m missing is definitely the hardest.  

Take care and drop me a line anytime! 

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*Slut, Bitch, Tramp and Whore are not responsible for the misuse or overuse of our good name.  We strive continually to protect the power of our voice and we do NOT support usage that threatens that power.  Plus, we think that Mr. Morgan should be careful about using Bitch in such a derogatory manner after said noun has provided several years of good service in encapsulating Mr. Morgan’s relationship to Mr. Corinthos.  This is the thanks we get?   

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