Jamal bites the sheriff. 

Imani reveals her secret to Jamal. 

Too bad the rest of the free world has already figured out her secret.  I guess if you want to see the rest of the vampire/werewolf saga, you’ll have to catch that Kate Beckinsale movie. 

Casey tells Ricky that she may come back to earth. 

Ian contemplates revenge against the person that turned him. 

Nah, Ian’s too good for that. 

Ian makes an important save, helping Lucy to see some advantages to vampirism. 

See, told ya.   

Chris and Lucy go to the cabin. 

Yay, Chris!  *sniff* 

Caleb and Livvie & Rafe and Alison prepare for their weddings, at the same location! 

I hear that one is set to take place outside and one inside.  Maybe I should be thankful we don’t have to see the wedding night where one has to listen in on the marital bliss of the other…yeah, I think I can live without that, lol.       

Livvie receives an unhappy surprise. 

Well…it’s an unhappy week for all of us, so she can join the club. 

A special thank-you to all of you for reading each week, I really appreciate it and will miss hearing from you.  I’ve truly enjoyed chatting with many of you via email (and yes, we could have written this better ourselves, at times!) and I hope ABC appreciates the stellar fans it had for PC.  It has become harder and harder to come up with witty or interesting things to say about the spoilers as we’ve drawn closer to the end, so I really do appreciate those of you who stuck with me.  I am working on a proper goodbye to PC, which will show up in my Jubilee column once I’ve viewed the final airing on October 3rd.  Enjoy the final week, and take care.   


Not a damned thing.


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