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December 6, 2004

Congratulations go out to Merybarb of "Steve Burton Unleashed" for winning the EOS Site of the Month Award for December!  Click the banner to get there:

At long, long last, we have what I hope to be the beginning of the end!  My dear friend, Carol Banks Weber, reported on Soap Zone's AMC spoilers that the rumors/spoilers that Bianca is angry with everyone except Babe were NOT what's really going to happen.  Glory be and O Happy Day!  I couldn't be more pleased!

As I go through this process of disengaging from spoilers and going with only what's already out there on the net, I'm finding something that I never expected.  I like it.  I mean I *really* like it.  I have been spoiled for so long that I forgot what it was like to be surprised by something in a soap.  Finding out that the scuttlebutt on the net was wrong is downright exciting!  Not to mention that instead of being bad, the news is good!  I am eager to see Bianca absolutely come unglued and go bonzai freakazoid mushroom cloud on Pine Valley, walking through town like Carrie after the prom, blowing up things with her bugged-out eyes and pinning people to the wall with kitchen gadgets.  Bring it on.  TOMORROW IS THE DAY!  BIG TIVO/VCR MOMENT!

Pine Valley Bulletin says that it is confirmed that Bobby Warner is not long for the Valley.  Christian Campbell should continue to air through January.  No word yet on how he will depart.

I heard rumors that Natalia Cigliuti will be staying and will be pursing that relationship with Aidan, who just looks better all the time.  I loved the two of them together today.  He had me at  "Burgers and BJ's."  I mean burgers at BJ's.

Brian Frons speculated that Lily Montgomery might develop a case of puppy love for Bianca.  Rumors of Bianca's departure are still flying around, as well as the possibility that she might end up in a coma before she goes.

Marcy Walker has already taped her brief appearance as Liza that airs later this month.

Last week, Esta TerBlanche (ex-Gillian) publicly stated that she was eager to return to soaps.  Entertaining offers from other networks doesn't mean that she won't consider a return to AMC.  If she does, the powers that be are ready to scrap Greenlee and Ryan.  To my mind, it would be very difficult to imagine that they could actually bring back Gillian (that whole thing of seeing Gillian's ghost for months could be a broad hint) unless A) Ryan is haunted by Gillian's ghost for loving Greenlee (I like it!  Jesse too, please!) or B) the previously unknown twin, Schmillian, surfaces or C) Gillian comes out of the shower instead of Greenlee and we all slam back into 2001.

AMC has put out a casting call for the character of "Megan," who is to be screen testing with Michael E. Knight as a love interest.  Conspiracy theorists are certain that now that Krystal is out of the way and on the way to David's love, Megan is really an cloaked recast of Dixie.  I, for one, would happily welcome Dixie back as long as it is a good actress playing her.  I couldn't stand the character for years, but I am a sucker for a good love story.  Maybe I could see Palmer once in a while if Dixie came back.

Jacob Young can really sing!  I'm thinking he should quit his day job!  Amazing that JR Chandler was able to get so many tattoos without Adam or Dixie cracking down on him.  Of course, when Dixie died, JR looked like baby Jesse McCartney and not a tattoo in sight, so it wasn't on her watch.

Getting back to the Babe and Bianca thing, word comes from my favorite Cynic that Bianca will actually haul off and hit Babe!  This comes in the same week that we get a catfight from Sam and Carly on GH!  Brian Frons must have realized he hadn't gotten his chick fight jollies on in quite some time.

[By the way, jumping shows here, the best chick fight ever was actually on GH:

Roy separates Laura and Flea after Laura
called her a bitch and waded in.

Some day we must do a tribute to chick fights in soaps.]

The rubber hits the road in a couple of relationships.  Specifically, John and Evangeline have the taboo discussion about marriage (It slipped right past me.  Even though they made nice sounds about commitments and "the next level," but they never struck me as more than a booty call.  I don't know if this is just a funky machination to get Natalie's VS thong in a knot  or if they really are thinking of jumping the broom.  Rumors also have a family coming for Evangeline, giving her an actual back story.  Can we dare have more than 2 black people on the show at once?  Too bad Hank is gone...

Bo & Nora go head long into the conflicts in their relationship, finally dropping the niceties long enough to have it out like real divorced people (December 16th).  This, of course, assures their future together, but not before Nora acts like a total ass.  Bo and Paige will actually do the deed before all is said and done.  Nora will seduce Daniel to make Bo jealous.

At Super Soap Weekend this year, Trevor St John (Todd) admitted that he hated the story of Todd and Blair trying to dupe Asa out of his mansion and convince him he was crazy.  He told the crowd that his feeling was, "Please, I don't want to do this any more."  Fortunately for TSJ, new head writer Dena Higley promptly killed the story.

Speaking of Higley, she squashed the rumors that Marcie, Lindsay and Rex are being axed.  No such plans, however some characters who have no ties to others on the show will likely be trimmed away (Shannon McBain already leaving, Paige Miller, Ron and other Wades who aren't Marcie, possibly the Colsons).

Soaps In Depth (Dec 7, 2004) reported that Trevor St John was originally auditioning for the role of Kevin (which went to Dan Gauthier, with whom TSJ now shares a dressing room), but so volatile and intense was his screen test with Erika Slezak that the power that be thought of him when it was time to cast the role of Walker Laurence/Todd.  Of his screen test, St John says, “I have no idea whether they thought it was good or not, but they must’ve said, ‘This guy is insane.’"

Don't think that just because Jessica wobbled her bony little legs down the hall and imagined she saw Antonio pull the plug that it's what happened.  This story still has a good bit further to go, including rumors of a podCristian.

The final suspects in Tico's murder are Natalie, Antonio, Jessica and Cristian, thereby assuring us that none of the four actually did it. 

That's all for now!  I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Much Love,

If you missed the GH column on The Wedding, it is here

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