EOS periodically bestows upon worthy websites its coveted and prestigious "Preferred Site" Award, with the purpose of showcasing websites, famous and infamous, popular and obscure, that we have enjoyed and think you will as well!  We take this award seriously and won't be sending you to just any fanboy site on the net!  We're combing for the best of the best!

You'll find previous winners of our awards at these links:

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Note:  Nope, it's not a monthly or even a yearly thing any more.  If we find something we like, the award is sent and announced!  Lately, it's been just BONE dry!

May 2005

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As you can see, it has been a while since I have chosen a Site of the Month for EOS.  I simply hadn't found any that struck me in a particular way... until May!

Welcome to the first General Hospital Forum (Message Board) to receive our Site of the Month award.  "Loving General Hospital" started up less than a month ago, but already has a thriving community established with lively conversations going on.

Many GH fans are often looking for a new place to roost, so go over and say hello to Yvonne, Kim and Melinda, the board moderators, as well as the GH friends who have come there to visit with one another.  Let's get their board revved up even more with an influx of our friendly, intelligent EOS readers!

Dec 2004

Merybarb has done it again, producing yet another wonderful, well-designed site.  This tribute to Steve Burton (The Jason!) contains beautiful photographs (recent and past), fun stuff like a puzzle, avatars and wall papers and much, much more, including this lovely photo of Steve with new baby daughter, Makenna. 

Steve Burton unleashed is one stop shopping for the Steve Burton and/or Jason fan!

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Nov 2004

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Normally, we do not choose websites for individual actors for our Site of the Month Award because too often, it is taken the wrong way and whoever doesn't like that particular actor or character gets their thong all knotted up and starts bitching.  In fact, the last SOTM Award given to an actor fan site was forever ago and went to Jack Scalia Online (I mean, who can argue with THAT?) and to Jacob Young Online, both of which are now defunct.  The Jacob Young award shows how unbiased we are since certain administrative entities around EOS aren't exactly crazy about him.  We go purely by the class, style, navigational ease, atmosphere, content and load time of the site. 

We were very excited to find Tamara Braun Online nominated for Site of the Month and are happy to award them this month's honor.  This beautiful site gets an A+ in all of the above areas and more, providing a wonderfully positive site for Tamara fans to visit and learn more about this actress who generates such a passionate response from her fans. 

Stepping well clear of the pull and tug of Sonny and Carly fandom, this site focuses nicely on the actress singularly, with a biography, lovely photos and a friendly forum.  If you would like to learn more about Tamara Braun and especially if you are a fan, EOS feels you will very much enjoy Tamara Braun Online.

Oct 2004

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It would be difficult to find a collection of GH tapes that out classes, out stocks or out prices those of Stacey Lopez, official videographer for the GHPC Fan Club.  "Curlyqgrl" offers a staggering selection of choice videos to GH fans at very reasonable prices.  Wonderful, historical episodes (categorized by couple, family, character and event) are at your fingertips on this easy to navigate, user friendly site and take .  SoapNet, Daytime Emmys, special episodes such as the stand alone holiday events, anniversary and cast interviews are just a sampling of the goodies you'll find on this website.  I can personally vouch for the talent and quality that Stacey invests into each video that she creates.  The serious GH fan owes it to themselves to investigate this site and treat themselves to a choice (favorite) episode or two or ten.  You will also find the wonderful photos, etc, offered at the GH Fan Weekend Photo Boutique linked from Stacey's site.  Indulge your passion, GH Fans!

March 2004

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(No longer a functioning site)

If you've never before been to our March Site of the Month, a word of warning to you:  don't go there without a lot of time to spare.  It's by far and large the best GH screen captures site on the net and has been an amazing resource for Eye on Soaps for years.  With three full MSN sites behind her (topped out with GH caps), Terry is now on incarnation #4 and piles of screen caps are posted every day!  If you want to "see" your daily recaps rather than just read them, this is the place to be.  An amazing amount of work goes into the posting of these captures and Terry just can't be thanked quite enough, so let us take this opportunity to official give her EOS hugs of gratitude.  There would not be a Whore Blouse (or any other of Sage's Funny Pages) without Terry!  THANK YOU, GH WORLD!!  EOS adores you!


February 2004

It's that time again and your EOS staff has been hard at work scouring for those websites you might not know about yet so that we can feature them here on the Site of the Month page.  I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for this month's announcement, so without further ado, I present you with this month's lucky winner.

WB00762_.gif (9992 bytes)

Soapsgirl has been around forever, so technically, should be in our Hall of Fame, but I've been consistently surprised at how many people don't know about this incredible site!  Filled with tons of photos from a vast number of shows, including the three ABC soaps and Port Charles!  The site is not just limited to photos, but also contains short movies on some of the shows as well.  Be sure and check out the drop down menu at the top of each show's page for more awesome fun stuff!  Soapsgirl has done a wonderful job of collecting interesting stuff to entertain us and let us escape from the real world for a while into memories and fun.  (Plus she was kind enough to give me permission to use her stuff way back in the ancient days when I first started EOS).  Be sure and go check out Soapsgirl's TV Multimedia Page, but do so when you have time to burn.  It's wonderful fun.  Click on the banner above to get there!


This month's EOS Site of the Month goes to one of our long time pals that if you are not visiting, you SHOULD be!

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Their tag line is, "The best places online to talk about GH & PC" and I have to agree that it's definitely the best PLACE to come to get you finger on the pulse of the GH/PC net world!  Specializing in, well, what other people have to say, Talk! Talk! directs you to current commentary and message board buzz all over the net, as well as providing their own sharp and entertaining column in "The Dirty Dish."  Unafraid to step boldly into the slaughtering of sacred cows, the contributors of Talk! Talk! whip out the poisoned pen and lay slay to all that falters and gives praise to that which excels indiscriminately and with great pride.  Offering the most extensive and absolutely amazing collection of GH and PC links on the net, there is definitely something here for everyone!  We sincerely hope these folks will be around for a long, long time.  They are a joy to point to saying, "Here!  Go here!  Look!  They're cool!"  Great job, Talk! Talk!  Eye on Soaps thinks you ROCK!