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December 3, 2004

Never in real life do weddings come off with the flair and panache of the soaps!  *sigh*  I just love a soapy wedding.  Emily and Nikolas' wedding was no exception and although I am no fan of the couple, the two episodes covering the wedding were some of the best GH has had to offer in months (years, whatever, long time).

No, this time the several *sniffs* you heard from Big Daddy Sage's barcalounger were NOT from the many grams of cocaine required to tolerate the garbage we normally see on GH, but instead for sniffling back my own tears, sometimes of laughter and sometimes of, well, you know.

Abbbbbsolutely stunning!!

In no particular order:

I loved Mac's comment to Dillon (paraphrased), "I don't care if you were working for world peace, you went to another country without permission and you're going to be punished!"  What a great dad.  I wuv him.

Were we more surprised that Tracy does embroidery (or needlepoint, whatever it was) or that she was nonchalantly doing it at a wedding?  Who cares?  It was funny as hell.  What a brilliant way to convey her extreme boredom and disinterest in the event.

More surprises with the actual appearance of Bobbie and Lesley and Lesley's subsequent breakdown. 

Even more interesting was the way Alan (check out the arrow) came around the corner, saw Lesley is great distress, pretty much said, "Pfft" and kept on walking into the wedding room (since they were supposedly at the Q's, I have no clue what that room really was).

And Lulu? I had to stop and think about who that little girl was.  Since she was born in August of 94, I'd say they've not cast far off from actual age here.  She looks around 8 or so.  Maybe she'll continually regress like Peter Pan or Lucas.  (Where *is* Lucas?)

I have definitely decided that Greg Vaughan is a wonderful Lucky cast, especially since he looks a lot like a grown up Jonathan Jackson in some shots.  (Is that not the reddest lipstick ever on Liz?)

Seeing the two of them together definitely wanted me to revisit the L&L2 days.  I'd love to see the them as a couple again.  If I can't have Liason, this is the next best thing.

Monica looked good.  Refreshed.  Rested.  Lord knows she hasn't exhausted herself with GH acting gigs.

Jason slept through the wedding.

The only way Em could have been more subtle is if she'd leveled a bouquet bazooka at Elizabeth and fired. 

But then, you aren't supposed to PEEK, doofus!

Jason starting to wake up just in time for:

Doh!  Um, Lucky, how'd this happen? 

Loved drunk Sam.  I mean, why not??  Shoot the moon, baby.  Also loved Jason looking at her like, "I kind of dig on you when you're drunk.  Have another.  Alice!!!"

"Our family is so weird."  I love it. 

Also great was Dillion's "Help Me!" expression as Tracy dragged him away to dance.  Where can I get me some of those little trees?

Tracy's WTF expression was priceless when Luke waltzed in with Crazy Heather.

Beyond the wedding...

The lighting in the Wyndemere scenes was absolutely extraordinary.  The entire sequence was just exceptionally well done.

...And the greatest thing of all is that since I stopped doing spoilers beyond the next week, I now completely have no idea what's going to happen next.  I love it.  Realistically, I know that Robin Christopher's contract is still in full force and there has been no word of her leaving, but wow. This was just absolutely exhilerating.

Miracle Hospital strikes again.  From what I've seen, a couple of weeks past a traumatic, emergency c-section, this would not be called "dancing," this would be called "walking" as in "help me to the couch." 

This would be tragic pain.  "Ow, ow, ow!!  I think I popped my staples.

But what a come back!  You GO GIRL!!!  I'd do exactly the same thing.  He put the "Morgan" in Captain Morgan.  Aye Matey.  "You don' know why but you're dyin to try you got to kiss da boy!"

OK, it was good, but where do I start my list of bitching beyond "Miracle Hospital?"  Let's keep it to five:

1)  I would have liked for them NOT to have shown Connor lurking around in his Connor gear.  I wanted to see Nikolas struggling to get out of the very tight ropes tying him to a chair in the catacombs while Connor brushed "Just For Men" darkest brown into his hair before donning a tux and practicing his very proper speech patterns in front of a mirror.  Now I'll have to settle for Nikolas/Connor showing up pretending to be Nikolas out on parole while real Nikolas wastes away in prison.  I'm going to be bummed if they just let this one go.

2)  I would have liked to have seen Emily's hair in a nice updo rather than like it is every day of her life.

3)  I would have liked to have seen Paige's ghost hovering in the corner of the room like Yoda, Obi Wan and Darth Vader in Jedi.

4)  I would have liked to have seen Amber Tamblyn marrying Nikolas.  Sorry Nat, it's history.

5)  When Nikolas said he kept thinking that Laura was going to walk through the door, I pictured her as I now, sadly, think of her:

"I'm here!!  Where's the wedding?"

Of course, having her come in and slap the (bridal) white right off of Heather would have been kind of fun.

Other than that, we had two days of perfect episodes that have me looking forward to today!

Back on Monday with some AMC and OLTL commentary

Much Love,


Thanks to W2W GH Screencaps for the pics

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