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Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again. 

I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards and around, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.  This is a hate free zone.  Feel the luvvv, baby.


Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.

June 22, 2004
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Another tidbit or two: 

Look for an interesting alliance in Helena and Lorenzo, who admit to one another that they are "honest about their lies."

When Nikolas chooses Mary, he has been informed about his old life, but he does not actually remember it.  He's furious with Alexis and Emily after he learns the truth.

Watch for an intense scene where Nikolas tells Emily straight out that he doesn't love her and is very forceful about it.

Nikolas "meets" Helena.

Carly and Sonny make love and when the call comes for Sonny that Sam has been arrested, he chooses to stay with Carly rather than run to Sam's rescue.

Sam fakes cramps to get Ric to take her to the hospital rather than to jail.  When Sam is up walking around, apparently fine, Carly busts her and tells her to get back in the bed before someone sees her, "You're supposed to be in pain."

More on Lila's memorial service:  Robin gives a message to Sonny from Brenda. YES, Kim McCullough WILL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE!  Despite reports to the contrary, Vanessa Marcil will NOT be returning at all for the memorial  There WILL be a Lila montage.

More as it comes in...

June 22, 2004
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First, I have commentary on all three ABC soaps in the Sage Uncensored column, but no substantial scoopage on AMC or OLTL, so I'm not going to play games and pretend I do. 

I do, however, have some good spoilers (yep, these you can also take as more than gossip or rumors... they're going to happen) for GH:

Both Carly and Lois (Courtney's new pal, despite the wonderful case of "hoof in mouth" disease Lois contracted at their first meeting) hear Courtney's admission that she is falling hard for Jax.  Lois will be getting involved, playing matchmaker with the two of them.  When another woman comes into Jax's life, Courtney stakes her claim!

After knowing the truth, Nikolas chooses... Mary!  Emily vows that she loves him and she is NOT stepping down!  Emily gets the same challenge...from Lucky!

Greg Vaughan is going to get scenes!!!

Get ready for this one, folks!  Faith kidnaps Jax at gunpoint and tries to force him to fly her out of the country.  Jax tells her to basically screw off and she shoots him.  Is anyone else thinking of the scene in "Stand By Me" where Keifer Sutherland tells Wesley Crusher, "You don't have the sack to shoot a woodchuck, Chambers," except in this instance, well, Faith does have the sack to shoot Jax!  Courtney comes to his rescue.

Tracy and Heather will be going at it, why?  Because Heather is going at it in a different way with Daddy Edward and Tracy is NOT pleased!

Alan and Monica get the bushes outside the Q mansion shakin' when he gets a hold of Dillon's pills.

Lucas, Maxie, Felicia, Lucy, Kevin, Lee and Gail are all present for Lila's memorial service.  Lucy will find a very, well, "Lucy" way to show her love and admiration for Lila.  The memorial service script is now FINALIZED. 

Brook Lynn sings at Lila's funeral, which brings her to the realization that she really does want to sing.  This is furthered even more when she learns that Ned plans to sing one of her songs... with Sage!!

Sam's new brother comes on the scene and it turns out, she's protecting him from more than was originally expected.

Sonny's guilt starts to get the best of him as he and Carly grow closer.  He blows up at Jason after Faith tries to blackmail him.  Sonny wants to tell Carly the truth, but Jason talks him out of it, for now.

That's all I have for today!  More will likely come later in the week.

Take care, all,

June 15, 2004
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A couple of people have written to ask who is writing the Casper romance, speculating that it is not Bob Guza or Charles Pratt.

Send those folks a prize, folks.  It's a new writer by the name of Michael Cinquemani who is absolutely fabulous and a breath of fresh air in the writers' pool!

June 15, 2004
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I have details on some of the GH spoilers I reported earlier if you are interested.  Please be warned!  These are very detailed spoilers and for those who don't want to know step by step information, you might want to not click over.  I try to be careful about what I list as "gossip" and what I consider "spoilers."  These, you can take to the bank.  There might be subtle changes due to post-production editing, but for the most part, these are the real deal.

Detailed GH Spoilers

June 14, 2004
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First things first!  I big thanks to all of you who donated to Eye on Soaps last week!  Our fan never fail to show us that they are eager to have us remain on the net.  You've seen us go from several thousand hits a week to several million and have been there every step of the way.  Everyone on staff here at EOS knows that we have the very best readers on the net and we are SO glad that you are here, making this such a positive and fun place to be.  It is truly a joy to be back in your midst again and I want to again thank you not only for my inbox, which continues to brim with letters of welcome, but also for your participation in keeping the site here for me to return to in the first place.  I wish I had time to answer each and every one of those wonderful letters individually, but sadly, real life pulls at my computer time and for the most part, I have to be limited to communicating with you folks through my column.  Believe me when I say that in no way reflects my appreciation for your words and my affection for our readership.  You're all just the best there is.

Now, on to the dish...

The surprises coming up for David (and for Krystal, as it turns out) are not limited to Babe's parentage.  Megan McTavish is weaving quite a web for the Carey girls and will be tying them even more tightly into Pine Valley in the coming weeks.  These two are pets of the writers and will be front and center for a good long stretch, especially with a recast in the daddy department, and I'm NOT talking about JR!

Bess has the required Baby ER Drama this week.  Watch for Babe to come out with the messy end of that stick.

JR will be getting some advice from an unexpected source.

Although Levin Ramblin, aka NuLily, has done a great job of portraying her character "as written" several folks in our reading audience have taken exception to the "as written" part, saying that it's an insult to the reality of autism.  One of the letters in particular gets right to the heart of the situation:

I've spent the past 6 years of my life as an autism consultant and Lilly doesn't have it!!!! She might possibly have Asbergers - going out on a limb here (which some people feel is a high functioning form of autism) or she would definitely fit into the extremely Obsessive-Compulsive category, but Autism - NO. So, it pains me to see Hollywood take advantage of a lifetime debilitating disorder to use it as people's drama. Notice how in one day she went from not being able to hug to giving a hug for someone's birthday - I THINK NOT. That would take a lot of positive reinforcement and conditioning. And in addition, if she was as autistic as they think they're portraying she wouldn't be looking people in the eyes while wearing a clean white shirt with pretty neat blonde hair. My favorite little girl in the world is a beautiful, autistic 13 year old and she has an IQ of 128, but her life is nothing even close to our so called autistic Lilly. I suppose next Lilly will spontaneously begin to break her patterns, fall in love, and live a normal life (as normal as soaps get) and they will rescind her diagnosis. All this will happen without any behavioral intervention or help - all she needed the whole time was Jack's love. Yeah that's believable.

PLEASE this is unfair for families who truly struggle with his disorder everyday. I know you don't write the soaps but a lot of people listen to you and I hope you understand why I came to you with this. Autism isn't an entertaining issue meant to make light of.

Since I would be unable to convey the message as well as my reader, I have left it to her words to express the thoughts of many who have written.

Rumors are quickly becoming gelled into fact regarding the departure of Marcy Walker as Liza.  Despite several attempts at achieving some kind of storyline since her divorce from Adam, her character has languished on the sidelines and is currently running interference between Tad and Krystal.  Not content to fade away into recurring status (Walker previously left the show for 11 years between 1984-1995), she is expected to not renew her contract later this year.  The show will likely agree to an early release allowing her to leave  in the next few months.  With onscreen sister, Mia Saunders, leaving on June 15th to head up Fusion West and Simone (Terri Ivens) also thought to be on the way out to feather her nest for her firstborn, Fusion will likely be a thing of the past by the time Liza pulls up stakes.

Thank God Aiden Turner will be back in July.  Never thought I'd say those particular words in that configuration.  Once we get an exact date, I might just add a countdown clock.  Yeeks.

TWO declarations of love come out this week.  One will be when Greenlee admits that she is in love with Ryan and another when Maggie's long awaited proclamation of love for Bianca finally comes out.  Bianca will be appreciative, but will lovingly turn her down, reminding her friend that she is committed to Lena. 

As has been heralded for a couple of weeks now, Mark Dalton, Erica's half brother, will be making an appearance on July 1-2.  Mark LaMura will again portray Erica's older brother and is thought to be involved in her recovery storyline.

Jack holds firm that he will have nothing to do with Erica until she is sober.

After 11 years of being discussed only as an offscreen character, Kevin's son, Duke has been cast.  No longer a mere 12-year-old (as he would be if we operated in "real time"), Duke has been SORAS'd into a strapping American Idol finalist, Matthew Metzger.  The 23-year-old singer, who auditioned for American Idol 3 in Atlanta, finished in the top 32 finalists before he was eliminated.  Of his final performance, AI judge Randy Jackson said,  "Dude, you're vocals just aren't strong enough."  Paula Abdul said she thought he was "better than before" and had "that heart throb thing" going on for him.  Simon Crowell commented that Matthew had presence and looked better on camera than Clay Aiken (runner up of AI 2).  Metzger will first air in July and the buzz is around that OLTL might finally be ready to play out the gay storyline they have talked about since Rex Balsom first came to Llanview.  At that time, John Paul Lavoisier was asked if he would be willing to play a gay character and he said it wasn't a problem.  After moving the character toward that direction for a brief period of time, OLTL recanted and Rex became a hetero horndog.  Whether or not OLTL will be bold enough to take the big step remains to be seen.  Matthew hails from Oxford, Ohio.

Duke's mother is Lee Ann Demerest and Duke manifested after the very young Kevin Buchanan had a one night stand with Lee Ann, who was in a relationship with Max at the time.  DNA testing revealed Kevin to be the father and after a bitter custody battle, Lee Ann ultimately went to Texas where she has remained ever since with Duke.  It was there that Kevin migrated when Tim Gibbs left the role of Kevin in 2001 to return as Dan Gauthier late last year.

Model and sometimes actress, Kathy Tong will soon be leaving the role of Kathryn Fitzgerald, a character who never really took with fans in general.  Kathryn was never particularly fleshed out in a meaningful way and her motives always seemed to be all over the place (usually indicating that the role was not well thought out and in this case, intended only to substantiate John's grief over his dead fiancée and drive a wedge between John and Natalie).  Reduced to little more than a walk on part, Kathryn is expected to meet her demise in the Santi crime family story.

Pfft.  That's all I've got for OLTL.  What can I say?  It's bone dry and hard to pick around at a soap that's on the opposite coast.


I clued you in a couple of weeks ago to the "limp teen thing" story that is going to be hitting your screen before too long.  As it turns out, Dillon is aware of his problem before he and Georgie are set to hit the sheets and tries to take care of it in advance with the "little blue pill."  Not wanting to have the pills sent to the Quartermaine mansion, he instead has them delivered to L&B.  Who should intercept them there but Lois!  Put on the spot when questioned, Dillon claims the pills belong to Alan.  Not to be outdone, Lois contacts Alan directly.  The ends result is ow!!  Dillon's pills are replaced with sugar pills!!

Watch for Lynn and Ned to perform a beautiful duet at the end of the month.  The song and the moment was so touching for singer/songwriter/actress Adrianne Leon (Lynn) that if you look closely, you'll see tears in her eyes.  Many fans are impressed by the acting and singing job the seventeen-year-old has turned out on GH (once she got past all of the yeah yeahs and oh ohs), but it's even more impressive to know that she has been writing songs for GH for a while now.  Her songs have provided the backdrop on GH for Sonny and Carly (when he first made love to Sam) and Zander and Emily.  Leon has her own band, "Cut Crimson," and regularly performs with them.  

With the return of Lois, many assumed that she and onscreen hubby, Ned, would reunite, but that is definitely not in the works.  Lois will have flirty fun with Jax and will reconnect as friends with Sonny (evidently the "Sonny is Satan" approach she was giving to Brenda at the time of the famous "Brenda wears a wire" scenes has been long forgotten and forgiven), but so far, it looks as though it will definitely be a LoLo pairing with Lois and Lorenzo.  This comes about when Lois ultimately signs Sage to L&B, just to get a rise out of Lynn.  When Lorenzo meets her and gets a good taste of her strength and gumption, he's intrigued (for Lorenzo, "intrigued" seems synonymous with "obsessed") and the relationship proceeds from there. 

Lois does have some interesting lines in her reconnection with Sonny.  "Sonny respects women... except the ones he's sleeping with" or something to that effect.

After Emily and "Connor" do the deed, Emily is going to have a dizzy spell.  To quell the rumors before they start, she is NOT pregnant.  The Q's automatically think she's had a return of her cancer, but oddly, there's nothing wrong with her.  She's just dizzy.  (Awww, now, be nice...)

I feel terrible for the LiRic people.  Rebecca Herbst returned to taping for one day, which will air over a two day period.  Beyond that, there isn't much on screen time for Elizabeth and the emphasis will be on Ric and Alexis.  She will pop on from time to time, but for now, no substantial story is planned. 

Watch for a funny scene coming up between Alexis, Ric, an elevator and at the end, a court photographer with flashbulbs popping. 

The plan for the summer and beyond is pretty much for the total destruction of Sonny's world.  When he learns that Kristina is his and Carly knew about it, he's done with her.  It's the ultimate betrayal (this comes even after she learns that everyone lied to her about the paternity of Sam's baby) and as far as he is concerned, Sonny and Carly are done.  Sonny walks in on a kiss between Jason and Sam and he's none too pleased about that.  Maurice Benard is still pushing for a true Manic-Depressive storyline for Sonny and Carol Banks Weber over at Soap Zone shares the rumor that MB has a 12-week break from GH coming up this winter.    With wife, Paula, expecting a new baby, Benard may or may not be prepared to put a little punch into his storyline wishes.  Sonny might just get his Dr. Melfi yet OR GH might actually find out what it would do without a Sonnycentric show!

For the time being, Carly will fly out to the nunnery and have a moving bedside vigil with Sonny.  Sonny isn't as reactive to her tearful declaration of love as many would want him to be.  Soon, Sonny is on a jet back to Port Charles to save the world.  (I guess Miracle Hospital extends to Miracle Convent) 

It was reported around and about that former PC'er, Brian Presley, has been cast as Stephen Lars, half-brother to Elizabeth and son of Heather Webber, who will soon be returning to Port Charles.  Now comes the news that the ink might not be applied just yet as there is concern about Presley being "too old" for the part.  My contacts at GH had no knowledge of it being a done deal yet and I will let you know if the part is cast for certain.

GH has been unable to sign as many people as they hoped for Lila's memorial service to air in July.  Many had difficulty scheduling a return, including Vanessa Marcil and Billy Warlock.  Other alumni are in negotiations for temporary returns for the service.

Lucas has been cast with Ryan Carnes, who will first air on July 8th, but sadly, it does not sound as though either he or mom, Bobbie, will get much screen time.  Like his predecessor, CJ Thomason, Carnes will likely be on a bit, then not, then on a bit, then not and not and not...

Be sure and hit the archives section in the drop down menu above to read some of recent GH spoilers that you'll see playing out in the near future!

If you haven't seen Katrina's "The Lion Prince," you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Just don't take a drink before you click over.

You'll hear from me when I have more gossip and scoops!

Have a glorious week! 



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