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I have more details on some of the spoilers (yes, I am comfortable enough with them to call them spoilers rather than rumors or gossip) that I reported yesterday and last week. 

These will be DETAILED accounts, so if you don’t want that much meat on your scoops, you might want to skim rather than read or avoid them altogether.

I have been asked to elaborate on the LiRic issue or lack thereof.  The powers that be at GH are really enjoying two couples right now: Alexis and Ric and Courtney and Jax.  Nearly all of their couple energy is going in that direction.  I mentioned previously that upon Rebecca Herbst’s return to GH after maternity leave, she taped for one day, which will air over two days.  Of course, that doesn’t mean she will never be on again and that she’ll just fade away.  The gal just had a baby and has a toddler at home, so she will be working on a very pared down schedule for a while.  The thing is, very little of her onscreen time will be involved with Ric.  She is primarily going to be involved with the story of Nikolas working to get his memory back and reuniting him with Emily. 

Watch for Mary to get desperate enough (and crazy enough) to considering killing Emily, however, Nikolas will walk in before anything can happen and it doesn't become an all out plot or anything at this point.  Remember, that scene where Mary attempts suicide and Nikolas rescues her is coming up, as well as the dream sequence that is so intense.

The Sam and Jason kiss does not happen for a while.  They are going to be buddies and a genuine friendship will develop with the two bonding through the pregnancy and such, then the kiss that Sonny walks in on is a bit down the road.  Just remember Sage when you see it!  One of their bonding moments is when they are on an island (with Nico close behind them) and Jason feels the baby move for the first time.   

Jason, as I said previously, is the one who does finally shoot AND KILL Nico.  They take off for “the island” after Nico has tried to stab Jason with a syringe and punches Sam in the face.  Jason is pulling this whole macho thing of Sam being a weak pregnant woman and he’s the big cave man and he’s going to go out and forage for food.   He gives her a shotgun to protect herself and asks if she knows how to use it.  She shows him she can cock the gun and check the bullets and he pretty much tells her not to shoot it because she’s just a little woman and the recoil will knock her across the room.  (They why give it to her, dork?) 

Anyway, Nico is down at the little village on the island and there’s a kind of makeshift bar or cabana or whatever.  He’s all kinds of depressed about Sam being knocked up by some other guy.  Jason previously bought off the bartender to tell him if Nico shows up.  He runs off to kill Nico, but it turns out that Nico has outbid Jason and the bartender now works for him and let him get away.  Jason sits at the bar and thinks really, really hard about how he was tricked and meanwhile, Nico tears off to find Sam.   

As if that’s not enough drama, there’s a tropical storm that knocks out a vital bridge, leaving Sam and Nico isolated together.  Nico storms in on Sam and proceeds to have a nervous breakdown all over her.   Sam starts to play along with him and acts as though she’ll get back together with him, but only if he will spare Jason and Sonny.  He’s about to buy it when that wily Sam goes for the gun and the two wrestle for it while he calls Sam and the baby a few choice disgusting names.  Just as Nico is about to do her in, Jason rolls in and saves the day, killing off Nico once and for all.  The thing is, Nico takes a secret to his grave and that is that someone else paid him to go after Sam.  I’d love if it turned out to be Carly.  Now THAT would be some DRAMA! 

Sam and Jason then go back to Port Charles and she is promptly arrested for her mother’s murder. 

Sam tries to buy her freedom from Ric by confessing that Sonny is the father of her baby.  After she is released (I’m unclear on exactly what leads up to her release), she and Jason AGAIN go on the lam, running from the trumped up murder charges.  Now, SAM is under the impression that she actually DID kill her mother.  Remember a while back, I told you Sam would be shown in flashbacks in a bad blonde wig?  She had a confrontation with her long lost mother and in her anger, set fire to some photographs.  The fire got out of hand and burned down the house with Sam not knowing that her mother was passed out drunk inside.   

The Casper stuff is going to really heat up soon when both Courtney and Jax reach a point where they want to just call off the bet and scrog for the sake of scrogging.  Jax confides to Ned that he planned from the beginning to win his bet with Courtney and give her the money as well (no ego there), but that he found himself fallingin love with her.  Meanwhile, Courtney is having a similar conversation with Lois (remember, they have bonded over the Angst of Loving Quartermaine Men and between the two of them, they’ve loved almost all of them!) about wanting to let go of the bet and seal the deal with Jax.  She’s still haunted by her feelings for Jason, but is moving past them very quickly, if you know what I mean.  Lois does have some cute lines about how good girls fall for the bad boy mobsters (Brenda, Robin, Courtney).  Just as she’s saying that, in walks Lorenzo on cue.  Lois is smitten, but Courtney quickly fills her in on the whole kidnapping, miscarriage story, but Lois adamantly insists she only sees Lorenzo because of Sage’s music career (while something else is all over her face). 

Dillon has ordered his blue pills off of the internet and when Lois tells Alan to change them out with sugar pills (an odd and cumbersome scene), Alan actually snags the pills to give himself and Monica a long afternoon delight!  Dillon tries to make love to Georgie and fails and then stupidly admits to Georgie that he didn’t have a problem keeping lead in his pencil when he was with Sage.  OW!  This convinces Georgie that she will never be as sexy or attractive as Sage.  (How about if we just tear down another woman's self esteem, huh?)

Skye is promptly sentenced to 20 years in prison and we don’t hear much about her after that as Robin Christopher is ushered out to maternity leave.  Jax is guilt-ridden about not being able to save Skye, so Courtney spirits him away on a camping trip.  He thanks her for the distraction and talks about how helpless he feels in regard to Skye.  Courtney proves that she’s the better camper when she ends up falling into the river (the dip in the lake I mentioned before) and has to save herself while Jax applauds her efforts. 

The Heather Webber stuff is VERY odd and I hope it changes since it’s only scripted and not yet taped.  Heather gets a job as a nanny for Lesley Lu (WTF?) despite Lucky’s suspicions of her.  She (get ready) ends up in bed with EDWARD, who is portrayed as vulnerable because of Lila’s death, and is making a beeline for his bank account.  She will be working hard to ingratiate herself into the Spencer clan. 

Ric and Alexis will continue with the bantering and fun flirting.  All good stuff. 

On the S&C front:  Sonny decides he and Carly are getting so close that he can’t lie to her any more about Sam’s baby and decides to come clean to her.  This is all playing out while Sam is talking to Ric about the same thing.  Faith is also trying to get her claw in.  She has previously overheard the info and is using it to try and get Sonny to sell her a pier in exchange for her silence on the matter (that no doubt encouraged Sonny to tell the truth). 

Carly reacts to the news by telling Sonny that she knew in her heart all along that Sam’s baby was also his child.  She tells him to take a flying leap and walks out on him while Sonny pleads with her, telling her that she is his breath, his life, his blood, everything in the world to him, the mother of his children, etc, etc.   

Carly takes off DRIVING (We know no good ever comes of Carly driving) and ends up at Courntey’s couch.  

NOW, before THAT happens, Jax is at Courtney’s place and she’s cooking dinner for them.  She’s so mesmerized by blue eyes and Australian accent that she burns the food and orders delivery from Kelly’s.  Jax and Courtney start to make out hot and heavy on the couch and are ready to do the deed when Mike knocks on the door.  By the amount of food Courtney ordered, he figured out Jax was there and delivered the food himself.  After an uncomfortable dinner (Mike invites himself to stay) between raging hormones warring with Daddy’s presence, tensions begin to run high and Mike ends up sniping at Jax.  Jax leaves to let Courtney deal with Daddy-o. 

Later, Courtney and Jax have ice cream and champagne in the park. 


Carly ends up at Courtney’s after Sonny’s confession.  They have a bit of a round about because Courtney isn’t running back to Jason.  Courtney explains to Carly that she really loves spending time with Jax and she’s really pissed at Jason for lying to her right in her face about the baby. 

Jax comes in as Carly is leaving with Sonny not far behind.  Sonny and Jax have their required pissing contest.  Jax pokes at Sonny about Sam and Sonny pokes at Jax about Brenda.  Courtney gets between them and Sonny leaves with Courtney telling him she doesn’t blame Carly for walking out on him.   

After Sonny leaves, Courtney and Jax talk and he tells her he’s finished with the bet and confesses that it used to be about “getting Sonny,” but that the reality is that he’s falling for her.  Insert more making out. 

Jax later takes Courtney for a spin on his yacht and she gets seasick.  They both agree to call off the bet, but insist on taking things slowly.  Slowly does NOT mean chastity and they both determine to hit the sheets.  She tells him that she still has feelings for Jason and he lets her know he only wants a casual relationship, but asks her to promise him that if she decides she wants to go back to Jason, to let him know and he’ll step aside.  Jax makes a regrettable slip and mentions how blonde their children would be, which reminds Courtney that she cannot have babies.  They end up fighting over how much he wanted Sam’s baby to be his and this time, it’s Courtney’s turn to go find Carly.  She worries that Carly was right and Jax was just manipulating her. 

Sonny and Carly do reunite and are on their way upstairs to consummate when Ric calls to tell them that he has arrested Sam. 

Carly goes to Alexis and asks for her permission to tell Sonny the truth about Kristina.  Alexis refuses.

Sonny and Carly will enjoy a brief reunion before the truth about Kristina comes out.  As I mentioned yesterday, once Sonny learns that Carly knew he was Kristina’s father, that’s it.  Sonny and Carly are no more (as far as Sonny is concerned).  He starts screaming betrayal again and does the “you’re dead to me” business.  Whether or not they will reunite later is unknown, but at this point, it is not expected and the fall out from this is expected to carry through the summer and into Maurice Benard’s extended break from GH at the end of the year. 

In an even further effort to drum up sympathy for Sam, a brother, Danny, will be introduced.

Hey, I wish I had better news, but let's not kill the messenger, OK?  I'm just giving you the info as I heard it.  All of you who are saying all of this can't possibly be right, just hide and watch and remember when you said that I couldn't possibly be right!  Trust me, it's for real.  (And those who know me know I don't ever say that lightly)



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