Neekolas is... is...


"sspppsssttt.  Neekolas.  You will remembah now!"

"Wha'?  Piss off."

"Neekolas, it is I!  Em-i-lee."

"I don't know anybody named Emily.  I don't
know anybody named anything." 

"Look into de stars, Neekolas.  Tell me
what is it dat you see, hmmm?"

"I see balls.  On a stick."

"Oh never you mind those.  Those you will not be needing."

"Whose balls are they?"

"Why they are yours, Neekolas!  It is only that you do not remembah...
yet.  Look into your heart...what do you feel there.?
Reeemembah who you are..."

"Are you looking?  Into your heart do you look?"

"I'm thinking about my balls being strung up on that stick!"

"Silly Prince!  Why do you worry about such things?
If you will just look into your heart, it is then that
you will know where you belong!  Follow your heart,
Neekolas.  Follow your heart."

"I had the worst day... there was this crazy monkey chick
and she had my balls on a stick...and she kept telling me
to remember who I am.  It was awful!"

"Don't worry Connor.  I've told you all you need to know."

"Wanna do it again?"

"Mmmm hmm."

"Getting old here, Neekolas...Getting old!!
But for you I will wait for-evah!"