December 10, 2002

Isn't She Lovely??

A really wonderful friend, knowing that I collect pigs with attitude, sent me this lovely floral pig for Christmas!  She currently lives on top of my desk next to Cheech, the pig my friend Georgia gave me for my birthday:

He is particularly cool as well.  I have a lot of pigs and they are all very cool.  My friends have been great about finding ones that are just brimming with personality.  Not just any pig will do and they always send me something special.  Karen sent me the coolest little black jade guy with turquoise eyes.  Linda send me this way cool pink pig purse.  My first pig, Knuckles the Beany Baby, is also in the crowd.  

There is a lot to tell you (bet you thought I was all talked out after that long post from the 5th!!), but time is short.  We're putting up the Christmas tree tonight and the kiddies are eager.  I'll be back soon to catch you up!!


I love Christmas!!

Much Love,



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