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June 2, 2003

I just saw it again... that commercial that celebrates stupidity of the highest order by posing the frightening proposition of, "It's not hard to remember to take the pill; it's just so easy to forget."  Huh? 

If you ever want to take your life in your own hands, drive your child to school and try to get within a quarter mile of "the" drop off point.  I know there have to be schools around that have organized this process in some safe way, but in 20 years of kids' schooling, I've seen it.  It's always some kind of life threatening ordeal to attempt it and I'd forgotten it until this week.  Since Eric has been home, I've been able to use the car a bit more, which is great since the temps have been around 100 lately.  (I *love* California for just that reason, but it doesn't mean I want to hike and drag kids in it)  It is amazing the way people will park in the street to drop off their kids and I don't mean ON the street, I mean IN the street.  I am constantly surprised by how much more important one person's time is over another.  They don't mind blocking traffic and parking sideways in someone's driveway and on the sidewalk and along side a car that is legally parked just to make sure their kid has a 30 second lead on not being late.  Who ARE these people?  It's as though any road rules of society disappear within the scope of the school. 

It was a free day at the community center pool here, so we went down there for an hour.  It was wonderful.  The pool is brand new and they really planned it well.  There is a huge area that is graduated from literally nothing, grading gently down to about 3.5 feet, then it's corded off and you go into the bigger pool area, then a separate pool that's super deep (14 feet, I think it was).  I can easily hang out in the graduated pool with the two boys, relax and let them play while Eric and Delena go do the real swimming.  I can't swim a stroke.  I don't float and I can't tread water.  I do nothing but sink like a stone.  People have always sought to discredit me on that.  They say that since fat floats, there's no way I can sink, but my experience is that in life, I do not float, but possibly in death, I might have my delicate, white underbelly float to the surface and turn upwards to the sun. 

Many have tried to teach me to swim (also to roller skate, but that's a whole other journal entry) and at age 42, hearing "Pfft.  I can teach you to swim" is in the same category as "But you'll love MY fruitcake."  I've officially and long ago given up on being an aquatic person.  Too much Earth in my astro chart and all that Earth, mixed with Water, just makes mud.

The bathing suit trauma doesn't help.  When we went a week ago, I wore a white T-shirt and white shorts, but since this looked like it would be a trend this year, I figured I should suit up, so I hit the thrift shop and found an olive green thing with a massive build in bra.  It was definitely pricier than I like ($7), but it was a fit and cheaper than a new one.  I looked far more frightening in it than I expected, but oh well, what can ya do?  It is what it is.

We dressed in a hurry and I saw when we got there that Eric had chosen the swim trunks for Nathan that do not have the string, so they were already showing crack still dry and walking up to get into the pool area.  Eric borrowed a paperclip from the office and I managed to push it through and twist it to the point that it held them snugly without poking him.  One of Dylan's friends from school was there, so he had a really good time and I just lounged and let Nathan play.  It was great, but the damned thing closes too early, so we only got a little over an hour.

Eric and his partners are having people coming out of the woodwork to offer them contracts, so this is really a wonderful thing.  He got his last paycheck and a bit of vacation pay, so we have a little to go on and we are hopeful that they can pick up a job or two in the next week to keep things from getting too tight.  Since all of the guys are unemployed, they are definitely motivated.   They are still getting a steady flow of opportunities and blessings, so we're plunging ahead with blind faith and trusting the process! 

Roxy, the dog is still around.  She has bolted out the door three times and run like mad all over the neighborhood.  She's is incredibly fast and totally uncatchable when loose.  We figured she was shooting toward home, but she came back both times.  My friend, Georgia, keeper of all wisdom regarding animals, says she's not fixed like I thought, which is a bummer.  I guess when she's been here for a while and looks like more of a keeper, we'll get her done.  She's very, very sweet and fun and affectionate.  Everyone is enjoying her very much and I'm really pleased that she and Dixie get along well.  She still sleeps in the crook of my leg and doesn't stir until morning. 

My tortoise is having issues.  Allah seems to be wanting to hibernate.  He's not eating much and only wants to sleep.  He's not dead, but he's very dormant.  I double checked with the pet store to make sure I was taking care of him the right way.  Sure wish they had tortoise sanctuaries around here.  I think I'll move him outside for a while and see if fresh air and sunshine helps him.  The artificial light and heat might be getting to him.

Only 2 more weeks of school!  I'll be so glad when they're free of that for a bit.  I've been feeling a move coming on, so I will be surprised if we are still in this house when they start up again.

Speaking of starting up, I guess I should try and get the illusion of housecleaning started.  I need a Merry Maid like no one's business. 

It was a stellar weekend, peaceful, energetic and joyful.  I say we carry that energy into the week.  Any takers?


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