January 8, 2004

Yayyy!!!  Doing the happy dance!  This week is an absolute astrological masterpiece as on the 5th, Mercury slammed back into a direct orbit after almost four weeks of things being constipated, convoluted and basically batshit.  Then we got this glorious full moon yesterday in Cancer, which is full and giving and nurturing and loving... ahhh.  I'm basking.

After things being so backed up and confused for so long, this week, everything snapped hard into clarity... and it was all good!  LOTS to catch you up on and I want to make sure everything gets covered.

1)  Thanks to the support of the Eye on Soaps fans, we've made our monthly expenses yet again with only a small deficit that I'm pretty sure I can make up!  In short, it looks like we're on the net for another month, which is GREAT because honestly, I'm not sure what I'd do without you guys to vent to and be accountable and spill my guts!  When days go by that I can't journal, I get really antsy.

2)  Here's now real magic works.  Think of the stuff they do on Charmed without the freezing people and things, throwing objects around with your mind, blowing things up or saying an objects name and having it fly into your hands (oh!  if only!).   The chanting, the rhyming, the mixing of herbs to release their energies, the dowsing/scrying with a pendulum, the focused energy... that's me.  As part of our Full Moon magic (which we celebrated on Saturday, even though it wasn't until Wednesday, for although we are Witches, pfft, we have lives and jobs and the closest weekend is MUCH easier to get together.  You just adjust for incoming or outgoing energy of the moon if you are a few days out), we do "rut now" magic, which is magic for things we want or need "rut now."  My focus was on three things:  selling David's truck, getting Eric's unemployment situation remedied and smoothing out the insurance issue and any other obstacles to Eric and his partner signing this contract for a full housing development and steady money for several months. 

3).  The situation with David's truck is that we sold it to him (a big, nice, manly 1969 F-210 3/4 ton monstrosity) about a year ago, it started having troubles and he brought it back and asked Eric to sell it for him.  For several months, all we got were a series of guys vowing to be back the next day with cash, never to be seen again.  Before we were even finished with our ritual, the doorbell rang and someone asked about the truck.  As it turned out, this was another of those never come backs, but I should have taken it as a message ("Don't worry!  We're on it!") than a solution.  There was some imperativeness to getting the truck sold not only because David needed the money, but because the truck had already been ticketed for nonregistration (David couldn't afford to renew it... this was before the major car tax here was revoked) and the cost was only going up, PLUS it required fixing the problem and paying the registration.  By Tuesday morning, Eric had decided to get with David to sell the truck to a pick and pull (a shame because it was a good truck, just needed some work) and tried to call him until lunch time, when he gave up and went to an appointment he had pending.  He was about 5 minutes from the house when a guy called him wanting to see the truck.  Within a half hour, he had $500 in hand for the truck and the guy, who specifically collects and works on that particular model of truck, was a happy, happy camper.  Had Eric been able to get in touch with David, that sale would have been missed!  In my spellwork, I asked that it be able to be sold for $500.

4).  Eric losing his unemployment benefits was a big deal on Saturday, but as I explained in my previous journal, THAT was worked out this week so we got a stay of execution.  Another miracle and something else I was working towards.

5).  Yesterday, the guys were able to get the same insurance quote on the endorsement (Yikes!), but they found a carrier who would take a down payment and the rest on installments.  They were able to borrow the down payment and they should be signing the contract in the next few days!  Granted, the project won't break ground until the end of this month (and they are notoriously late on these things) and then the guys start wiring the model homes and others as they are built.  It's a very good thing and a good light at the end of the tunnel.  It's also possible once the contract is signed, they can get a business loan against the worth of the contract, which will be a very, very good thing.

6).  Nathan was sick and fussy for two days and I could NOT figure out what was wrong with him.  He wasn't symptomatic beyond being just really needy and clingy and bitchy and having that "I'm sick" look and whine.  Last night, I finally figured out he was constipated!  My kids eat such a wide variety of foods that I'm not used to considering that.  Once I realized what it was, I fed him all of the loosening foods and sure enough, this morning he cleared the passages and feels 100% again.  He's back to being my usual happy, independent little boy.  Yayyy!

7)  The next great news is in the Nourishing, Not Numbing Journal.  (updating coming soon if it's not up yet)

8).  Oh, let's go with another tidbit of info!  I learned yesterday that *gulp*, I'm going to be a gramma for the first time.  Josh and Valerie came over yesterday to tell me that they are expecting, 7 weeks pregnant and due August 28th (Virgo baby!!).  Wow!  I'm going to make a wonderful grandma!  And Eric will be a Grandpa at 27!  (That's how step-parenting works!)  Valerie has two little girls who are 3 and 4. 

9).  After all this time, (a year) my mother's house is being sold for enough money to cover her expenses, funeral and legal.  Nothing goes to any of us kids except for Allen, who has found someone to loan him the money (with a lien on the house and property).  Not my problem.  The bills are paid, my brother (other brother) is off the hook and repaid for what he has invested and life is very good.  That will be completed soon and I'm so happy for that.

10).  This makes me smile:

I'm usually not one to make fun of the misfortunate of another, but damn. 

So I'm dancing and laughing and smiling a good bit these days.  I'm always very much about reveling in my own good fortune.  No since holding back in dread of the cyclic nature of things.  Yep, you're really high up and that means you can fall further and harder, but hey, it's sure great to be up!  I also am a full on advocate of THANK YOU's to the powers that be!  The lesson of the grateful child is still very strong in my mind and I want all the heavens to know that I am a VERY grateful child!  When things are challenging for so long, a full week of wonderful, glorious, magical miracles happening is just so delicious! 

On to the N&N!  Happy Happy Joy Joy, Darlins!





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