January 6, 2004

"You don't have a soul.  You ARE a soul... you HAVE a body."
C.S. Lewis

That definitely lends some clarity to things.  The more I think about it, the more solid it sounds. 

It has been such a lonnnnng weekend and into yesterday.  Kids are back in school and that seems to be a good thing.  They were starting to get bored and Delena was starting to sleep in until noon or so.  Having people up and around in my house after I'm asleep bugs me, so I prefer they stay on a daylight schedule.  I feel for her because she's a nightowl at heart.  I had to dig out kids' coats, gloves and hats to wear.  It's been in the low forties lately and while that might be spring time to you polar bears, I moved to California for a reason and it's because I DON'T like to be cold.  I've never thrived well in the cold, which took quite an edge off my enjoyment of the time I spent in England.  In Kentucky, where I was raised, as well as England, there is an icy, wet, cold-to-the-bones, spine shaking cold that hangs around for a couple of months.  Fortunately, here in Sacramento, we mostly just get good rain through the winter, which I really do enjoy.  The kids are eager to go "play in the snow," where ever it may be.  I told Eric I would go along to dole out the cocoa and read in the car, but he's not been particularly excited about where a person goes into the mountains to play in the snow without paying huge fees for ski resorts.  Most of the area is private property, so not getting arrested is also an interest.  It's looking like there aren't many play areas close by without going all the way into Nevada.  If my kids are in the car for longer than a half hour or so, they grow horns, a bifurcated tail and start poking each other with their evil pitchforks.  Meh... I'll find a way to make it happen.

Speaking of making it happen, it's time for a status update.  Eric and his partner are still trying to get the insurance endorsement they need to take the contract they were offered, which would mean stead work for several months.  He waxes and wanes in his confidence over the situation.  I've been praying like mad for it.

He contacted the Unemployment office about the notice he received saying that he'd been overpaid and that he would be penalized almost $500 plus 5 weeks of benefits.  This time, the person on the phone told him that his benefits would continue until the case was adjudicated and that would take several weeks.  We reread the paper we were sent and it seemed very clear that the determination had already been made, but I'm not going to argue.  We did find out what happened with the clerical error.  Evidently, he worked for 3 days one week in July (which we knew), then filed for unemployment again on Friday after being let go on Thursday.  When he received his paperwork, it looked as though they were asking for info on the following two weeks, but evidently, they intended to ask for info on the week he worked plus the following week, so when he reported two weeks that he hadn't worked, their records showed the three days he'd worked.  (If that makes any sense)  So now we see what happens.  The great news is that in the meantime, his benefits will continue, for about another month or so, which is vitally important.  They are a big piece of the incredibly intricate and precariously balanced patchwork of elements that holds our financial survival somewhat intact.

We had a happy, grateful, dancing party for two when we heard we got a one month stay of execution.  Yayyy!! 

Any excuse to dance, you know.

Two calla lilies blooming.  Remember I said one of the miracles would come from something I thought was dead?  That would be the unemployment.  That means 2 more miracles pending.

Poor Nathan has been lost with Dylan and Delena back in school after two weeks.  He's clingy and needy and lonesome and trying so hard not to be.  Still, every few minutes, I hear "Mom, I need you!"  I try and train my kids not to sit in one place and yell for me (I hate that), so there's a lot of back and forth ("If you want me, you're going to need to come to me.")  Barring broken legs or bleeding out the eyes, I'm just not going to be summoned. 

With neither Eric nor I getting much sleep last night (Eric's GERD was acting up and my tooth was going nuts), it's a quiet day with minimal expectations.  Eric is doing some minor work and I'm taking care of Nathan and writing to you.  Beyond that, I'm going to do a lot of resting and try to get regenerated.  If I get too far into the gutter, the depression will set in and I really don't want that.  I've really learned that staying well rested is more important that anything (except keeping the faith) in keeping a sane head and calm emotions.  As soon as the true fatigue starts to get into your bones, everything starts to look worse than it is.  When things are bad, the last thing we need is tired psychology making them look worse.

OH and I lost 5 pounds last week.  That's a good thing.  :)  I don't care of it's mostly retained fluid.  It's 5 pounds just from eating better.

For now, it's time for me to pile into my bed and cuddle Nathan while I watch soaps and rest.  There's not much going on and my brain isn't concocting anything interesting to read.  Hope you're all safe and warm.

Much love,