Go on.  Slice'em Jill.  You screwed me over in a big way.
I can't believe I endured a LAWSUIT for this bullshit story.

I used to be on prime time.

I said no.

I have a contract.

I said no.

I've been great in every scene I've been given.

I said no.

I'll do anything.

You're screwed.

But I'm your father, Sonny.

No you're not.  I'm not Sonny and you're some actor who is drunk and gambling all the time.

No, that's Mike, my character.

Listen, Hale, if you're going to play the character card, so am I.


I said no.

Just one scene...

You're screwed.

I don't understand why it has to be this way.  I can only have scenes, what, if I go crazy?  
No more smart lawyer stuff?  No more gatekeeper?  Just...crazy?


I know Nance, you're screwed. 

But they just brought Mason back...

Ssssssh.  Don't fight it.  You'll only sink faster.  You're screwed.

But I'm not!!

I'm fading into nothing!!

No you aren't.  You're...developing.

I'm "developing" into some stereotype mob mol
who has no resemblance to my character!

Hey, it's progress!

See?  I told you who to blow!  You get
more screen time dead than most of
these yokels get alive!

Um, has anyone noticed?
I'm still hanging around.

You're screwed.