But Not Everyone Is Screwed OR Sad!!

Angel Boris said to just ride this dog till it drops dead in the ditch! 
I've got a great job while it lasts!

Don't cry for me, Argentina, Coleman is a the lay of a lifetime
(and he cleans up real good too!)  I am sooo screwed.  Ahhhhh.


Can you say "Zanuary" baby?

We are so totally not screwed!!


I KNOW!!!  So cool!
(Skye, offscreen:  You know it, losers)

This is the 8 ball I'm behind in the worst coupling since Hannah met Sonny.

I am the luckiest broad in the world.


Don't Look, My Love.

The second you die, we settle up!!

I'm screwed.  My blankie!


But you know who REALLY is screwed in all this??

That's right. 
No, not Coltin, YOU, the viewer!  
Now get going and WRITE THOSE LETTERS, 

(roll credits)



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