Q:  On All My Children, I missed how Brooke ended up having a baby fathered by Tad Martin.  Can you give me a brief history of their relationship? Chris

A:   I will try to make it brief, but sometimes it takes a full explanation to completely cover these relationships.  In 1990, Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney were married, but as befalls many couples on the soaps, they began having  problems. The biggest problem being Dixie’s Uncle Palmer Cortlandt.  He was against the marriage from the beginning and Tad knew that if they did not distance themselves from him, he would eventually succeed in breaking them apart.

Tad told Dixie he had decided they should move away from Pine Valley, in order to save their marriage. Dixie, feeling a bond with her uncle and Pine Valley, refused to go.  With a little time Palmer was able to come between them.  Dixie went so far as to have divorce papers delivered to Tad.  When he was faced with this, he was so shaken up that he felt he needed to turn to someone for support.  He went to Brooke, whom he had been spending a lot of time with, as they worked together.  This also led to their sleeping together. 

Two months passed and Brooke found herself pregnant with Tad’s child.  The doctors told her that the pregnancy would have to be terminated because it was ectopic (the baby had developed outside the uterus, in the abdominal cavity).  Not wanting to lose her baby she went a little crazy and ran away.  Edmund talked her into coming back to Pine Valley, where the doctors terminated her pregnancy to save her life.

As time passed she forged a good relationship with both Tad and Dixie and they remain close friends.


Q:  Please give the marital histories of  Bo and Asa on One Life To Live.  I think they give the AMC characters a run for their money!  Chris

A:  Asa Buchanan far surpasses even Erika Kane on AMC when it comes to reciting the marriage vows. 

His first wife was Olympia Ralston, whom Asa held captive in a mansion in Llanview.  She divorced him and supposedly died in 1981.  He then married Samantha Vernon in June of ’81; then came Delilah Ralston in February of ’83; Becky Lee Abbott in July of ’83; Renee Divine in November of ’85; Pamela Oliver Stuart in January of ‘86; Blair Daimler in June of ’92; Alex Olanov in March of ’96, and finally Renee again in May of ’99. Makes you wonder why such a “sweet” guy couldn’t hold on to a wife!

Bo first married Delilah Ralston in 1983 (remember she was also married to Asa the same year!).  In 1986 he married Didi O’Neill, who passed away in 1988; then Sarah Gordon in 1990, but she was later presumed dead in a plane crash; next came Cassie Callison.  They divorced because his last wife, Sarah returned, after surviving the crash; and finally in 1995 he married Nora Hanen Gannon, whom he divorced in 1999.

Q:    I’m trying to find out the name of the artist who sang “You Belong To Me” on One Life To Live.  I believe it was Friday, August 16, 1999. It was the episode that Sam left the house and Nora sat on the couch in amazement that “she had room in her heart for another man”.  In the same episode Bo danced with Grace and I think Viki and Ben made love.  I love that version of the song and really want to hear it again.  Any help?  Judy G.

A:    I’m sorry, but I was unable to find any information for you.  It is quite difficult to track down these artists and the songs that are performed on any of the soaps through the years.  If I do come across the answer for you I will be happy to post it.  Anyone know the answer to this one?

Q:   I have just recently started watching OLTL and would like to ask you a couple of questions.  Please tell me Todd’s background and how he is Viki’s brother?  Also, how did Viki become a Buchanan?  Lana D.

 A:   Todd Manning who is excellently played by Roger Howarth, made his first appearance in Llanview in the spring of 1993, where he attended college and played football.  He was accused of raping troubled Marty Saybrooke.  The trial that followed this event, his time spent in prison, his escape, and other events brought to light Todd’s sad and troubled past.

 When his father, Peter Manning, died in 1994, Todd was left with nothing of his father’s wealth, except for a chain, a locket and a key.  While reading some old letters from his mother, Irene, Todd discovered that he was not Peter’s biological son.  He had been adopted.  It soon came out that he was actually the result of an affair his mother had with Victor Lord.  He was now the legal heir to Victor’s 30 million dollar fortune!

Todd married Blair Daimler, bought Dorian Lord’s (Victors’ widow) newspaper, which he renamed “The Sun”, and hired a number of  staff who had been working for “The Banner”, owned by Viki.

It was during 1998 that the terrible abuse Todd had suffered under the hands of Peter Manning became known.  Peter had never truly loved his adopted son and had sexually raped and abused him as a young boy.

Meanwhile Viki was going through her multiple personality disorder.  One of her personalities, known as “Tori”, put a pillow over her father’s face and suffocated him when she was younger.  All this was hidden in Viki’s subconscious, as the only way for her to protect herself from the horrible truth all those years.  Viki too had been a victim of rape and sexual abuse by her father.

In time Todd and Viki, after discovering they were sister and brother, grew closer, despite Todd’s strange behavior.

To answer your last question, Viki became a Buchanan in 1982 when she married Clint.  They divorced and remarried in 1986.  Finally after growing farther and farther apart they later divorced a second time.  Viki and Clint both care very deeply for one another to this day, but there seems to be too much water under the bridge for them to see their way back to each other.


Q:     What ever happened to the actress Lilly Melgar of GH?  Is she still acting?  Does GH have any plans to bring her character back on the show?  I hope they do, “Sonny and Lily” was my favorite couple.   Xitaki

A:   Lily Rivera, who was played by Lilly Melgar, died in 1994, the victim of a car bomb explosion, (planned by her own father) which was meant for her new husband Sonny Corinthos.  Chances for her coming back anytime soon are slim to none as she died instantly in front of witnesses and was probably blown to bits.

            While she was acting on GH,  Lilly also hosted a Spanish language TV show called “Moda”, which translated means “fashion”.  There is no information currently available to this writer, whether or not she is still acting at the present time.

            A bit of interesting information for those of you who remember Juan her son, when Lilly and Miguel Morez, Juan’s biological father, went to find him in Puerto Rico:  At the time (1994) Juan was a mere baby of six.  Now it is the year 2000, and Juan in all honestly should only be 12!  Makes one wonder…..                 


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