Let's see who scored, who whored and who just got ignored!




Totally (Or Almost Totally) Got Ignored!


The Unfortunately Necessary Disclaimer

Included in this overview of the relationship over the past year, give or take a bit, I have relied mostly on my memory, which has been known to have some glitches here and there.  The big RED X'S that you see on someone's head means simply that they broke up that year or are at this time split up.  It could also mean that society's pesky "don't sleep with your relatives" dictates have ruled them out or that they have been disqualified as a suitor (i.e. Helena is in jail pending prison, Maxie being jailbait. etc).  It DOES NOT MEAN that I don't think that Sonny and Carly will get back together, so please don't write blasting me for my lack of faith in their marriage or for telling me that I have rendered you so overcome with anger/grief/heartache that you can't go to work.  It's merely a testimony of where the character stands RIGHT NOW.  This is all just for fun and is certainly not meant to chronicle the nitpicking facts of GH or a harbinger of what is to come, so settle down.  That aside, please try to take from this some modicum of joy and a giggle or two.



Thanks to ABC Soap Screen Caps for the snappies!