Who got to ring the bell at least once this year!

They all showed their affections under no uncertain terms.  I guess a permanent lock can turn to chains that bind.  Now she's nobly left Lucky at the altar, but there's no sign of a breakup!

Way too busy being hypnotized and staring intensely to have time for love, he can't even remember what it's like!  But hey, at least he got some!

If Lucky had only stayed dead a while longer...If Jason had only stayed away a while longer...there might have been on Nia!

Young, handsome and recently dumped by his soulmate, Zander is actually hoping to be ignored.  Except maybe by the boss's wife.

Poor Flea couldn't get a bite at a dog show this year.  First, her marriage to Mac went down in flames while she combated her attraction to Luke, then she dropped Luke when she saw that she wanted more from the relationship than he did.  Now she's on her own again after a sizzling Fluke (well, for her, anyway).

For Luke, who usually is above such things (or below), he was quite the lusty boy!  He didn't let grass grow under his feet after Flea gave him the shove.  Now he's gonna get right back to where he started from.

Like father, like son?  Ask Gia!

Out with the old, in with the...old.



In or out of the leather pants (snick - Tracey), everyone loves Ned.  One might quibble that he is in the same boat as Alexis, but his hook has a nibble and hers seems to be adrift without bait.


Greastest Score

Love and money at the same time is a wonderful thing (or so I would imagine).  Melissa proved that patience and bear taming is everything and in the end, you CAN get your man.

Who Got Ignored

Who Whored