Got Totally (or Almost Totally) Ignored!!!

For these poor souls, it's a distant memory.


Like Skye, her best chemistry is with her brother. Her next greatest buzz is with the guy who she treats like a brother, her current crush is on someone who thinks of her as a sister and her ex is after HER sister.  Like Helena, she's got lots of buzz, but no action going on this year.  At least Helena had Andreas!

Such an abrupt end to a sizzling affair!  Talk about going out with a whimper.  Bobbie has probably scored (and whored) more than anyone else on the list, but this year, she was left out in the cold.

Hannah blew out high and dry on Taggert after she found herself thinking more and more about self-destructive AJ.  Since then, Taggert is a lonely boy!

And his mom isn't faring much better.

Hmmm.  I think I'm seeing a trend here.


A shame.  A damned shame.  Quick, put Katrina's head up there!

Tsk tsk tsk.  Tony might look like Robert Palmer, but here is one guy who'd better not be "Addicted to Love" or he's going to be having serious withdrawal symptoms.  YEARS...It's been YEARS.  His last that we know of was Carly and that was in 1996!

Tammy blew town, Janine hates him and as far as we know, poor Mike has been spending his nights alone.  What a waste of a handsome man!  Let's get this grifter settled down and give him something to do besides curtsey to Sonny!  ("Thank you sir, may I have another?")


If only Katherine were still alive.


Could it be the cheery disposition?


Rules are meant to be broken and I'm doing double duty here, first by insinuating that the Mom From Hell could EVER be ignored and secondly, by placing a woman who has shared so much lust in this lonely category.  Alas, the only lovin's Helena physically shared was a searing kiss with her son (hardly counts) and a romp or 10 with Andreas...and where is he now?  For all of the passion she feel, largely, our Helena was, sadly, ignored.


Beautiful!  Vivacious!  Sensuous!  Spirited!  Educated!  All of the components are there for fiery Lesley Webber to be the hottest over 40 on the canvas, but unfortunately, none of the newbies would ever know it because this diamond is kept hidden away in the upstairs (or kitchen) or Laura's house, baking cookies and babysitting Lulu.  If this woman ever gets a story, look out!  For now, in every way, she's IGNORED!  I say, BRING ON SCOTTY, BABY!  (Or at least phone your husband, Rick!)

And he can't get any off of either of them.  This guy's last true love score was with Keisha in 1998.  It's horrible when you've been neither laid nor loved in 4 years and your best chemistry is with your sister!  Somebody love this guy.  Now.  


OK, enough of the warm thoughts.  Find this fabulous woman another good man!  Two in one life is definitely NOT pushing it!



Skye's luck in love seems to remain unchanged from her trip through Llanview.  She's managed to make an enemy of the first object of her attractions, win only the sympathy and irritation of her second thus far and find that her only ace in the hole is her (also) alcoholic brother.  In Port Charles for months and still...nothing.


Most Tragically Ignored

Stefan's big score this was in winning, if only temporarily, the faith and affection of the soon to be late Chloe Morgan.  Just when it was looking as though he might get some, big brother came and stomped his boat (metaphorically speaking, of course) yet again.  His love still runs true for his old paramour, Lasha, and the other two, well, we just don't discuss much.  Now this guy is no doubt headed to another soap where he is bound to fare better in romance than he did on GH this year!

Who Scored

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