Be still, woman!

I don't even believe you HAVE a Whore Blouse!

*sniff*  You're right, I was bluffing

UH HUH!!  Thought so!

Brenda, you've got to stop lying about something as
important as a Whore Blouse!

But I have to have one!  I just have to!

Brenda, I wasn't going to say nothin, but the way your
panties hang out of your jeans all the time...I think that
makes you the biggest whore of all.

You're just saying that to be nice.

But I'm not nice

Hmm.  True.

So maybe...I really am a Whore then?

S'haw!!  The best ever.  It's all over the newspapers!

It's true!!  And there are testimonies from Jax and Luis!