Sonny, for you, I *will* find a Whore Blouse

Fuhgetabout it.  You'll never be a Whore like Carly

*sob*  I will NEVER be a Whore like Carly.  It's true!

Daddy, did Mommy get a Whore Blouse?

Why yes she did, my little racketeer.  
Look at those knockers!

Hey little man!  Guess what I've got up my butt?

A Whore Blouse?

Nope, FIVE Whore Blouses.

Yikes!  You're so hot my hand is melting, Lady!

How the complete hell did that bitch get five whore

So um, Brenda, where'd you get the Whore Blouses?

You think I'm going to tell you?

Yes, I do

Did you find out where she got the Whore Blouses yet?