Katrina Rasbold (EOS Webmaster) has authored the book Tarot For Real People, (hopefully) soon to be available at bookstores across the nation.  :o)  She has been a Tarot reader since 1983 and has performed readings at psychic fairs, by telephone, by e-mail and in person.

The Tarot is used primarily for "pathworking."  This means that you see a focus for the reading (where you are at this time), a past that provided the foundation for where you are and where you are likely to go from here, provided no drastic changes are made.  

The Tarot reveals messages about your life that can be useful when making decisions about your future or understanding your past.  The Tarot will NOT tell you that you or someone you love is going to die.  It will tell you about people who have influence in your life, changes have experienced or will experience and opportunities that are coming your way.  It will also tell you how your inner thoughts are motivations are affecting your life.

Your reading will look something like this:

(click on the above reading to see a sample reading done by me, about me)

Obviously, your reading will likely have different cards, but this will be the arrangement used for your reading. 

Readings may be conducted by phone (we will work out a mutually agreeable time for me to telephone you - USA and Canada only) or e-mail (you will usually receive your reading within 48 hours if paying by PayPal or after your payment is received by mail).


Price List

Phone reading:  $40.00
(20-30 minutes)


E-mail reading:  $25.00


Payment is to be made in advance of the reading.  Refunds are not available once payment has been made, but you can be assured that you'll get the best reading I am able to give.  Subsequent readings are to be paid for individually.  The above costs are for 1 e-mail reading or 1 phone reading, depending on which you choose.  Follow up questions by e-mail are charged separately.  PayPal is my preferred method of payment since it is immediate and we can get right to your reading. If you do not wish to use PayPal for payment, you may send a check, money order or cash to the same mailing address used for EOS donations.  Click here to get that address.   If you choose to pay by mail, please remember to include an e-mail address to receive your reading or to arrange for a phone reading.

Note:  Please do NOT order a reading as a gift for a person who may not want it! 

Please contact Katrina directly via e-mail if you have questions before ordering.