A Sample Reading:

I did this reading about, well, the idea of offering readings online on Eye on Soaps.  I thought I would share it with you to give you an idea of how the Tarot works.  The categories ("Focus," "Foundation," "Outcome," etc) remain the same for each reading.  Only the cards in those positions change.

The focus of the reading is the Page of Wands and the Page of Pentacles.  Pages represent messages (as in "you are being "paged" with a message) and two pages one on top of another would represent many messages passing back and forth (the readings).

The foundation is the Five of Cups, meaning not having enough of something, a sense of loss, having lost more than you kept (the cups behind the person).  (I don't have enough money and need to come up with some Christmas funds)

What's leaving my life or "passing away" is the reversed Seven of Swords.  Upright, it means loss by theft and reversed, it means loss by means other than theft.  (We recently had to purchase a new vehicle for the snow and ice times, the down payment for which wrecked our budget)

What may happen or come into being is the Page of Cups, which again, means messages, but also means new ideas coming in.  (Invariably, the Eye on Soaps readers come up with wonderful suggestions and ideas for me!)

What's coming up in the future is the Ace of Wands, which indicates a new beginning, new opportunities, miracles.

Over the position of You (this time, meaning ME) is the Knight of Wands.  The Knight of Wands is someone who uses their energy in a different way, at a new level.

Over the position of The Environment is the Page of Swords, again indicating messages coming and going (having all four Pages in one reading is rare and does indicate a lot of communication).

Over the position of Inner Thoughts is the Six of Cups, which is the nostalgia card.  It represents going back to something you did, saw or someone you knew in the past.  This means that doing this, offering the readings online, reminds me of the time in my past when I did readings professionally (and loved it). 

The Outcome card is the Ten of Cups, which indicates joy, happiness and success.  (yayyy!)


Your reading would be similar to this, but a little more fleshed out.  I just whipped out a quicky here to show you how it works.