Most Fun Pals

WHAT a rescue party!  It's the most fun
*I* ever had at a party, anyway!  Just to
hear Carly describe Jason's body on that
speedboat was worth the year of GH!

So Very Missed!





Helena also gets the award for Best "Gotcha"

Most Amazingly Totally Evil Asshole

Alcazar for leaving Alexis in premature labor in the snow
with some VERY, well, *cold* parting words!!

Most Incredible Montage

The damned thing still leaves me breathless.

Most Wonderful Stand Alone Episode

Well, it barely made it into 2002, but it was a keeper!  I pity da fool that didn't get to see it!  The 10,000th episode is a shave away from taking the honors, but I've got to give it to Dec 31st.

Biggest Miracle

Carly Made Friends.  Yayyy Carly!


Most Coveted "Shop the Soaps" Item

The Whore Blouse, of course!