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Leticia's Diary

No Goodbye Kiss???

Winner of the Greatest Frickin Travesty in Daytime History Award
~~OK, enough of the stupid rhyming~~

Saddest, Most Irreverent and Insulting Misuse
of a Character or Their Return EVER
in the history of Daytime TV

Best Makeover

Coleman gets runner up!

Biggest Mistake

Most Fun Couple

Which scene?  Try any one they are in together, right up to the mimosa scene today.  From the time they started screaming at one another in the limo, I was hooked.  Of any male-female team on GH this year, it was these two who particular held me mesmerized, laughing all the way.

Best Return of the Dead

Although Sonny showing up just in time to shoot
Alcazar was pretty doggoned cool as well,
especially when Brenda started beating
on her head because she thought she was
having an episode!

Most Fun Temporary Couple!

Sure wish they could hang around!
I loved it when he slapped her on
the ass and when he climbed up
into bed with her in the hospital.  Aww.

Sorriest Excuse for An Exit Story EVER


No Comment - Pfft

Most Improved Actor/Actress EVER

I just keep being impressed.

Saddest Twist of Fate

AJ finally finds true love while trying to use someone and screws it up.

No Particular Reason

I just like this pic of Brenda, Hannah and Lily that Jeff from Soap Zone made.