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Welcome to ME!!  

I'm glad you're here.  If you are coming with an open mind and happy heart, then you are doubly welcome.  If you are here to pick a fight and drink your haterade, then my kitty above does all the talking.

Come in, pour a drink, put on your fuzzy bunny slippers and let's dish the soaps!


Please, let us remember, people have opinions that are sometimes in conflict.  If you don't agree with the opinions expressed in this column, please understand it was in no way intended to offend.  It's just like, my opinion, man.  (Love that Lebowski!)

(Yes, Sage is a
guy... and a
damned good
looking one too!)


June 13, 2005

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Hello, Darlings!

It has been a busy weekend and I am basically throwing together a column today in the short amount of time I have.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the captions!

A Few Captions - AMC


Mimi comes back with a man!
Her finance stays, but she goes.
What's up with that??
Adding a little color to the
blindingly white ABC cast is
Lamman Rucker who plays
Garret Williams.

Soon to be the happiest couple in Daytime,
second only to David and Dorian.
Ironic, isn't it?

Greenlee and Ryan feed each other
even more crap than usual.
Spare me.

Two very different honeymoons.
Pity they couldn't osmosify.

Been trying for 3 days to
figure out who this is.
My guess is Scott Kiniworthy,
who will play Josh Madden,
(Son of Greg Madden,
fertility god)

The Fusion ladies find the vat containing
Ryan's sacred sperm.  He must have
been REALLY poor...
and busy.

One of the many things I just
really do not understand.  Is
this even involved in the story
at all?

Yeah.  Everyone pretty much needs a drink
after that one.

Di refuses to respond to anyone
unless they call her "The Venerated
Goddess Dixie."

Whores, I tell you.
They're everywhere.
It's an infestation.

My favorite janitor.


OLTL Captions

GH Captions


Photos are from http://www.abcwebpix.com