June 13, 2005

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A Few Captions - OLTL


"Wanna trade?"
"Pfft, which one?"
"I dunno, pick one...
either... I don't care."
"I'll take the red-head then."

There are worse things I could do
than to go with a boy or two ...

Kelly's boobs go out on the
town with Spencer.

Bo realizes that the DA is much
hotter than Daniel Colson was...
not much, but yeah, the edge.

Bo explains to Paige the meaning
of "Lame Duck."

David explains to Paige the
meaning of "Lame Duck."

Sibling Rivalry, served up hot.

Evangeline gives up on men entirely

Evengeline's new lover shows her the
script with lots of upcoming red hot
Jolie lovin.  She also explains to
Evangeline the meaning of
"Lame Duck."

Evangeline shows John the fist she
intends to use if he doesn't tell her he
loves her, really loves her, right the
hell now.

Evangeline gives the same message
to Natalie, minus the whole love business
and leaving in the "ass kicking" business.

Finally, Evangeline shows
John the door, complete with
arrows, an overhead presentation,
pie charts, several precedents,
a test audience, a set of
drawings showing the
trajectory of the body landing
after the punch and a pre-drawn
chalk outline of where the body
will land after its midair flight.

Duke explains to Adrianna why it's a
damned shame that no one ever notices
when she blows the country for days or
weeks at a time.

Finest bald in daytime.

The most fun in ABC daytime.

Renee explains to Asa that he can't put out
a hit on Blair because she's their daughter.
She then explains that he can't put out a hit
on Carlo because he's their son.  When he
expresses frustration about Nigel's absence,
she has some news about him too.

Nora explores a new way to get her annulment.

David discusses the family jewels with
his brother.


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