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I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

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October 25, 2004
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October 18, 2004

Whassup, Darlings?

Not many people know this, but the motto here at Eye on Soaps (this is a fact, I'm not making this up) is, "If it's not fun, it doesn't get done." 

What that means is that we write when we feel the spirit so that you get good quality reading rather than some crap we just whipped out to meet a deadline.  To honor that philosophy, I am not going to write anything about OLTL or AMC this week and maybe not for a while.  They've really pissed me off and between this stupid, cruel baby switch (thieving) story and David and Kelly's little whatever it is, I'm done wit' dose guys.  Even GH hasn't pissed me off that much.  For information on AMC and OLTL, go to www.pinevalleybulletin.com and http://members.aol.com/OLTLnews/spoilers.html respectively. 

As far as my take on those shows?  FTG.  (The last two words of that acronym are "those guys.")

Updated October 25, 2004 - Yeah, what I said up there.  That was from last week, but it still applies.

And to further that thought, this will also be, at least for the foreseeable future, the last column from "Sage's Place" that will be spoilercentric.  I have been thinking about this for weeks now and even mentioned it a few times here.  I've talked to poor Katrina about it on and on and she is always wonderfully supportive of whatever I want to do.  I just finished reading what Carol Banks Weber, one of my dearest friends, had to say in her weekly Channeling column here on EOS.  That pretty well solidified in my mind that for now, spoilers are just not where I want to be.  I have no interest in being in competitions with other sites, other columnists or other spoiler gurus.  I'm tired of seeing the spoilers that I report on Monday reported by other people as their own almost verbatim with no credit given.  I have even posted a couple of things that were only slightly off to see if the current would carry and sure enough, they took the bait.  Imitation might be the most sincere form of flattery, but posting a link and giving credit is both honest and sincere.  Acting like no one notices is just stupid.  I don't have to name names and wouldn't anyway.  It's just not cool.  You folks all know who they are anyway.  You're sharp.

I'm going back to my roots, back to being a gossip guy.  I like doing the Funny Pages and the story boards and things like that, so for all of you who said things like, "Sage should stick to comedy," there you go.  You got your wish.

Each week, Carol will be providing spoilers to Katrina for her OLTL and GH Spoiler Commentary.  If you click that link, you'll get to the index page where they are faithfully listed each week.  My darling cynic, Kate, provides wonderful AMC Spoiler commentary.  That column is also listed on the index page and is linked in the previous sentence.  They will take good care of you.  On the index page in the first link, you can look to the left and find a page of links for each of the three shows.  There are spoiler site links included on each one. 

I'll be using pictures and words to provide commentary on the shows, as well as dishing out the gossip, talking about the spoilers that are already out there and speculating on upcoming storyline development.  I'll be being me again, relaxing on the autopia (that's Disneyspeak) with my thermos of White Russains, a little Creedence on the stereo and my fuzzy dice swinging from the mirror. I'm leaving the fast lane for those who like the rush.

I want to take this moment to thank some folks.  I want to say how much I appreciate Katrina, who always lets me be me.  I love her more than anyone else in the whole world.  Thanks to my long-suffering partner in Spoilers, Carol Banks Weber (linked above) from SZ and EOS, whose turn of a phrase warms my heart as much as the depth of her passion and the tenacity of her commitment to journalism.  She a dear and wonderful friend.  She is and will always be my #1 Cohort and I wait salivating for her every update.  Thanks to my think tank, conscience and brain trust, Sherry Mercurio and Kate Brown, two of the finest ladies and brightest minds on the internet.  Kate, you are the Dorothy Parker of your time and when I read your work, you make me feel smart and quirky and deliciously cynical.   Sherry, if I could, I'd shrink you down and carry you around in my top hat to whisper smart things in my ear and keep me from screwing up my life.  I'd toss chocolates and pastries up to you regularly and we'd go look at cowboy strip shows together.  Ah, the life you'd have, my little hat woman.  Thanks to the wonderful sources who have made me look good for a long time and who took wonderful care of me while I lived in spoiler land.  Thanks for trusting me enough to share.  You're the best ever.

I at least want to take you through November sweeps, so we'll run with the GH side of things and beyond sweeps, all will be a mystery.  I'm taking a week off next week to do some traveling, so I'll be back on November 8th with plenty of Daytime Gossip to grease the wheels.  Here's your last bit of Sage GH Spoilers:


Since people haven been bitching about not wanting detailed spoilers (while others do), I'm going to give the basic ones first, then provide a link where people who choose to can read detailed November sweeps spoilers.  IF you don't like details, DON'T GO THERE.  If you do go over there, no whining about "oooh, my head hurts, too much info," "*sniff* I might as well not even watch the show now *sniff*."  They are detailed for the people who enjoy the details. 



The follow up on the story board, for those who didn't get my stick figure messages:

Emily and Nikolas are at the hospital checking on Kristina.  Emily is confused when she asks Nikolas why he was coming out of a particular room and he replies that he was actually with Alexis the entire time.  

Having dispensed with Helena and with Nikolas (basically) cleared of murder charges,  Ems is chillin' in the bath tub (she has NO luck with that damned thing) when she hears someone behind her.  She has her eyes closed, so she reaches up to touch Nikís face, only to realize that itís not Nikolas. 


Connor kidnaps Emily and vows revenge for Mary.  Heís not crazy.  Heís just seriously pissed that he finally made it home to his wife only to find that this guy had murdered her (as far as he knew). 

Like all nemeses, when Connor gets Emily back to Maryís house, he starts ranting and raging and telling his story rather than just getting down to business, so Nikolas has time to figure out whatís going on and go rescue Emily. 

Connor starts to believe Emilyís assertion that Mary was psychotic and lets Emily go.   

Nikolas is about to shoot Connor, when Emily jumps between them, calling for a truce. 

[insert Sageís *groan* and eye rolls here] 

Connor is injured in the scuffle and hospitalized. 

Lucky goes to GH to question Connor.  Connor tells Lucky that he saw Nikolas murder Helena.  He then falls into a coma. 

Emily feels responsible and holds a bedside vigil for Connor. 

Lucky tells Nikolas he will not report what Connor says, but if Connor wakes up from his coma, the truth could come out. 

Nikolas starts to think it might be good of Connor doesnít wake up.


Kristina/Sam's Baby

It is determined that Samís baby is a match for Kristina and that even though she cannot donate marrow, she can provide vital stem cells that can cure Kristina. 

Sonny goes to Sam and asks her to induce labor early.

Sam asks Jason what he things about inducing and he tells her he doesnít think itís a good idea, so she declines the induction. 

Alexis pretty much freaks out at this, having heard what Steven told Sonny about the stem cells. 

Alexis begins begging people to talk to Sam and convince her to induce.  Finally, she and Sam encounter one another in the chapel, both praying about their situations and she talks her into inducing. 

Before Sam can get the induction done or tell anyone she has changed her mind, she collapses. 

She is quickly diagnosed with an abrupted (separating) placenta (same condition that Carly had when she fell down the stairs after he encounter with AJ) and an emergency cesarean section is performed.  The baby is expected to be OK, but complications occur and she dies. 

Sam is still knocked out from the surgery and everyone is pretty much reeling from the babyís death, but Alexis, trying not to be insensitive and pushy, tells Sonny, ďLook, we have to do something now, Iím sorry your daughter is dead, but don't let them both die because youíre too grief stricken to sign the papers.Ē 

Sonny and Jason both hesitate because the last they heard, Sam had refused the procedure, but Alexis keeps pushing and they finally relent. 

Kristina has a transplant and except for one minor scare after the fact, itís a success and she is on the road to recovery. 

When Kristina is wheeled into surgery, Alexis actually leans on Sonny. 

Once Kristina is out of the woods, Sonny destroys the files that would incriminate him... all but one copy and in the midst of packing to move out of the penthouse, Michael accidentally gets the files mixed in with his possessions. 

When they are unpacking at the new house, John finds the file and knows that heís holding the one document that prove that Sonny was involved in illegal racketeering.  

While Sam is still unconscious from surgery, Jason tells Sonny that they have to make funeral arrangements for the baby.  Sonny names the baby Adela and makes plans for a funeral mass.  

In one painful episode, Alexis breaks down with Ric, Jason breaks down over Samís unconscious body and Sonny breaks down over Kristina. 

Jason is by Samís bedside at nearly every second, doing the whole unshaven, red-eyed, ďIím not going to lose herĒ thing.   

Ric issues Sonny a restraining order. 

Courtney remembers her own miscarriage after seeing Jason deal with the loss of Samís baby. 

Elizabeth also remembers the baby she lost with Ric.  After talking to Ric about it, Ric has his own break down. 

Sonny and Jason butt heads over who will tell Sam about the baby. 

As Kristina is waking up from her surgery, Sonny is there and tells her that heís her daddy and heís going to take her home.  This airs on November 10th

Alexis tells Sonny she is NOT screwing around with him.  He can visit Kristina, but he will NOT take her home with him.  Sonny tells her he will resort to anything to have custody of his daughter. 

Finally, Sam wakes up and hears a baby crying.  She thinks itís her daughter.  

Alexis comes to thank Sam for the stem cells, but this is before Jason gets a chance to tell Sam that the baby died.   Sam goes off on Alexis. 

Jason tells her what happened and she becomes hysterical with grief. 

After Sam realizes that her baby has died, she is extremely bitter and pushes everyone away, even Jason.   

She tells Sonny, ďWhy are you here?  You know youíre glad the babyís dead.Ē 

Sam goes off on Carly as well and tells Jason that he doesnít have to be burdened by her any more.  He refuses to budge and insists on being there for her. 

She goes to the hospital nursery, looking for her baby. 

She even begins to think that Jason is lying to her to allow Sonny to hide the baby from her. 

Alcazar shows up at Carlyís cottage and Michael tells him to hit the road. 

Michael then reports everything to Sonny, about the house Grandpa John bought them and the visit from Alcazar. 

Ultimately, Ric puts up guards at Kristinaís door and tells them to not let Sonny in.


Now, if you want details, click here.


See you in two weeks!

Much love,

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