Several of these have been posted before, but I am reprinting them to give you context and to help those who may have missed a column or two.

Edward starts to believe he can’t trust Heather and decides to test the loyalty and love of his new bride.  He makes it appear that he has relinquished his part of the Quartermaine fortune.  He takes a job working at Kelly’s and saying that he is a “changed man.” 

Tracy and Heather conspire together to have him committed to get control of his money. 

In order to please Luke, Heather wants to give him the money he needs to bring the Haunted Star back up and running. Skye ups the ante, thinking Heather is bluffing and demands a huge sum. Heather believes she can cover it because she has access to Edward's money. Luke considers using Heather's affection for him to get even more money from her.

Previously spooked by Dillon's reaction to her, Heather moves Laura. Luke, Skye and Dillon go back to the attic and find Laura gone.

As you have likely guessed, there is the possibility that Helena is not dead and that either she survives the fall or has pulled a fast one on her family.  We may not have seen the last of Hells, but there’s not word of a return just yet. 

Emily and Nikolas are at the hospital checking on Kristina.  Emily is confused when she asks Nikolas why he was coming out of a particular room and he replies that he was actually with Alexis the entire time.  (Connor time!  Dunt dunna dunt!)

Having dispensed with Helena and with Nikolas (basically) cleared of murder charges,  Ems is chillin' in the bath tub (she has NO luck with that damned thing) when she hears someone behind her.  She has her eyes closed, so she reaches up to touch Nik’s face, only to realize that it’s not Nikolas. 


Connor kidnaps Emily and vows revenge for Mary.  He’s not crazy.  He’s just seriously pissed that he finally made it home to his wife only to find that this guy had murdered her (as far as he knew). 

Like all nemeses, when Connor gets Emily back to Mary’s house, he starts ranting and raging and telling his story rather than just getting down to business, so Nikolas has time to figure out what’s going on and go rescue Emily. 

Connor starts to believe Emily’s assertion that Mary was psychotic and lets Emily go.   

Nikolas is about to shoot Connor, when Emily jumps between them, calling for a truce. 

[insert Sage’s *groan* and eye rolls here] 

Connor is injured in the scuffle and hospitalized. 

Lucky goes to GH to question Connor.  Connor tells Lucky that he saw Nikolas murder Helena.  He then falls into a coma. 

Emily feels responsible and holds a bedside vigil for Connor. 

Lucky tells Nikolas he will not report what Connor says, but if Connor wakes up from his coma, the truth could come out. 

Nikolas starts to think it might be good of Connor doesn’t wake up.  

Lucky and Nikolas want to turn Connor in for going AWOL and when they find Connor's hospital room empty, they assume Connor ran because he got wind of what they were trying to do. Nikolas blames himself for putting Emily in danger once again.

Later, Emily lies to the police about where Connor is headed and she says that he let her go.  When Emily and Nikolas get back to Wyndemere, they find Connor there waiting.

Nikolas is shocked to realize that Emily and Connor came up with the plan together, to elude the police.

Carly and Alexis have a discussion about who should tell Sonny that he is Kristina’s father. 

Carly goes to Durant and tells him about Kristina and the guilt she feels keeping this secret.  He tells her that she should tell Sonny the truth, even though he know it could end her marriage and his direct connection to Sonny. 

Alexis is about to tell Jason the truth about Kristina when Steven announces that a donor has been found.   

Jason goes to tell Sonny and Carly about the donor and interrupts Carly telling Sonny the truth about Kristina.   

Durant buys Carly her old house back. 

Alexis and Ric continue to get closer. 

Liz notices this while Kristina is in the hospital. 

Everyone is happy about the donor until… 

Duh duh dunnnnn. 

The donor is killed on the way to the hospital and none of the bone marrow is salvageable. 

Ric gently prods Alexis (“Has EVERYONE been tested?  Hmmmm?”). 

Steven tells her she HAS to get Kristina’s father in to be tested. 

Alexis finally admits to Ric that Sonny is Kristina’s father and tells him she doesn’t know what to do. 

Ric knows what to do and says, “Tell Sonny, have Sonny and Morgan tested, then marry me and he’ll never get custody.” 

Alexis agrees, but in name only. 

Ric makes a lovely gesture of officially proposing to Alexis in the hospital chapel, but tells her he wants more than a marriage in name only and asks her if she’s willing to give it a try.   

She agrees that she also wants more and they kiss and agree to marry. 

Carly does end up telling Sonny the truth and his response is along the lines of, “Meh. I thought so.  Welp, let’s get me and Morgan down to the ol’ G of H to be tested.” 

He breaks up with Carly with more of an “I’m tired of doing this” than with a fit. 

She rolls with it and they decide to break up, but initially decide to wait until Kristina’s OK to make it official.  Neither one of them can really say “divorce” just yet. 

Neither Sonny nor Morgan is a match for Kristina. 

Carly is tempted to accept Alcazar’s comfort, but leans on her father instead. 

Lorenzo again takes sympathy sex from Lois, which is when Brook Lyn finds them half dressed. 

She then finds out that Ned is not Kristina’s father and goes to him to break the news, only to find that he already knew, which gets her riled at both of her parents now. 

She grabs Diego and they go out to paint the town red. 

Jason does double duty, trying to be there for both Sam and Carly at the same time. 

Sam wants to help, but Steven tells her the baby cannot give bone marrow.  A child has to be at least a year old to donate (which is why Morgan could since he just had his first birthday). 

Sonny vows to find a match for his daughter. 

He enlists his lawyer to file for visitation of Kristina, which enrages Alexis. 

Ric tells Sonny that as Kristina’s stepfather, he will bar Sonny from Kristina for life or until Alexis says it’s OK, whichever comes first. 

Ric and Alexis are married in the hospital chapel, but not before Liz and Ric talk about it first. 

She insists that Ric is only marrying Alexis to further torture Sonny, but Ric is clear with her that he really does love Alexis. 

Carly decides to move out of the penthouse and Sonny doesn’t argue since he’s focused on Kristina. 

Michael is informed about what’s going on and takes turn being angry with each parent. 

Courtney meets Jax in Bermuda, unaware that he did not get her message.  She finds him in bed alone, strips for him and then sees someone who looks a lot like her come out of the shower.  Yep, as far as we know, he did. 

Courtney calmly tells him to peace out, gets her clothes and leaves. 

Jax kicks out the Courtney Clone, then follows Courtney to PC. 

Deigo gets defensive of Courtney and ends up punching Jax in the face. 

Jax punches back and then defends his actions to Courtney.

Courtney’s pissed at both of them. 

Jax reiterates that he’s falling in love with her. 

Courtney backs off and Jax does the noble thing and promises not to harass her (but of course he will). 

Diego ends up getting his ass kicked by Sonny’s goons. 

Lois and Ned forbid Brook to see Deigo (yeah, right, the teen-age aphrodisiac). 

Sonny and Alexis have several blow ups at the hospital about his rights to see Kristina.

There will be a scene between Sonny and Kristina that is similar to the Tony and BJ scene.  At least, that’s what they were trying for anyway. 

Alexis and Carly have a scene where they are pretty much at truce.  Alexis even thanks Carly for telling Sonny the truth.

It is determined that Sam’s baby is a match for Kristina and that even though she cannot donate marrow, she can provide vital stem cells that can cure Kristina. 

Steven impresses upon Sonny the urgency of every moment lost, so Sonny goes to Sam and asks her to induce labor. Since it would only be a couple  of weeks early, it is presumed it would not be a detriment to the baby, stem cells could be harvested and all would be well. 

Sam asks Jason what he things about inducing and he tells her he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, so she declines the induction. 

In the hospital, after Carly has told Sonny that Kristina is his daughter, Sonny breaks down in Carly's arms when it looks like Kristina might not make it. (Sam has decided not to induce labor to save Kristina).  Carly wants to comfort Sonny and Sonny declines, saying he and Kristina are no longer Carly's "problem".

Alexis pretty much freaks out at this, having heard what Steven told Sonny about the stem cells. 

Alexis begins begging people to talk to Sam and convince her to induce.  Finally, she and Sam encounter one another in the chapel, both praying about their situations and she talks her into inducing. 

Before Sam can get the induction done or tell anyone she has changed her mind, she collapses. 

She is quickly diagnosed with an abrupted (separating) placenta (same condition that Carly had when she fell down the stairs after he encounter with AJ) and an emergency cesarean section is performed. 

When Sam's life hangs in the balance, Jason blows up at Alexis and Sonny for pressuring Sam and causing her stress which made her go into premature labor. Jason knows that Alexis was eager to get Sam to change her mind (he heard them yelling outside in the hall). 

Alexis apologizes but insists that Sam had changed her mind and was going to help Kristina. Both Sonny and Jason are doubtful. 

Steven explains that Sam's condition would have occurred no mater what and is not stress related.

Later, Jason draws strength from Carly who holds him as he reacts to Sam's plight. Carly and Jason watch from the hall as the baby's monitor stops beeping.

Carly delivers the news to Sonny that the baby died.

Sam is still knocked out from the surgery and everyone is pretty much reeling from the baby’s death, but Alexis, trying not to be insensitive and pushy, tells Sonny, “Look, we have to do something now, I’m sorry your daughter is dead, but don't let them both die because you’re too grief stricken to sign the papers.” 

Sonny and Jason both hesitate because the last they heard, Sam had refused the procedure, but Alexis keeps pushing and they finally relent. 

Kristina has a transplant and except for one minor scare after the fact, it’s a success and she is on the road to recovery. 

When Kristina is wheeled into surgery, Alexis actually leans on Sonny. 

Once Kristina is out of the woods, Sonny destroys the files that would incriminate him... all but one copy and in the midst of packing to move out of the penthouse, Michael accidentally gets the files mixed in with his possessions. 

When they are unpacking at the new house, John finds the file and knows that he’s holding the one document that prove that Sonny was involved in illegal racketeering.  

While Sam is still unconscious from surgery, Jason tells Sonny that they have to make funeral arrangements for the baby.  Sonny names the baby Adela and makes plans for a funeral mass. 

In the midst of all of this, we have the juxtapose of light and happy Casper moments.  Courtney is all dressed up to go out with Jax and is glowing.  He gets ready for one of his famous surprises, but while he’s gone to get it, Carly calls Courtney and she goes to the hospital to be with Jason and Sonny. 

She shows up at the hospital, all shimmery in her pretty dress, to give her support to Jason, Carly and Sonny. 

After a moment with each of them she goes back to Jax to enjoy some lovin. 

In one painful episode, Alexis breaks down with Ric, Jason breaks down over Sam’s unconscious body and Sonny breaks down over Kristina. 

Jason is by Sam’s bedside at nearly every second, doing the whole unshaven, red-eyed, “I’m not going to lose her” thing.   

Ric issues Sonny a restraining order. 

Courtney remembers her own miscarriage after seeing Jason deal with the loss of Sam’s baby. 

Elizabeth also remembers the baby she lost with Ric.  After Ric talks to Elizabeth, he has his own break down. 

Sonny and Jason butt heads over who will tell Sam about the baby. 

Jason tells Sonny that he (Sonny) never really cared about Sam, that she was just an obligation to him. 

Sonny doesn’t deny this, but asks Jason if HE feels anything for Sam. 

Jason replies that he is going to do what Sonny didn’t, “Take care of Sam and protect her.”

As Kristina is waking up from her surgery, Sonny is there and tells her that he’s her daddy and he’s going to take her home.  This airs on November 10th

Alexis tells Sonny she is NOT screwing around with him.  He can visit Kristina, but he will NOT take her home with him.  Sonny tells her he will resort to anything to have custody of his daughter. 

Finally, Sam wakes up and hears a baby cry.  She thinks it’s her daughter.  

Alexis comes to thank Sam for the stem cells, but this is before Jason gets a chance to tell Sam that the baby died.   Sam goes off on Alexis. 

Jason tells her what happened and she becomes hysterical with grief. 

After Sam realizes that her baby has died, she is extremely bitter and pushes everyone away, even Jason.   

She tells Sonny, “Why are you here?  You know you’re glad the baby’s dead.” 

Sam goes off on Carly as well and tells Jason that he doesn’t have to be burdened by her any more.  He refuses to budge and insists on being there for her. 

She goes to the hospital nursery, looking for her baby. 

She even begins to think that Jason is lying to her to allow Sonny to hide the baby from her.

Alcazar shows up at Carly’s cottage and Michael tells him to hit the road. 

Michael then reports everything to Sonny, about the house Grandpa John bought them and the visit from Alcazar. 

Ultimately, Ric puts up guards at Kristina’s door and tells them to not let Sonny in.

And with that, Sage's Spoilerpalooza 2004 has ended.  Hope you enjoyed the grand finale.  I'll be back in two weeks with the gossip and smack talking.


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