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September 27, 2004
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On the tail of head writer, Josh Griffith's exit earlier this year, his "creative consultant" and now appointed Head Writer Michael Malone is also leaving One Life.  Malone will be replaced by veteran soap writer, Dena Higley, who wrote in varying capacities for Days of Our Lives for the past nineteen years.  During her tenure with Days, she served as Head Writer for a very fleeting time.  Higley gave the patented "New Head Writer" speech to ABC Soaps In Depth magazine, "I'm passionate about writing character-driven story, and that's what OLTL is all about. It's a very big change for me, and quite a challenge. But I'm looking forward to [it]. I hope to offer OLTL a fresh perspective, while at the same time remaining true to the show's illustrious history."  Because I do not wander off of ABC, I cannot gauge her talent one way or another, but with Days of Our Lives solidly in the #1 position in the ratings, we can definitely pray that something rubs off by osmosis and makes its way to our show, cause baby, it's got issues.

Marcy Walker will very quietly exit this week as Tad buys new identities for her and for Colby and they leave the country (sans Tad) to keep Adam from taking Colby. 

Adam returns in grand style, enraged that David shipped him to Mongolia, which results in David being arrested WITH Ace's DNA sample in his pocket.  Krystal later is about to get Tad to retrieve the sample without telling him what is really going on. 

Ethan is arrested for shooting Ryan, but Zach comes to his aid.

Maggie and Jonathan recommence their slobberings on one another.

Babe tries to get Bianca to figure out for herself (wtf?!) what happened with the babies after taking her to meet Ace, but Bianca adds two and two and gets five, thinking Babe is having an affair with Kevin.

Jamie aces his test and promptly figures out that Ace is Babe's babe.

Next week, David runs the DNA tests and reveals Ace's parentage.

Detailed spoilers follow.  If you don't
like details, might want to skip this bit. 

First, we are going to revisit and flesh out the spoilers from last week (they are in italics).  If I skip a spoiler that was posted last week, it simply means there was no more to really tell about it.

So you heard that little Morgan is going to be ill and that's what starts the ball rolling?  Well, it does involve a ball, but his illness is NOT life threatening and is actually a smoke screen for a story that is to follow.  (red herring, darlings, red herring).

Carly comes close to telling Sonny the truth, but doesn't make it.  The answer to Morgan's mystery illness comes from Michael and Carly will be relieved to know that neither of her sons will be spending any significant time in the hospital.

Morgan has a bacterial infection caused by his ball rolling into the river and Michael retrieving it for him.  Morgan puts it in his mouth without it being washed and that is what caused his illness.  Michael confesses this to Dr Steve, admitting that he didn't want his mother to know they were playing so close to the water.  Bonding ensues between both Carly and Steve and Michael and Steve. Morgan gets meds and goes home.

Someone got a curse you say? 
Cure it in the dumbest way!  
Want everything to turn out righty? 
Kiss her at midnight in the Garden of Aphrodite. 

Helena has now, as of Friday anyway, laid her curse upon Emily and evidently is in possession of a book of curses that rivals even Katrina's (wink).  All sorts of things start to happen to Emily and each time she goes to the ER, Dr Steve (the new Tony Jones who is always on call) takes good care of her and she is very cuddly with him.  Nikolas manages to find the book of curses and learns that to cure Emily, they have to go to the island of Kronus (remember, Jax owns this island) and kiss at midnight in the Garden of Aphrodite.  He drags Emily there and she's about to die and they kiss at the last minute and she is cured.  We, on the other hand, are suffering from projectile vomiting.

This pisses off Helena in a major way and she starts to lose it a little more than usual, which is what leads to the attempts on Emily's life in a more direct way, as well as anyone else who gets in her way.

Hell hath no fury like Helena scorned!  "Mirror, mirror on the door.  Didn't this (attempted) murder happen before?"  Memories of Kristen (Alexis' mother) surface.

Helena slips into Kristina's hospital room where Emily is watching over her and tries to kill Emily.  Alexis walks in on it and ends up being the person about to get her throat slit (just like Kristen and hey, there's even a baby Kristina in the room!), but Ric comes in and saves the day.  After this, Helena escapes and goes into hiding for a while, which lulls those concerned into a false (and stupid) sense of security.

You've likely already heard that a death is predicted.  It's a popular female and keep in mind that dead isn't always dead on soaps.  Regardless, it's a real "cliff hanger."  Speaking of only being "soap dead," a male who is now considered dead will be making a come back.

After a few attempts on her life by Helena, Emily is walking on the blufs and encounters her future grandma-in-law.  Helena is about ready to kill her, holding her at knifepoint,  when Nikolas shows up, wrestles the knife away from Helena and saves Em.  He then tosses Helena off a cliff and tells her to, "Join Stefan in hell."  Not Mikkos.  Not Stavros.  Stefan. Is it Helena who goes over the edge or is it GotchaClone Helena?  The man considered to be dead isn't who you'd expect or even guess in a million years.  It's Connor Bishop, who is back to avenge the death of his beloved wife.  You won't even BELIEVE what happens next in a bizarre nod to ZEm beginnings. 

Lois realizes that Lorenzo is still hung up on Carly, but can't seem to resist him.

Not much more to this.  As soon as Lorenzo hears that Carly and Sonny break up, he wastes no time making his move.  Carly almost goes for it, but goes to her father for comfort instead.  More on this below in the next "LoLo" spoiler. 

Edward starts to suspect Heather is up to something and puts her to the test.  She finds a very unlikely ally and he finds a job at Kelly's.

Starting to smell a rat, Edward gives the part of Lila's estate that was left to him back to the Quartermaines and gets a job at Kelly's, figuring if Heather is still devoted to him when he's poor, she truly has his best interest at heart and isn't in it for the money.  Somehow, I just can't imagine John Ingle or David Lewis playing out this story.  Heather and Tracy both fall for his ruse and start working together to have him committed.

The return of the object of her obsession throws Heather a bit off  her game. 

We learn that it is Luke who is Heather's motivation in setting up Skye.  When he returns, Heather is thrown off her game a bit, which causes her to not play her cards as well in the Edward situation.

By the way, who IS being hidden away in the Quartermaine attic?

That's where Heather has stashed Laura.  We do not see Laura during this time, so squelch the ideas of a Genie Francis return or a recast.  It will be done with a stand in. 

Daughter and father bond in the hospital after the shooting that Alcazar orchestrates to implicate Jason.  Dad is shot, but lives and ultimately proves be selfless as he gives his daughter some heartfelt advice that would undermine his entire mission.

Alcazar arranges for a sniper to take out John Durant and implicates Jason in the shooting.  Durant is shot, but survives and Carly stays by his side in the hospital.  When Kristina falls ill and bone marrow donors are being tested, Carly doesn't know what to do.  Does she tell Sonny or keep the info to herself?  She asks her father for advice and Durant tells her to tell Sonny the truth, knowing that if she does, he will have lost his valuable connection to Sonny.

Endings and beginnings; life and death.  A donor is needed immediately to save a child's life.  One little girl dies and another one lives.  In the midst of this, one marriage ends and another one begins.

Alexis takes Kristina into pediatrics for a number of maladies and starts to look like a neurotic mother until Dr Steve makes a grim diagnosis:  aplastic anemia.  The disease is moving aggressively and Kristina must have a bone marrow transplant within 48 hours to live.  Still believing that she is a Quartermaine, all of the Q's are tested and no donor is found.   Alexis is about to tell Jason the truth because she cannot bear to tell Sonny in person, but at that minute, Steven comes in and tells them that a donor has been from the donor registry.  Alexis doesn't tell Jason, but as the donor is coming to the hospital for the procedure, she is hit by a truck and none of her bone marrow is salvageable.  Kristina's situation becomes more and more grim.  Through all of the testing, Steve learns that Ned could not possibly be Kristina's father and tells Alexis that it is essential that everyone who could be a donor be tested. 

The one that ends does so with a whimper rather than a roar.  No exploding glassware or power plays.  Just a calm understanding that what's done is done and what's over is over.

Following her father's advice, Carly tells Sonny that Kristina is his child and that she has known since the fire.  He calmly says that he's been kind of thinking he must be the father and that he and Morgan should go be tested.  They decide together to end their marriage on the premise of just being tired of the back and forth stuff. Meanwhile, John buys Carly the cottage she lived in before and installs a skateboard ramp in the back, which wins Michael's heart.  Neither Sonny nor Morgan ends up being a match for Kristina.

The one that begins doesn't go as everyone expects.  Both parties want more than a marriage of convenience and are in harmonious agreement over the change of direction.

Ric stands by Alexis all the way through the Kristina ordeal and begins to gently  press her further ("Are you SURE EVERYONE has been tested?").  Finally, she admits to Ric that Sonny is Kristina's father and asks what they should do.  Ric replies, "tell him, test him and Morgan and then marry me and he will never get custody." 

Alexis agrees to marry him and he makes a grand gesture of proposing to her in the hospital chapel, but tells her that he wants more than a marriage in name only.  Won't she at least give it a try?  She admits to him that she also wants more and they seal it with a kiss. 

Jax issues Courtney a challenge much like he did with Brenda, but a missed message causes quite a Casper snag.  (It's not over by a long shot)

When Jason is implicated in the shooting of John Durant, exactly as Alcazar planned, Courtney feels a need to stand by him, even though she and Jax have a trip planned to Bermuda.  Jax has just come out of being charged with "aiding and abetting" for helping Skye.  Ric is determined to move forward with the prosecution until Kristina gets sick, when he drops the charges in deference to Alexis, who is representing Jax.  Jax is frustrated with Courtney's support of Jason and tells her (as he did with Brenda) that he will be on the plane and if she shows up, they leave together.   If she doesn't, it's over. 

She's torn on what to do and returns to the police station, only to find Sam and Jason sharing a baby moment.  This makes up her mind and she's ready to join Jax when Carly asks her to stay and celebrate Morgan's birthday with her.  Courtney leaves a message for Jax, saying that she will join him in Bermuda the next day.  Jax leaves without getting the message, thinking Courtney has chosen Jason.  He picks up a Courtney clone for the trip and they get their party on.  Thinking he got the message and is waiting for her, Courtney shows up at his hotel room, finds him sleeping alone, does a strip tease for him and *doh!* out comes the Courtney clone from the shower.  Courtney is calm and simply tells Jax to "have fun" and leaves.

Diego is VERY defensive of Courtney and Jax catches a faceful of it, then Diego gets it right back!  Ka-pow!

Courtney returns to Port Charles and Jax kicks FauxCourt to the curb and follows shortly behind.  Courtney begins having trouble with Diego, who has decided he wants to work for Jason and Sonny (*sigh*).  Jax tries to make things right with Courtney, but Diego jumps to her defense and ends up punching Jax, who punches him right back.  Courtney is furious with Jax for hitting a "child," but Jax retorts, "he hit me like a man, so I hit him back like a bigger man."  He and Courtney somewhat mend fences and Diego heads for the docks.  An encounter with Sonny's goons earns him ANOTHER punch out and he ends up hooking up with Brook Lyn, much to Ned and Lois' dismay.  Since Brook is pissed off at Lois for sleeping with Lorenzo again and Ned for lying to her about Kristina's paternity, she's up for some real defiance and Diego is just the ticket.  [Backing up, Brook hears that Kristina is not Ned's daughter and thinks Ned doesn't know this.  She goes to him to break it gently and is very angry to find out that he knew all along.] 

A totally unexpected person will be the one who provides the vital proof that sends Sonny up the river.

Carly decides to move out of the penthouse and into the house John bought.  Sonny is very cooperative and doesn't make a major play to stop her or push for custody of the boys.  His focus is completely on Kristina at this time.  They tell Michael what's going on, including the fact that Kristina is really Sonny's child and he's extremely put out with Sonny.  In the midst of packing to move into the cottage with Grandpa John, Michael inadvertently packs one piece of paper that Sonny thought had been destroyed:  a vital page of a pile of papers that would implicate Sonny without question.  After Michael gets to the cottage, John finds the paper and reads it with interest.  This is the only hard proof that could send Sonny to prison, but it's more than enough for John to use.

LoLo hits the sheets again and Brook walks in on them.  Um, EW!

Feeling rejected by Carly, Alcazar is destroyed, feeling he has lost Carly, lost Sage and doesn't want Lois, so he's all alone.  His obsession becomes getting rid of Sonny, which is what fuels the assassination attempt on John Durant to frame Jason and Sonny.  Lois comes over to see Lorenzo and finds him in the middle of an arms deal. 

He pulls the, "You're right, I'm a baaaad man" which leads to yet more bad sex.  Brooklyn walks in and finds them in various stages of undress, enough that she's clear on what happened.

Ric lends his constant support to Alexis through a difficult time.  The effect this and their upcoming marriage has on Elizabeth is not overlooked, but don't expect a LiRic reunion...  more like the swan song.

Elizabeth is deeply hurt that Ric is marrying someone else.  The two of them have a conversation in which Elizabeth insists that Ric is only marrying Alexis to hurt Sonny, but Ric assures her that he actually does love Alexis.  Painful scene for LiRic fans.  Alexis and Ric end up marrying in the hospital chapel.

Sonny gets his lawyer to drop up papers for visitation with Kristina and Alexis goes off on him, refusing to be bullied at a time like this. Ric tells Sonny that if he isn't careful, he will end up barred from Kristina's life forever unless and until Alexis changes her mind.

A Bit of Info...

In reference to the many rumors about both a Journey and Liason reunion, I have contacted all of my sources at GH and they all report the same thing.  Nothing at all has been planned or written past the end of November and there are no plans for either couple to reunite at this time.  Of course, it's never impossible, but it is not expected at this time.  Ditto an AJ return.  I have been able to find nothing about it and strongly suspect that it is only a rumor.

Spotlight Spoilers
Sam's Baby Dies, Kristina Lives

Be sure and set your VCR's for November 3rd's episode, when an emotional montage will juxtapose the drama at the hospital between Sam, Sonny, Alexis and Kristina with the first time Jax and Courtney make love (clink-boom2).    The weeks of  November 1st and 8th, will be very tensed, emotionally charged and draining, so be prepared.

When no bone marrow match is available, both Sonny and Alexis begin pressuring Sam to induce her labor early (2-3 weeks before her due date) so that the baby can heal Kristina.  It turns out the baby is a match.  Sam decides not to induce, but ends up going into premature labor.  She develops an abruption (placenta separates early) and both she and the baby lose a lot of blood as a result.  Jason leans on Carly during this time and they watch from the hallway as the fetal monitor stops beeping and the baby dies before being born.

When Sonny gets to the hospital and sees how bad off Kristina is, he breaks down in Carly's arms.  She wants to comfort him, but he tells her that he and Kristina are no longer her problem.

The degree of blood lost during the birth has a critical effect on Sam's health and she is unconscious for a while after the birth. Sonny names the baby Adela after his mother and he and Jason share some very tense moments over Sam.  Jason tells Sonny that he is going to do what Sonny never did, take care of her and protect her.  Later, Jason collapses in grief over Sam's unconscious body.

Off camera, a baby cries and Sam opens her eyes to find Jason there.

Kristina wakes up to find Sonny at her bedside.  He tells her he's her daddy, and she's going to come home with him.

Lucky Natalia Livingston has TWO feature films in the making.  One is "West of Brooklyn" (not the character, the city) with Joe Montegna, Balthazar Getty and Ronnie Marmo.  Marmo wrote, produced and stars in the movie.  The second is "Downtown," with pop singing star, Aaron Carter and 70's heartthrobs David Cassidy and Leif Garrett. 

Cynthia Preston has taken fellow Canadian Shaun Benson under her wing to show him the ropes at GH.

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