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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again. 

I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.


Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.

(Yes, Sage is a guy... and a damned good looking one too!)


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June 27, 2003

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Big Yawn

It's been a long day and Sage is ready to CRASH, but there's new to report, most of which you've already heard, but on the off chance you missed it, I'm going to run the bullets past you:

1)  Port Charles, the spin off, is going to wind up on October 3rd when the newest book, "The Gift" concludes.  My condolences to all who loved it (my cable company never carried it or Soapnet).  Although a nod was made toward assurances that as many Port Charles folks as possible would be incorporated into other shows, scuttlebutt says that GH honchos do not plan to bring Lynn Herring or Jon Lindstrom to GH (who are the only two who really, really interest me).  >:<

2)  J Robin Miller will be taking over the role of Lydia from Jessica Ferrarone.  Why, we don't know.

3)  Audrey will be making an appearance on July 16-17th.

4)  TV Guide reports that Constance Towers will be taping a few shows, but according to her PR people as of today, she has not been contacted about a return.

5)  David Vickers may be returning to OLTL later this year (yayyy!)

Now, I'm off for bed.  I'll flesh all this out in my Monday column and report any other tidbits that come up.

Take care,

June 25, 2003

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I Hope You Dance

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger,
May you never take one single breath for granted,
GOD forbid love ever leave you empty handed,
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance....I hope you dance.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Livin' might mean takin' chances but they're worth takin',
Lovin' might be a mistake but it's worth makin',
Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter,
When you come close to sellin' out reconsider,
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance....I hope you dance.
I hope you dance....I hope you dance.
(Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along,
Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone.)

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

Dance....I hope you dance.
I hope you dance....I hope you dance.
I hope you dance....I hope you dance..
(Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along
Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone)

Lovin You So Much!

June 24, 2003

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Some of our wonderful readers have answers I didn't have!  Enjoy!

Hi, I'm a frequent reader of your column and enjoyed the latest "Ask Sage" this week.

I have some answers for things you couldn't recall, so I thought I'd share.

I recall two location shoots on GH after the Puerto Rico shoot that we can't escape from thanks to that damned opening sequence. Brenda and Jax traveled to Malibu for shopping and poolside romance in 1996, and Jason and Robin chilled out in Montauk for plenty of shirtlessness in the sun (by him, not her). The Jason/Robin scenes also made the opening sequence and remained there long after Robin left the show.

I also recall Brenda and Jax on a beach (once again reaffirming their commitment) a little before the (second) primetime episode (NOT 96's "Twist of Fate") GH ran in 1998.

There was also a question about Alexis receiving mysterious phone calls from someone when she first came on the show, and responding "I told you not to call me here". She also wrote a letter to SOMEONE telling them how much she missed them and hoped to see them soon. This was dropped.

When Alexis first came on in 1996, she was supposed to have a daughter named Nina, who was being cast for the summer of 1997 as a love interest for the teen Lucky. They wanted a Romeo/Juliet-reminiscent Spencer/Cassadine vibe, using Luke's son and Alexis's daughter. But TPTB canceled that plan and brought on the Webber girls, Sarah and Liz, instead, to help keep Audrey involved on the canvas and pit Lucky and Nikolas against each other over the sisters. I guess they felt they had enough story to give Alexis at the time without saddling her with a teen daughter. Who knows, maybe Becky Herbst could have been playing a Cassadine all those years back!

As an aside, did you also know that Miranda Jameson, Jax's bland ex, was actually supposed to turn out to be an on-the-run daughter of Helena who was hiding out from Stefan and Alexis? She would always freak out around them, but was calm around Nikolas because he was a little princeling when she was around the Cassadines with her first pre-explosion face. They tied Miranda to Katherine Bell as a way of eventually revealing Miranda's Cassadine connection. But when the character proved to be such a horrid flop with the audience, they nixed the story and just wrote her out.


another reader writes:

Hey Sage, just read your column and have some comments.  GH did a location shoot of a sort when they did the island flashback scenes with Stefan and Laura.  It was shot down at Malibu on a private estate around Zuma Beach according to ABC Tim several years ago. 

Tava Smily will be a correspondant on Extra and should be moving to NYC soon.

and still another reader writes:

According to the current issue of SOD, Roger's first airdate as Paul Ryan on ATWT will be July 8.

*sigh*  I'm so lucky.  I have the greatest readers in the whooooole worrrrrld.  :)  Sage is happy.  See?  Ask Sage teaches me stuff too!  This, as Martha would say, is a good thing!

June 23, 2003, part Deux

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Happy Happy Monday Night, Darlings!!

It's so great to be back here with all of you again, ready to answer your questions to the best of my ability and dish with you about the soaps.  What a week it's been!  All over Eye on Soaps you'll find some awesome writing about all that's going on with the three soaps and what's coming up on future episodes.  Some of the best writers on the net are cranking out weekly columns for your entertainment and we're all very proud of what these wonderful folks are doing.  All new entries are posted at www.eyeonsoaps.com/announcements.htm.

Now, on with another edition of "Ask Sage!"  The questions just keep flowing, so I'm going to raise the envelopes to my turban one at a time and crank out an answer or 20 or 30.

I'm an old Lesley Webber fan from way back in the 80s.  Even though TPTB at GH think anyone over 40 is too old, I think her character's wit and charm would add to the show.  Is the reason that Lesley isn't on anymore the decision of the writers, the producers, Denise Alexander (who plays Lesley), or some combination of the above?  Also, last fall the late Rick Webber was supposed to haunt someone ― perhaps his real killer.  Was it Lesley?

Definitely, as in so many other abysmal, sad and sorry circumstances (I could name names, but just go to any current GH cast list, take out the fab four, Liz and Ric that that would be the line up), it's the choice of the writers and producers to simply not write scenes for them.  The last I heard, Denise Alexander was happy to be playing Lesley and hoped she might actually get a minor story line going.  From what I understand, from the time that Lesley first resurfaced, DA was not hankering for a front line, working four days out of five hot story, but hey, something beyond hauling LuLu's mute self to Daisy Girl meetings was definitely in her mind, I'm sure.  Sadly, it's just one more example of an entire student body standing around on the sidelines while the principal lets a half dozen people dance their asses off under the disco ball of the prom.  The Rick Weber haunting was brief... blink and you missed it.  Hell, I will be honest and say I don't even remember who it was he popped in on, just that it was a quick nightmare (unlike the long nightmare the rest of us endured with that abortion of a story, something akin to stabbing yourself in the hand with a meat fork about 50-60 times every day).  Here's a little piccy for you of Rick back from the grave.  If any justice existed in the soap world at all, that would actually be Chris Robinson standing over co-Head Writer Bob Guza's bed every night demanding he tell him what happened to his story lest he rip it from his throat.  "Why, Bob, WHY??"  On a different note, we do know that three people were in the attic when Rick died.  Two are still alive and only one is talking.  We saw Rick coming to inject Laura with the fuggetaboutit drug, Laura freaking out thinking he was going to kill her and bashing him with the candlestick just as Luke walked in to see it all.  That doesn't leave much room for Lesley to be the killer unless they left, presumed Rick dead, Lesley went to the attic looking for Laura, found Rick regaining consciousness ("I'm not quite dead yet!") and giving him an ol' noggin whompin for the team since someone had already started the job.  Thusly, the most humiliating and degrading story in GH history concludes, neatly placing two characters exactly where Bob Guza has always liked them:  Laura off screen and Luke dark, half-crazed and cruel.  Bob's first name should have been Richard in my ego-driven opinion.

Your comments about NLG are interesting because Soap Boy says that NLG will be leaving at the end of the year and Sonny will learn Baby K is his. Have your heard anything about this? I also heard that Helena will be back at the end of the year, will Alexis' leaving have anything to do with with our Hell's? With Helena coming back we certainly don't need Faith. Is she on her way out also?

PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP!!!  We don't be saying the "F" word in Sageland or all kinds of itshay starts slamming into the anfay, you know.  Just hide and watch and get back to me by the end of Summer and dat's all I got to say about dat part (and I ain't talking about the end of the hooker, which is now... I'm talkining about the season).  I do think NLG won't be around for much longer and I can't comment much further on that either, but suffice it to say that I do think rumors of an exit on that front are true BUT she's not going to kill Ned like some freaky rumor was reporting.  I've been saying since Stefan returned (woman, do you read my column or what?) that Helena will likely return when the dust has settled for a while on Stefan's return (as in November sweeps time).  I don't think Alexis will leave in connection with that, but more likely resulting from having lost Kristina.  All reports at this time say she loses even supervised visits and I imagine this will put her around the bend.   I could definitely see her absconding with the baby right about the time of a Ned and Skye wedding. 

Dear Sageluscious (and you are luscious),
When was the last time GH went on location?  And I don't mean the cheesy set they used for the island Brenda and Sonny crashed down on.  I really can't remember.  Another question, who was Miguel (Ricky Martin) involved with?  I know he was involved with Lily (Juan) but I can't recall who he was with in PC.  Do you think TPTB will let me rent Alcazar #2 for a couple of days? He deliciously naughty.  And lastly, why are they making Ric non redeemable?  Are they trying to get rid of Rick Hearst?  Bye and thank you for your time, darling! 

Aren't you just the most precious little thing?  Make sure your phone number hits a napkin and goes into my pocket before that drink is finished, gorgeous, OK?  Lord, when was the last time there was a location shot?  Was any of that happy crappy we saw when Flea infested the furr of the Luke and Laura (not)reunion when they hauled off to Cassadine Island to find Lucky?  I think even that was soundstage covered in ferns.  I'm figuring the last time was probably that 200 year old scene still in the opening credits where Luke, Sonny and Brenda ended up in Puerto Rico, Luke popped Frank Smith (after falling off the speedboat, forever caught in infamy) and Sonny and Brenda did the "From Here to Eternity Or At Least Until You Wear a Wire" scene where beach meets water.  That's probably why they still show it in the opening credits.  It's the closet thing they have to vacation pictures.

Miguel was spitting on and shining rock glasses at The Outback (Not the steakhouse, Mac's bar) while singing a bit in his spare time when Lily showed up in PC.  They rekindled, she told him they'd had a baby and he got all pissy and they broke up.  They reunited, but when he and Brenda started making a really, really, really bad music video together, their dirty dancing got a bit dirtier and before long, they were all hetted up and she was post-coital in his shirt, opening the door of his room at Kelly's, tumbling out giggling with half dressed Miguel just in time to run smack into horrified Sonny  and Lily and that was that.  Brenda and Miguel stayed together for about another 45 minutes, then L&B Records sent him out on tour forever and ever and ever and ever.  Later, they sent his son, Juan, on the same endless tour.

No, you may not have Alcazar.  He's, um, busy and all.

They are making Ric utterly without redemption possibilities so that when St Sonny absolves him of all of his sins, we'll all tilt our heads and say, "Awwww."  I haven't heard anything about Hearst leaving.

Do you have any scoop on Ric & Liz.  They are the hottest couple on GH right now and the only reason I am watching, as an ex-Liason fan it's shocking to say that!!  Also, anything on Rebecca Herbst's contract (there was a rumor that the GH world was her oyster due to all the fan support)?  Thanks!!

I would amend that a bit to say that GH is the oyster that is her world.  I don't think she's going anywhere and is sort of the anointed understudy to be one of the cool ones on the show.  The only buzz I've gotten is what I reported last week about there being no plans set for who is going to land with whom when the year is over and a little tidbit that said Liz is going to be weirdly flattered that Ric was willing to hatch a baby for her.  Freaky Deaky, Dominiquey.

It bothers me when people keep asking when Jason will get his memory back.  It was very clear when the accident happened that he had brain damage and that it was not a memory loss.  So, it's a permanent change.  That's been confirmed a few times in print by the writers.  Just thought some might need a reminder.  Love your columns, Sage!

Done, my dear!

Hey, sweetie!
Two questions: the first, which has puzzled me for eons, is why Felicia called herself "Scorpio-Jones" when she was first a Jones, then a Scorpio. In the real world, the hyphenation would be "Jones-Scorpio" (or, if you want to get REALLY technical, "Ramirez-Jones-Scorpio!"

T'other was first asked by someone else regarding a lovely song played on AMC during a Leora pre-death montage. I think the title had to be along the lines of "You're Just a Breath Away," and the voice sounded like Michael "Phantom of the Opera" Crawford, but I could be totally off. I will search the archives of CDNOW, which is usually a good source for song titles.

Who loves ya, baby? We ALL do!

You know, there are just never, ever enough hugs in the world and the best kind are the ones where your arms are at a one over and one under positions and the other hugger's are as well.  That lets you get in there for a big ol' full court body press hug.  There are two things that freak me out about some hugs though.  I hate when you hug someone and they make this particular little moaning sigh that one should only make during particularly effective foot massages or moments *cough* more intimate that hugs.  It also weirds me out when you're doing the big hug to a guy and suddenly, well, let's say something comes between you.  (ew)  Other than that, hugs are just the best, so walk them arms right on over here, beautiful!  I'll take'em all.  I've had LOTS of practice.  One last word on the hugs is an experiment you can try that often has really surprising results.  Particularly with parents, spouses and children, don't be the first one to relax the hug.  Just hang right in there with the huggins and, especially with children, you'll be really, really surprised at how much longer they wanted to hug you.  If you commit to a week or better yet, a month, of never being the first to break the hug, you'll start to feel like a criminal when you do let go first.  Of course if you pair up with a hugger who also is never the first to let go of a hug, you could be there all day.  They you have to do the, "OK, on three" thing to let go ("You hang up." "No, you hang up."  "Tee hee hee")

Anyway, about the Felicia naming thing.  Right after they were married when they thought they were going to back out and didn't (Lucy and Kevin did instead), Luke called her Mrs. Scorpio and she corrected him, saying she was going to be Felicia Scorpio-Jones so that she had the same last name as her children.  Also, if I'm not mistaken, Maria is her maternal grandmother and her maiden name was "Cummings," which was a red herring thrown around when Rae was looking for her baby (and WHY doesn't Skye seem to care who her father is?  Inquiring minds want to know, Red!!)

I think the song you are referring to is "To Where You Are" and is sung by Josh Groban.  Lyrics are here.  I also feel it incumbent upon me to inform all of you that Josh Groban is fairly hot in that British guy Julian Lennon kinda way, which, if you are inclined, you may further investigate here.

Dear Sage,

Here's a few questions.

On "GH," if you could put any current characters together you wanted to, what 3 romantic couples would you create and why?

Um.  Um.  GH.  Um.  Thinking.  (go get a drink or pee or something while steam comes out of my ears)  OK, at the risk of attacks and such, I really, really, really dig Carly and Jason together, whether it's Sarah Brown or Tamara Braun.  There was something in that speedboat scene and the bar scene that just moved my heart in a profound way.   I'd like to see it happen.  I can't put Taggert with anyone now and I always thought he had incredible leading man potential.  I'd love to see Helena show up with proof that Mikkos was not Alexis' father and see Stefan and Alexis just knock it right out once and for all.  Lastly, I'm thinking that I'd Florence back and paired up with Mike.  Just because.

IF the rumors are correct and "PC" has been cancelled, would you want to see any of the "PC" characters moved to "GH?" If so, which ones do you think would be the best for that transition?

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage there because I've not watched PC and can't get it on my cable system.  I very, very much miss Lucy and Doc, so I'd vote to haul them over and I think Bobbie and that little Nolan boy would look really good together in that Mrs Robinson kinda way and could be dream couple #4. 

What story on "GH" would you most like to see told that has, thus far, been ignored?

The story of how Patrick Mulcahey and the Labines signed a "til death do us part" contract to return to rule the GH writing team, Gloria Monty steps in as Executive Producer and the current regime is transferred over to "Another World."  My Mommy tells me that story when I'm falling asleep.

I'd like to see the story of Carly's paternity explored.

Also, that same question again, only "OLTL" this time.

Three couples:  Roxy and Max, Troy and Dorian (I'd keep him on, of course, but if he HAS to go, I'd substitute RJ) and Andrew and Jessica.  Story to be told is what happened to Drake Faraday after Dorian was finished with him and when can we get Madame Delfina as a regular??

Thanks, Big Daddy!!!

You are so welcome, my precious!

Which ABC character do you think is most in need of:


Sonny Corinthos

A Toga Party?

Elton Herbert


Skye Quartermaine... so who the hell is she really?

A Break?

If it's a break from the show, I'd have to vote Sonny again, only because I'd like to see how the writers would incorporate the remaining cast into the script without the Sonny tie-in.  If it's as in "Lord, why can't I catch a BREAK." I'd have to vote poor Lindsay Rappaport who just CAN'T win for losing.

A Quickie?

OH Lord, Hank Gannon's gonna explode if he doesn't get some play soon.

A Smackdown?

Jennifer Rapport could definitely use the WWF treatment.

A New Home?

Flash.  In another town.

Better Dialogue?

Definitely AJ Quartermaine.

Less Dialogue?

Sometimes, I just wish Erica Kane would shut the complete hell up.  Citizen Kane just rubs the the wrong way every time she opens that lipsticked mouth.

A Job?

Definitely Elton again.  I think he should be Sonny's valet.

A New Wardrobe?

Since Laura is no longer on the show, I'd have to go with Foxy Roxy.  I love her trailer chic look, but just once, I'd like to see her enter the room in a nice Oscar De La Renta gown with a classic beauty makeover.  If I could see Max beg for her attention, I'd be thrilled.

I am wondering what your thoughts are on this storyline that has Sonny superglued to Carly by virtue of their baby.S I see it as writing Sonny into a boring domestic corner..What are your thoughts on this and is there any chance of seeing the charismatic and sexy Mr. Corinthos sans his wife again in the future?

I don't have a problem with it, but then, I'm not particularly passionate about any of the Corinthos-related stories right now.  Whether the powers that be want the story or not, the facts support that for years Sonny has craved his own family and having a baby with Carly is what Sonny wants now, so it works for me.  I don't suspect we are going to see a parting of the ways between the Corinthos spouses any time soon.

Hi Sage:
Well, my favorite guy from my favorite soap is leaving as we all know..I did hear that Ty Treadway from OLTL was now signed to another soap..Just wondering if you heard anything as to who, what, where....
Love your column, keep writing!

Nope, haven't heard a word, but if I do, I'll let you know.  I haven't even heard a final air date on the guy yet.

Dear Sage,

Like most people, I formerly could not stand the character of Jen Rappaport on OLTL.  Yet, I suddenly find myself really digging her with NuJoey.  Do you think I should have my head examined?

Keep up the great work,

In about fifteen minutes, your doorbell will ring.  Just extend your arms outward and they will slip into the warm, strong, yet oddly comforting embrace of a special white jacket.  From now on, your forks will have corks on the ends so that you don't hurt yourself and you'll be issued jumbo crayons and table napkins to use to write home to your mama.  Sage loves you.

What is so great about the actress that plays Courtney? Is she someone's daughter or girlfriend? (TPTB have never shoved a person down our throats like they are her. Even the sainted Brenda was developed over a long period of time.)  Why is GH revolving around this character?

Pfft.  I dunno.  Other than the ill-fated and most badly rendered Thanksgiving Day Trainwreck, I don't really see her shoved any more than Jason, Carly or Sonny.  She's just in the clique.  I don't think she's related to anyone.  They just wub her.  I don't really see how GH is revolving around her, but more that Sonny is the main focus and she is strongly in his spotlight with Carly and Jason. 

Why are TPTB ignoring the history of the show? (Did they forget Liz was raped? Did they forget Liz and Emily are best friends? Did they forget that Liz is a part of the Spencer family (even if she's not Lucky's wife - she has always been on the fringes of their stuff) so why isn't she even a factor in the latest story?)

I think she's been too busy hitting the couch with Ric, losing her baby and holding Jason at gunpoint to notice whatever Lucky's up to these days.

Are TPTB punishing Rebecca Herbst for something? (Her character has been assassinated this past year.)

No more that anyone else, I don't think.  At least she *has* a story and is front and center most days.  Scores of other people just *went away*.

Is there any hope that TPTB will abandon the Liz and Ric marriage and get her onto a better guy?

I suppose you can always hope.  All soap relationships are terminal.

Any chance Liz will hook up with Alcazar 2? (That would be really reminiscent of the Sonny - Brenda union.)

I dunno.  Like I've said for a few weeks, there aren't really any designs on who will land with whom.

Also, is there any chance TPTB will abandon the idea that Jason and Courtney are the new Luke and Laura? - I've never disliked a couple as much as I dislike this one and GH has had some pretty bad pairings before.

Not in the immediate future, but I'm sure its time will roll around.

Do you think the writers are going to address the most recent debate with Elizabeth. Did he rape her dident he. Are the writers going to even touch on that subject or just try and smoth it over.

I think it has already been forgotten by everyone except the online community who is still hotly debating something that was never even seen in any way, shape or form onscreen.  Maybe he just cuddled her nekkies.  I mean, is it so impossible to believe that a couple could want to just have nice skin to skin as they go to sleep?  Unless you see Liz scurry for the bathroom as soon as she stands up, no one has any definite proof that anything and in absence of that kind of proof, it's all speculation about something the writers likely threw in as an afterthought.  Of course, fighting about air and things that weren't seen and will never be seen is the way of the Soap Net World.  Lord knows fighting must ensue or no one can communicate.  (insert hard stare)

I hurd that Alcizar the sequal will get a love interest. Is it posible that the love interest will be Elizabeth. I think that would be realy interesting and at this point ide take Elizabeth being with anybody other then Ric with the way hes tripping.

Girlfriend, we gotta get you out for a car ride to get some air.  There are a good 45 other people on the GH cast and they need lovins too!  I think it's highly likely that Elizabeth will end up leaving Rick eventually. 

Do you have a date when Carly will be back with Sonny? Is it true that NLG will be gone by the end of the year and Sonny will get Baby Kristina?

Nope.  No final date.  Just that it ain't gonna be in June.


Remember when Alexis first came on the show and someone would call her cell and she would tell that person "I told you not to call me here"? Who the hell was calling her??????????

Just wondering,

I don't remember that at all, but it's really, really frickin funny. Thanks for sharing that!

 I am new to the site but I enjoy it verrrrry much and have to say that I am definately hooked.  Have a question for you.  Do you think that Faith is possibly pregnant with Ric's child?  There were rumors of both her and Liz being prego at the same time.  Could be why she pushed Lizzie down teh steps and killed Ric's "other" child.  Good explanation for the psycho stalking.  Let me know what you think.

There were rumors around for a long time that Faith was pregnant with Ric's baby, then that she was going to fake being pregnant.  No sign of that manifesting anytime soon, but we do know that she attempts to kill Liz with poison and is arrested for it, but we know she's out quickly, but on the 30th, she and Sonny have to fake a love affair. 

Also, do you think we will ever have a story as good as the Robin/Stone story?  It's not looking so good at this point.

Who knows?  If we get different writers in place, we could have people dying of natural causes in no time!

Hey Sage,

I was wondering if you knew about what other soap Roscoe Born might end up on after Mitch is killed off OLTL.

Also...what is up with Soapboy saying Mitch is really dead...but is it really Mitch?

Thanks (love the Ask Sage column),

The OLTL studios have been on intense lockdown about the departure of Mitch and very little info is available on his death or on whether or not Roscoe Born is actually departing.  This one may just end up being a surprise to us all.  OLTL and AMC are both notorious for being more clandestine than GH, so they are just living up to the reputation.

Dear Sage,
       Have you heard anything about Erin Torpey (ex Jessica, OLTL) lately?  I absolutely loved her and was so sad when she left.  (Not that I don't like Bree Williamson)  If you can give me an update on her I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

The last I heard, she was beach-coming with Gina Tognoni and not interested in acting for a good long while!

Are TPTB at GH intentionally trying to make GH a "lily white" show. At the moment, the only characters of color they have are Sonny and Gia. I have taken to watching the other networks, because they have a more diverse representation in their shows. Do TPTB at GH actually think that this represents society?


Nope.  They aren't even trying and don't really care.  If you notice, it's not just GH.  Pine Valley is also seriously deficient in melanin.

1) I know that Maggie Stone and David Hayward are cousins, but I can't seem to remember the actual family connection.  How exactly is she related to David (and Leo..I think)?

It wasn't described at length.  Maggie and Frankie were the identical twins of Vanessa's brother (or was it as sister?  a sibling, anyway), making them cousins to both Leo and David.

2) I heard a rumor that Maggie might be taken off the AMC canvas...is this true?  I know that there are many changes going on but I really hope that she does not leave...I like her a lot.  I heard that Henry is also a goner so it would make sense that Maggie would leave PV with him....any news?

A departure for either character is still just rumor status at this time.

3) Is NLG on her way out of GH?  I heard that Alexis might leave PC.  I also heard that TPTB are not happy witht he actress and so they purposely destroyed her character so that NLG would not resign when ehr contract is up....which is sometime around now!  Is this true?

The buzz at this time is that NLG will be gone by the end of the year and the abrupt destruction of her character is characteristic of the treatment other actors who have pissed off the powers that be receive. 

4) Do you happen to know what Tava Smiley is up to?  I really liked chloe but since her neck was broken, I don't think that she will be returning to GH anytime soon...although...What is the actress doing now?  Is she on TV?

Yep, she's making several commercials these days, including one for JC Penney.  She can also be seen doing commentary in the James Cameron IMAX documentary, "Ghosts of the Abyss," about the Titanic.

I was also wondering about Esta Terblanche...my favorite chracter of all time.  I loved her on AMC and am upset that she is gone.  Did she go abck to South Africa or is she still in the USA.  Is she on TV?  DO you know?

Yikes.  While researching this, I went to her "official website" and checked out her message board, only to find several post using phrases like "well hung" and "doggie style," among other terms likely not related to well hung curtains or doggie style shortbread biscuits.  I *tipped* right on out of there without a breath.  As nearly as I can tell, ET not only phoned home, but went home as there is no mention of her doing anything after she left AMC in 2001.

Sage, Reginald was the nephew of the original Jennings, the actor died and so did the original butler, don't have  time to check it in my GH Scrapbook but I believe I'm right, love Reginald and all your writings.
A GH Fan for 39+ years, Susan Randt

Yup, I mucked that one up saying it was his father.  My bad.  ;)

A spoiler came out today saying Jason and Courtney's relationship and Jason and Sonny's relationship would be affected by Carly's kidnapping. Do you know if there is any chance of Jason and Carly getting back together? Do you think the kidnapping makes Jason really think about his feelings for Carly?

Pfft.  No.  I wish.  I think it's going to give COURTNEY a startle to see how close they really are and there might be a bit of fallout from there.

Sage, NLG told her fans that Alexis will get Baby K, yet I read on another board that she will lose her. Very confusing. Also, do you know if there is a fan backlash to the kidnapping story? I can't imagine any woman wanting to watch it, I'm not.

I have heard she loses visitation.  At this point, that is all that is confirmed.  Of course, women all over the world are watching the kidnapping story and while many are fussing, few are actually turning it off (most people who threaten leaving the show end up watching through their fingers anyway).  Unless you're a Neilson family, turning off doesn't really do all that much anyway (sorry).  I really, really want to stress to you that the current GH has NOTHING to do with fan interests (see last week's column about canceling out one another) and is all about serving the fantasies and masturbatory fascinations of the writers and producer.  Honey, I mean to tell you and drink this in with big, throaty gulps.  The really, really, really don't care what the viewers want.  I hate to be that defeatist, but it's the truth.  In fact, if you look over about 90% of these questions, you'll see the same common thread.  They just are not following what the viewers like and are totally involved with creating a soap that amuses them and makes their favorite actors rich.

I have heard rooms of a lot of shake ups in the gh canvas and a major plot twist that my spooiler source would not tell me because i am only told Lirc stuff and it didn't effect them directly but what ever it is it was enough to make them vomit.

i am thinking it has something to do with either baby k or carlys baby cause this person hates dead baby stories

i am still hearing that carly's baby doesn't survive and i have also heard that sonny finds out baby k paterinity .

Have you heard anything?

We are told (and NOTHING is in writing yet, so everyone, disengage jets and allow them to cool) that Sonny may find out about Kristina later in the year when Alexis goes to him after losing visitation.  She feels if she tells Sonny that the Q's have yet another child that they are keeping from its mother, that he will help her.  Supposedly, they are planning to overlay this with the birth of Sonny and Carly's baby, Morgan, which will, of course, be anything but smooth.  There is NO indication as of yet on any reliable basis that Sonny and Carly's baby will die, just the usual peril of soaps where women are totally and completely incompetent to safely carry a baby to term and delivery it without life or limb peril coming into play.  Since co-Head Writer, Bob Guza is known as the King Herod of Soaps, it's hard to tell how this will play out.



Laura's mother was, of course, Lesley Williams, and her father was Gordon Grey, a professor with whom Lesley had an affair.  Elizabeth Webber is the daughter of Laura's stepfather's brother, so there is no blood relation between the two.  Laura took Rick's name and, if I am not mistaken, was legally adopted by him.  Ironically enough, LAURA AND RICK WERE VERY CLOSE AND HE WAS A WONDERFUL SURROGATE FATHER TO HER DESPITE THE HELL SHE PUT HER PARENTS THROUGH AS A BRATTY AND REBELLIOUS TEEN!!, despite what you may have heard in the past year or so. 


Eh.  She's alive and cantankerous as ever!

Hi Sage,
I love your column - raw and funny is such a tantalizing combo! I could probably go on for days about my personal "issues" with the Guza/Pratt writing team over at GH, but I won't bore you. I'm sure it's all been said before, ad nausem. But I HAVE to know, am I the ONLY person who has a problem with the way that scribbling team treats female characters on the show? What's this preoccupation with dumbing down any intelligent female character/actress that still manages to get a few minutes of screen time? Do we really need more prostitutes, strippers or female sex addicts in the lineup? With all the pregnancy going around, does that mean everyone in Port Chuck is having unprotected sex since they axed the Nurses Ball? And is ANYone else disturbed by their trend of writing in so much violence against women (man wrestling with & hair yanking pregnant woman, goon dropping date rape drug in woman's drink, elected official beating trick until black, blue & barely walking, etc., etc.)? Am I stuck in this nightmare (make that ff'ing THROUGH this nightmare) alone?

Nope.  I think the powers that be are the only ones who don't get it.  Have you seen this?

I am one of those viewers that basically loves all of the characters on the show. It surprises me how emotional some people are over certain characters as well as their portrayers. I happen to adore ALW, think she's beautiful, talented, and extremely likeable. It is unfortunate that some of her detractors are so vocal and cruel. I happen to know many posters online that love her and I have a hard time believing the haters claims that she is unpopular with the viewers. Given that millions of people watch the show, how can they state the overall opinion the viewers hold towards her? I am curious because everyone I know watches GH and likes ALW and Courtney, JOURNEY and individually. They also happen to be much less critical of the show as many online posters are. Furthermore, the polls in the mags always place ALW and JOURNEY at the top for most popular. In the past, the result have always made sense and since the other top vote-getters make sense currently, why would ALW as favorite actress and JOURNEY as favorite couple? I do think the writing is garbage and great writing and actual story would make a difference, though. What do you think? Will the hate from the detractors subside as is the case with Elizabeth, who, unfortunately, used to get bashed relentlessly. Lastly, if not JOURNEY, what story would you like to see occur. Thanks for your time, you're awesome!

I think that Journey has a strong fan base, but also a great number of people in resistance.  It's that same issue again of pull and tug among the fans equal carte blanche for the powers that be, so there is no way of predicting where it will fall.  I'm still for the Jason and Carly relationship.  It's got a hard base in friendship and a history of passion.  I like it.

I haven't written you in a long time but I have a question from All My Children.  Who is Lysteria?  Did the actress who portrays her going on reacurring status?  When are they going to do away with Faith on General Hospital?  I'm really getting sick of her.  Are they getting ready to do away with Mitch on One Life to Live?

The character of Lysistrata Schwartz first came onscreen as a therapist for Adam and Liza, then moved over to Greenlee and then gave Tad a ride on her hog.  We haven't heard from her since the Fusion party, sadly.  Crystal Bock, who plays Lysistrata, was never on contract to my knowledge.  Pip pip pip pip pip pip.  No "F" word!  Yep, Mitch is a goner we think.

Have you heard that crazy rumor about Walker really being Todd Manning in disguise? It's a whacked rumor that as been floating around on several message boards. Personally I don't buy it one second but I was just curious to know if you have heard about?

I've only heard it floating, but not solidified.  Personally, I like it!!

Do you primarily work with abc soaps?  I have a question about a former abc actor.  Roger Howarth.  I read some time ago that he was joining the cast of As The World Turns but yet he's not there, yet.  Real Andrews is already there and a few of us are wondering about Roger.  If you don't know is there somebody you could ask?  Maybe Sage knows but won't tell.

Honey, Sage tells EVERYTHING he knows.  I don't hold back info.  I only do ABC shows and it's all I've ever watched or written about.  From what I've heard, Soap City is the ATWT headquarters, so you might want to keep an eye peeled over there or write to them to ask.  Sorry!

So that winds up another session of Ask Sage!  I hope you all have an absolutely spectacular week with stunning miracles and exciting, fun times when you want them and sedate, relaxing calm when you don't.  I'll be around.  Be a luv and read the post below if you haven't already.  Also, don't forget to go to the June 16-21, 2003 archive and read how to vote Sage as your favorite scoops guy!!  

Feeling the Love, You Precious People,


June 23, 2003

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