[]first grade teacher's name: Miss Adella Allbright.  She wuved me.  *sniff*  She smelled like jasmine and was the most beautiful, blonde, delicate little flower to ever hold a piece of chalk. 
[]last word you said: balls
[]last song you sang: "Cum Feel The Noise"
[]last thing you laughed at: A funny cat video that Ves sent to me.  I'd gotten it from a few other people, but it makes me laugh every time I get it.
[]last time you cried: The other night on the phone to Katrina.  Some MESSAGE BOARD (big frickin surprise) people were giving her crap on her own board and it really pissed me off because she didn't deserve it and works her ass off to give them a nice site to visit and a nice board to use.  I didn't sob big boo hoos, but I did tear up when she was telling me why she wasn't going to ban them or delete the board.  It was pretty moving the devotion she had to people in the face of the abuse she was getting from some of them.  That's my pal, though.

[]what's in your cd player: Dead Can Dance, "Into the Labyrinth"
[]what color socks are you wearing: I'm a sandals kinda guy and socks with sandals would be a sin
[]what's under your bed: monsters
[]what time did you wake up today: 4:45am

[]what is your career going to be: professional rum tester
[]where are you going to live: probably right here
[]how many kids do you want: Lots, as long as they are just visiting once in a while.
[]what kind of car will you drive: Probably the same one I drive now, a 1969 Chevy Impala, maroon

[]current hair: light brownish, short
[]current clothes: white chino pants, dark blue linen shirt with short sleeves
[]current annoyance: I gots no canny to eat
[]current smell: herbs that are drying
[]current longing: canny
[]current desktop picture: Bloom County Picture
[]current favorite music artist: Jeff Buckley.  Katrina turned me onto him.
[]current book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Thanks, Jen.
[]current worry: I don't worry.  OK, I do, but not at the moment.
[]current hate: I don't hate.  Perception is everything. 
[]current favorite article of clothing: My birthday suit.
[]favorite physical feature on the opposite sex: Eyes
[]one person you wish was here right now: my Dad
[]line from the last thing you wrote to someone: "my Dad" in the sentence above to you guys
[]i am happiest when: I'm in my hot tub with a rock glass of Captain Morgan & Coke, stars above on a clear night, silence all around me, southern lights scent filling the air
[]i feel lonely when: I realize that I view the world differently than a lot of people, most people.
[]favorite author: Joe Humphrey.  I'll read anything whatsoever that he writes.
[]do you think too much: Not nearly enough.
[]if you could live anywhere in the world, where: Right where I am
[]do you have any regrets: I regret that I have no canny
[]sex or love: yes please
[]favorite coffee: I hate the taste of coffee.  I'm strictly a tea and cocoa man
[]favorite smell: the old mimeograph papers that used masters and rolled off of a barrel for mass printing.  The smell of that ink is (literally) intoxicating.  I also enjoy greatly the scent of a particular herb popular in Humbolt County, north of where I live in Cali.
[]what makes you mad: People who throw their hate and venom around the net like a weapon
[]favorite way to waste time: I don't waste time...it's all perception.
[]what is your best quality: Patience
[]are in currently in love/lust: nope
[]what's the craziest thing you have ever done: Went into a biker bar with three of my friends and after we were in there, I yelled "all you pussy bikers suck."  They chased us into the desert.  It was great.  I really do like bikers.  I just needed a rush at the time.  Ah, to be that young again!

[]any bad habits: probably drinking
[]do you find it hard to trust people: no. I trust people too easily
[]last thing you bought yourself: a bottle of Captain Morgans
[]bath or shower: Bath for relaxing, shower for cleaning
[]favorite season: fall
[]favorite color: blue
[]favorite time of day: late at night, but I seldom get to see it because I have to get up very early every day
[]gold or silver: Silver

[]how many coats and jackets do you own: one, just a leather jacket
[]do you wear a watch: Yeah. my Mickey Mouse watch
[]favorite pants color: black
[]most expensive item of clothing: a nice dashiki
[]most treasured: My rasta hat

[]do your friends know you: absolutely.  I yam what I yam
[]what do they tend to be like: intelligent, funny, warm, loving, spirtual
[]can you count on them: 100%
[]can they count on you: 100%

[]last movie you saw: The Big Lebowski
[]last movie you saw on the big screen: X-Men
[]last show you watched on tv: GH yesterday
[]last song you heard: radio - "Cry Just a Little" by Faith Hill
[]last thing you had to drink: Dr Pepper
[]last thing you ate: wheat toast
[]last time you showered: this morning
[]last time you smiled: about 5 minutes ago
[]last person you hugged: My mom
[]last person you talked to online: Katrina
[]last person you talked to on the phone:  my sister

[]smoke: not tobacco
[]drink: yes
[]sleep with stuffed animals: no
[]have a dream that keeps coming back: not really
[]play an instrument: guitar, piano
[]believe there is life on other planets: not in our solar system, but I am not arrogant enough to believe that we are the only life anywhere in the universe
[]read the newspaper: never.  I don't like the media and don't feel we are meant to be flooded with that much negativity that is not in our immediate surroundings.
[]have any gay or lesbian friends: yes, a few
[]believe in miracles: absolutely convinced
[]consider yourself tolerant: very
[]consider police a friend or foe: friend
[]like the taste of alcohol: of rum and a few others.  I hate wine, gin and beer
[]have a favorite stooge: I'm hated the Stooges
[]believe in astrology: the real stuff, not the dailies
[]believe in magic: absolutely
[]pray: several times a day
[]go to church: I am not Christian, so I do not go to a Christian church if that is what is meant.  I am, however, a very spiritual person and believe that my church is not a building, it's the whole world.
[]have any pets: yes
[]go or plan to attend college: did enough of that.  I have two masters degrees
[]talk to strangers: all the time
[]have any piercings: yes
[]have any tattoos: no
[]hate yourself: Good lord, who wrote this crap?  NO!
[]wish on stars: always
[]like your handwriting: yes
[]believe in witches: LOL.  I'd better or the one I live with would be very offended!!
[]believe in ghosts: absolutely
[]believe in santa: yes, after this past Christmas, I sure do!
[]believe in the easter bunny: nah, that's just stupid. I always hated that gig.
[]believe in the tooth fairy: nah
[]have a second family: my Ho's
[]sing in the shower: always



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