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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again. 

I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.

Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.








































































April 10, 2003

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Got a few GH spoilers:

Emily has cancer.  :(

Faith is kidnapped by the mob.

Carly finds out that her baby really is Sonny's.

(Know the difference, please)

Skye is... a Cassadine??

Helena makes a return.

A sea of recasts is boiling!

Monica is brought strongly into the storyline involving Emily's cancer. 

April 9, 2003

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I'm Ready, Let's Play

As I was watching AMC this week, I was reminded about what Brain Frons (guy to the right and prez of ABC Daytime) said when he took over some months ago.  He basically equated the ABC daytime dramas to current prime time shows and movies.  The comparative he stated for AMC was HBO's "Sex and the City" and now I can't get it out of my head.  Of course, my first reaction was one of abject horror because, Darling, the GLORY of soap operas is that they are SO different from night time fare!  If I wanted to watch 90210, girl, I'd watch it (after I shot myself in the head)!  I wanna see SOAPS with all of the unlikely story lines and weird resolutions and people who disappear into the attic never to be seen again!  Now, although I deeply appreciate (and in the case of GH, deeply miss) the concept of friendship in soaps, I am seeing nothing but SATC.  I'm sick of hearing "what women want" and having it sound suspiciously unlike what any of the women I talk to want.  What women want is Carlos without that "now you see me, now you don't" accent.  What women want, sweetie, is that big ass ring that Jackson laid on Erica yesterday and that she will no doubt refuse today.   What women want is to see Boyd without Kendall or Bianca taking up valuable screen space. 

So rumors are about that Maria will regain her memory (and her love for Edmund) before her lipstick has dried on Aidan's head.  I don't have it as spoilers yet, but supposedly, Edmund is going to get in deeper with Mia, then it's going to hit.  Nothing unpredictable there, I guess.  As much as I enjoy (did I SAY THAT??) Edmund with Mia (and really, all he had to do is lose the "ar" in the middle, so screaming Maria's name in passion could be easily masked), I will be more than grateful for Edmund and Maria to reunite just so Isabella will shut the complete hell up. 


I miss ya, buddy.


I miss ya, buddy.



I miss ya, buddy.



I miss ya, buddy.



I'll miss ya, buddy.



O of thee I sing praises sublime!!  Could I possible be lovin a soap more? Honey, I just don't think so.  I'm back to a feeling I haven't had in years and that's the EAGER anticipation of a particular hour of the day and that's 1pm PST when OLTL is going to roll across my screen.  This show is just bliss.

I adore seeing Gabrielle war with the information of Matthew's paternity and feel the tug of the way Old Gabrielle would handle things battling with what New Gabrielle should do.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Finola Hutchinson roll over this tidbit like a steamroller and really show us the conflict Gabrielle feels, born of her fierce terror over losing Bo and her love for him in knowing how much he would enjoying being a father to Matthew. 

I also love seeing Old Nora come back in full force, having shaken Sam and Troy off her shoes.  I'd love to see her reconnect with Hank.  The two of them always have seemed to have unfinished business.  I've also felt for some time that it would be great to see Nora and RJ reignite their flame.  I spent a lot of time wanting Bo and Nora back together, but I'm enjoying Bo and Gabrielle too much to want to go for that right now.  As spoilers say, Bo and Nora decide not to tell Matthew about Bo being his father right away since he is still grieving Sam, which I think is good writing.  I really can't argue with anything in this story with the exception of making Sam a posthumous bad guy and one other thing... Kim McCullough called, Nora.  She wants her hair back.  Boy hair just doesn't work for me on Nora. 

In fact, LOVEY, what the hell is going on with the hair on OLTL???  The sleek, flapper loon on beautiful Patricia Elliott is just a disaster.  I much more prefer the style to the left that she used to wear.  Dorian's hair looked much better at the wedding party than any other time since her arrival. I don't care for brassy colors on anyone, much less the queen diva of daytime.  While I'm nagging on this, who is DRESSING that woman?  Dorian has always been a walking fashion plate and it's disappointing to see her in such frumpy duds since she returned.  Let's gussy these women up!

I can't say enough about all that Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven has given to me personally.  We get to see Roxy and Asa together, which has been such a joy.  We get to see this fabulous pairing, albeit hypnotically induced, of Roxy and Nigel.  There is no greater joy than that... unless it's bringing Natalie back to a red head.  Thank you thank you thank you, Roxy!

So it appears that crazy Jenn is combining nymphomania and petty theft in order to cope with her extreme anguish over Mama shootin' Daddy.  *shrug*  I guess I can appreciate that, especially if it some how involves her sharing a cell with Tillie at Statesville.  If it takes Rex out in the process, all the better, although my bet lies on the two of them getting busted and Rex selling her down the river to take the fall.

The pairing of Dorian and Mitch is just delicious and I adored the groping, desperate kiss they shared during their wedding.  Now THAT is good TV!  I think it's becoming evident that Mitch has some genuine passion for Dorian and she's going to have a real package of crackers in her bed trying to ward him off.  Some of the best scenes in OLTL history involve her silly sexual relation as David Vickers' wife and "cupcake," so I have high hopes for this, especially with the very evil Laurence touch added in.  The fact that it brought back Laura Koffman is all the better (Where o where has my Gina Tognooooo-ni gone?  O where, O where can she be?)

Like my boss, Katrina, I have a very special place in my heart for the dynamic love affair Dorian shared with Joey Buchanan and I was pleased to see that NuNuNuNuNuJoey seems to have a good buzz with Dorian and I'd really be interested in seeing that relationship re-explored.  You could tell Joe's words moved her deeply at the wedding party and I think it would be fun to see them edge back into love again.  "Did you ever really love me" almost brought ME to tears!  Laura Koffman's hysteria and tears were melodramatic and over the top and absolutely perfect for the situation and the character.  I totally loved it.

OLTL is casting for a Jasper Jacks type, handsome business tycoon with an edge to him. 

Of course, the big OLTL question is whether the news that originated on SoapCity is true.  All sources I've explored (about 5-6) confirm that yes indeed, it appears that Roger Howarth is joining the cast of ATWT.  Evidently, he was lured over with the classic offer he couldn't refuse.  No word yet on what this means for Todd?  A recast? You all know my feelings.  The show must go on and if Todd still has a story to tell, then it needs to be with someone else playing him.  I have never watched a soap that is not on ABC, but from what I hear, ATWT is a great show, so if you are missing RH, don't be afraid to flippity flip and check it out.  I'm still praying the whole thing is a mistake, personally.


I had a great laugh at April's Hot Sheet on Wubs.net:

IN: 40th Anniversary Special-featuring Sonny
5 Min Ago: Fan Feb Special-featuring Sonny
OUT: November Sweeps-featuring Sonny

Ain't it the truth.

Everyone catch when Carly's baby is due?  November!  Sweeps!  I'm going to take that as evidence that we just might get a baby out of this!  I keep hearing rumors of a Journey baby, but I really can't see that manifesting.  As much as I'd love to see Jason with his own child, I know that writers HATE dealing with babies and we've already got Carly pregnant and Baby Kristina around. 

Another rumor I'm going to tentatively dispel is that GH has approached Marissa Ramirez about a return since her prime time show "Miracles" was canned.  I've asked around about this and as nearly as I can tell, GH is still very happy with Andrea Pearson and isn't looking to replace her with MR or anyone else.  I doubt her very accurate, but ill-advised comments about needing to be an ass kisser to get anywhere on GH will help her case much.

The rumors are flying about a Stephen Nichols return and one of our VERY favorite fan sites, Stephen Nichols.net, is hosting a campaign to let the powers that be know that they need to do everything possible to get back the real Stefan rather than recast.  You can find it here.

I would about give anything to have the original Stefan back, but I know how unhappy he was with management (the current parts that are still the same as when he was there) and I don't imagine they could offer him enough to return to that.  They've lied to him before and I doubt he'll be excited about setting himself up for that again.  Still, it'd be great if it happened!  I'm open to a recast if it has to happen because I really do think the Cassadine legacy with GH much continue.  I think Tyler is going to get lonely as the only one.  Alexis counts, but isn't really operating as a Cassadine 99% of the time.

A lot is going on with Zander.  Not only does he find out that Pete killed himself, but he finds out directly from Cameron.  Emily and Zander get involved with Kristina's kidnapping and are taken in for questioning.  They draw closer to one another and end up making love, but Monica and Alan catch them in bed together.  Later, he catches her injecting herself and wants to know what's up.

Faith sets up Jason for the murder of one of her lackeys.  Sonny learns that Ric is Faith's partner and he and Jason set about their revenge.  Sonny continues to degenerate into darkness, ranting and raging. 

Coleman lets Courtney know that Carly was drugged the night she and Ric were together and she starts to put some pieces together.  Carly confronts Ric, but he refuses to own up to anything.  I don't know whether to get more excited about Carly busting Ric or actually getting to see Coleman.

Speaking of Coleman, a lot of people have been wondering if Blake Gibbons new pilot, "Butch and Sundance" will result in a departure from GH, but everyone I have manically asked has maintained that he's not going anywhere.  If you want to read more about this awesome actor, check out Blake Gibbons Online.  Good lord, someone get me a pool table.

Jason and Courtney get caught in Faith's close. She figures out that they are in there and shoots up the closet.  Jason takes her down and she challenges him to shoot her in front of his girllllfriend.

Tracy breezes into town with Dillion AND some secrets.

A reader wrote to me to share some JFP and Megan McTavish heckling he'd done and I was totally impressed and got a few really good giggles out of it, so I thought I'd share it with you.  Click here to find it.

Lastly, something I'd like to introduce you to is BananaTV.com.  This is a streaming video TV station out of Australia that offers a number of different stations, including "Daytime Dolls," which is a show where two gals sit on a sofa and talk about soaps.  The episode I saw was a lot of fun.  Be sure and check it out by clicking on the banner below:

And with that, I'm outta here.  Hope everyone has a great "rest of the week" and a faboo weekend.  Cheers, darling.

Feelin the Love, Darling!!!  

PS:  This is for Victoria, who thinks I'm a big boo-boo head because I called Jax and Brenda adulterers:

Big Sage & Jamal
Hug, Honey

April 7, 2003

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!OK, so listen.  We are in the final few days before we have to pay the big bucks out this month for our bandwidth cost.  If anyone wants to donate to Eye on Soaps to keep us going, click on the PayPal button to the left of the "OK" or go here for more info.

Now, for the columnish stuff:  So like, check it out.  I'll be around in a day or so with some gossip.  There's not a lot going on, but there are a few things I'm checking on, like that Roger Howarth business, and I want to get back to you when I have the low down.  Meanwhile, click on the Diva Kitty banner above and let me rip apart the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

April 5, 2003
Hee Hee

You guys must have known I was gonna mess with it.  :)

Click here for the Sage version of the 40th Anniversary GH photo shoot.  What fun this was!!

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