Well, you guys had to know I'd be all over this.  Let's see what these folks are really thinking.

10 years on this show and still going! I kissed The Duke!  It was a lovely day... It's like retirement, except I don't get paid as much. Just shut up and smile, Stuart.  We're sitting on pieces of Rachel Ames' dressing room. *
All by myself... if I didn't re-sign, they could brush me out. I hope I look a little crazy.  That seems to garner air time. I've looked crazy for 10 years now and all it gets me is a quick ER shot when a mobster gets hurt. How YOU doin'?
I'm ba-a-ack.
: >

But I'm a slu-uutt.  >:<

Psst.  Hornsby.  Dillon Hornsby...

(secret agent man)

I am NOT Haley Joel Osment.  He doesn't wear ballet slippers. See?  I can be modelly too!!
I am SO outta here. Three words:  Ryan's Hope Two.

Think about it.

Eh, It's a living. *Stare*  Nah, just kidding.  I'm holding Maurice's hand right now.
He is not.  LOL.  OK, he is.  So what?  Men can't show affection? Slutty Mob Moll Clothes!  Now at Old Navy!! Slutty Mob Moll Clothes!  Now at Nordstroms! I play the only GH child to survive in the past 15 years.
Can I go back to Port Charles now?  Lynn and I are, you know, about due... Do you want to make more money?  Sure, we all do... Pocket pool, mate. Just a couple more inches and I've got Lane in one hand and Ingo in the other.  Life is good.
Two words.  "Mason and Julia."  Wait.  That's three.  Three words... High School Senior Picture. >:<
Best Shoes award.
: )
Three words:  Cynthia Preston's Ass.  (So round, so firm, so fully packed.) I'm gonna get me summa dat!  No, not Cynthia, Chad!
I'm gonna get me summa dat!  No, not Lane, Natalia! My dress doesn't fit.  >:<

I kissed Luke!!
: )~

You can take this torch back, buddy! Have "Faith" and you get big kisses and cool lap dances!  I LOVE THIS JOB!
Get your hand OFF my ass, Herst.



Get your hand OFF my ass, York.



Heh heh heh

You are SO playing pocket pool, Herst.


Because my hand is on Rebecca's ass, doofus!


*borrowed from someone else, but it was really, really good!!

As with any photo shoot, there were proofs that were dumped. 
Checking out the cutting room floor, so to speak...

First is Guza's version.  Fortunately, saner heads prevailed:

Not sure why this one was canned.  It's my personal favorite:

click to make bigger

HURRY!!  You've only got until noon PST on April 7th to bid on this picture on E-bay
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At the time of this writing (April 5, 2003, 10am pst) the bid is $222.50!