Potpourri  (p-p-r) n., pl., 1) a combination of various wonderful ingredients jiving together to make a magnificent, aromatic masterpiece.  2) beautiful incongruous items working together to produce a pleasing and enjoyable effect.  3)  a miscellaneous collection of fabulous things that smell real good when you put them in boiling water or hide them in your underwear drawer.

Dear Reader,

I have been enjoying the writing of my wonderful staff even longer than most of you.  This incredible team was assembled from the people who wrote letters to me while I worked for Soap Opera Central and here as well.  In my opinion, it is an absolute crime to limit these talented individuals to writing about soap operas, so I have created this section of our site to showcase their non-soap, "secular" writings that are not in a regular column form.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Katrina Rasbold
Eye on Soaps Webmaster

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The Harvey Diaries
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