Katrina's NonSoapy Journal

By Katrina Rasbold

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To Ramble on Some More

jonappenzeller.jpg (16785 bytes)

This is Jon Appenzeller, who was one half of Jon and Joyce Appenzeller, that we met on Guam and adored.  Jon and Joyce were the first good parents we ever met and I'd dearly love to compare notes with Joyce now that I feel like I'm finally deserving enough to be in the club.  They were wonderful people, more casualties of Air Force relocation.  Joyce introduced me to the music of Harry Chapin.  *sigh*

lauracole.jpg (9487 bytes)

This is Laura Cole,  with whom I worked in the Child Development Program at Mountain Home AFB.  Also lost her through Air Force moving.  She was very funny, very practical and very smart.  Liked her a lot.  If she EVER reads this, I want to thank her for the best advice she ever gave me, "Make friends with Lewis."  She'll know what it's about.

This beautiful lady is my dear friend Lavern whose snail mail address I lost in a move and whose e-mails are coming back to me.  I adore her.  We worked together at the George AFB library years and years ago and have stayed friends.  I'm worried about her, because the last I heard, her husband had cancer.  She lives in South Carolina.  

This is me with a gorgeous Druid who gave me the most tremendous three hour massage one could ever have.  What you can't see is that his hat comes off and beautiful dark blonde hair tumbles down his back.  He had a magnificent voice and the best hands you could ever imagine.  Long ago, far away and very fresh in my mind.

all3.jpg (64833 bytes)

This is a recent pic of my beautiful children, Delena (9), Dylan (5) and Nathan (3).  Dylan doesn't always look quite so stoned and really is more like this:

dyl.jpg (53614 bytes)

Here's one of the boys:

boys.jpg (63171 bytes)

This is what Dyl wrote to me the other day.  *sniff*

whatdylwrote.jpg (153974 bytes)

And...get ready...this is what Nathan, my 3-year-old, (I mean just turned 3 in September, not one of those fake 3's who's really almost 4) drew on his magnadoodle the other day:

notebook.jpg (61358 bytes)

If you are wondering what it is, it's the Handy Dandy Notebook from Blue's Clues that looks like this:

hdnotebook.jpg (27392 bytes)

AND he drew it from memory because he doesn't speak well yet and we couldn't understand him when he was trying to tell us that he wanted HIS Handy Dandy Notebook, so he grabbed the magnadoodle, drew it and jammed it in our faces.  We found the Handy Dandy Notebook and all was right with the world.

monkeys.jpg (48988 bytes)

This is the famous monkey altar from which MY MONKEYS (scroll down about half way) were apprehended a few weeks ago.

Ferris.jpg (69726 bytes)

This is a cartoon that really made me laugh.  And this is something for you to send to all those well meaning people who send you sappy, sentimental stuff when you're in a foul mood:

PoohSmile.JPG (53640 bytes)

:)  Anyway, time to hustle Dylan out the door to school and clean this house!  I feel like I should be humming, "In myyyyyy life, I've loved them all," but it was fun to share some of my people with you.  There is one more I'll write about when I get back that is very important.  It makes me remember that some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and others for a lifetime.  I'm just grateful for all of the wonderful folks I've met in this fabulous life.


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