August 27, 2004
This picture reminds me of my head and all of the ideas I have flying around inside of it, wanting to find fruition.  I want to spend more time on
The Diva Digest.  I want to get about a million book reviews done.  I want to write my own books that are in various stages of outline and completion.  I want to get caught up on my sleep.  I want to go to town, but I don't want to walk, drive or be driven (that one will be a bit tricky).  I want to work out every day.  I want to totally revamp Eye on Soaps.  I want to get those photo albums finished.  I'm going to have to seriously overhaul my schedule to get even a percentage of that finished.  As it is, one day is melting into the next and into the next to the point that nothing is really getting done.  The house stays fairly clean, which takes a bit of time and is a major accomplishment for me.  Most nights, I make a nice dinner for the family, whereas for a while there, it was a couple of nights a week.  I spend a few hours a day on the computer, answering e-mails, posting the work of the other writers and writing my own columns.  I go to sleep around 10pm and wake up at 6am.  That looks like 8 hours to me!  Must be the weight and lack of exercise that is making me so tired all of the time.  It could also be the peri-menopause thing.  I've been forgetting to take my hormonal supplements far too often.  The Remifemin and Wild Yam Cream (I use "At Ease" brand) are wonderful for giving Divas a boost.  :)  Next stop:  crack.

Speaking of crack, I found this interesting picture somewhere online:


According to the source, these are all the same woman following her 14 year history as a crack addict.  Supposedly she died a few months after the last photo.  Maybe I'll stick to the hormones.  Although she does look better in all of those pictures than I do on my worst day.

The house is so quiet.  Dylan is STILL asleep with the covers pulled over his head.  Maybe I should go check and see if he is still under there!  Nathan is happily ensconced at school.  He still really, really loves it.  "Chicago Hope" is on and my bed is beckoning for a nap.  Eric will likely be giving me his morning call (I get morning, lunch, afternoon and "I"m on my way home") any time now. 

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Anybody know who this guy is?  Looks like he's on my list.

Just checked and Dylan is still warm and breathing, just asleep.  I hope the boys sleep late tomorrow because I'll be snoozing too!

Speaking of which, I'm going to take advantage of this and get a jump start on my weekend sleep recovery.  I hope all of you have a sterling weekend.

Much Love,