"And then THIS broad goes and gets herself
KRAZY GLUED to YOUR broad and I liketa
NEVER got them apart.  Stupid wimmin."

"You know what, Bozo, BITE ME."

"Did you do that, Carly?  Did you glue
yourself to Courtney AND just mouth
off to Sonny?  All in one day?"

"Meh.  Maybe."


"Um.  I can't get my finger off my lip."

"HA, ha!  Sonny glued his finger!!" 

"I can't believe I'm stuck like this."

"You really find this, I dunno,
amusing or something,
don't you?"

"Oh God, I do, I can't stop laughing."

"Um, Jason.  Try cutting some of it off.  And shut her up."

"How much of my finger did you take off?"


"It's still stuck."

"I know.  Let me try acetone."

"Oh yeah, now you're talkin.  That feels a lot better."

"I used up all the acetone."

"No worries, I'm free. That's all that matters."

"So hey, thanks, bro, I..."

"Don't touch the...


"That was really dumb, Sonny."

"Shut UP, Courtney."

"Get this JACKET off my HAND, JASON!"

"I can't, I told you, I used up all the acetone.
And besides, acetone would screw up the leather
Try shaking it off."

"Get thee off, get thee off."

"How's it going?"

"Shut UP, Courtney!"

"Great, now I can't get my fingers off my head."

"This just keeps getting better and better.  LOL.
Oh man, I've so got to pee!"