Listen, I just wanted to tell you that I 
figured out your little game.  Ha Ha.
Red Herring.  Jason kill wrong guy.
Just you WATCH your back, Little Missy.

Pfft.  Yeah, Brainchild, I'm scared. 
Did I mention, "Pfft?"


Ha!!  Gotcha!!

"Pfft" at me now, Most Beautiful Girl!!
Ha, ha, ha!!

Then I shall!  "Pfft!  HA HA HAAA!"  I was 
wearing my lucky Kevlar body armor!
You SO did not kill me!  Ha!

No, Dude, really, I suck at this.

Shit.  Let me get dressed and I'll come
help, fer godsake. 

Why does the phone or doorbell
always ring when we make out?

(Across town)

Did you get her this time?

No, wrong gun.  >:<  She's still alive.

What th'...this isn't HER!


It's the wrong girl and...

She's wearing a WHORE BLOUSE!


I told you I suck at this.

Yeah, you do.  We need a new plan
or Little Sonny's never going to get
out for some air, you know?



"I think I can help"

What was that?

Liz, come out of the closet.

We thought Lucas was in there.

Now what did you say?

I think I can help. 
You want to kill Brenda, right?


Just get the town behind it.  They have so much
suppressed anger they'll kill in an instant.
Let me get some rumors started, OK?
Then you guys call a meeting.  We can
get Alexis to spearhead the operation.

I don't know that's such a good idea.

Are you kidding?  She's been cocked
and loaded for months now.  We just
have to pull the trigger.


(That afternoon)