It was a dark and treacherous time in Port Charles history.  Villains had come and gone, some with a whimper and others with a roar.  This time, the menace was so great that an entire town (except for those on the show "Port Charles," who were as impervious to this threat as the "General Hospital" are to the vampire legions) banded together to put a stop to the evil that had befallen them.  Watch and see how "Operation:  Kill Brenda" came to be.

It all started with a chance encounter in a police station.  Their eyes met in a sudden, common recognition.  Kindred Souls.  Sharing a bond that few others shared.  Wordlessly, they moved toward one another and began doing "The Chicken Dance," heretofore only seen at weddings and bat mitzvahs:


Good Dance.  Nice Moves.  Later.

It was over in a flash.  Carly could not
believe what had happened.  Someone,
somehow had instinctively known her
secret.  A chicken dancer.  There was
only one thing to do.  That person must
die.  But how?

Brenda's reaction was the exact opposite.
She felt she'd come home at last. 
Kindred spirits indeed.  Little did
she know that for this and so many other
reasons, she'd soon be a marked woman.

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