Boy hideee – I am lovin’ me some GH lately! 

I know that’s not a very cerebral opening, but then again who really gives a flying crap?  General has been so very good overall lately that I can forgive the few vomitous urgings that I still get from time to time and just let it flow.  On one of my other fave shows The O.C. (yes, I’m a Seth-girl) the Cohen family has been inundated with good cheer and the optimistic spirit of  ‘Chrismukkah” – it’s a holiday with 8 days of one present a day and then one day with many presents.  I think the GH writers got religion and are embracing Chrismukkah because every day lately has been a freakin’ holiday for me!  Not only that, but it seems the writers do in fact recall a little bit o’ Port Charles history because they’ve stuck their tongues firmly in their collective cheek and sprinkled a few good’uns in the dialogue lately… 

How about Steven Lars’ little quip when he was superdoc and fixin’ up Carly with his Swiss Army knife or whatever it was… “I’m a regular MacGyver” – wink wink, smirk smirk. 

And Lorenzo acting a little baffled when everyone was so impressed he rescued an expectant mommy from the blizzard… “I wouldn’t leave a woman about to give birth just lying in the snow” – maybe not you baby, but your bro would, did and died for it.  Oh yeah, wasn’t he you or you him or something like that? 

Sonny handing Alexis her bra after he and Jax “rescued” Rexis was classic.  The dimples just winking away at Alexis’ obvious mortification was faboo, but I need to check with anyone who’s got it on tape – was there major padding in that thing or was it me??  I must make a note to ask NLG at the GH Weekend – almost as good a question as “does it look bigger when it’s shaved?” 

Lucas sighting!!!  He must’ve had Christmas break from Diabetic Camp or sumpin’ like that.  Thank God I caught him on an episode of Desperate Housewives – I know he’s probably young enough to be my son, - O.K. maybe a much younger brother, but the hunnychile is catnip! 

Jason and Sam… hmmm, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to go back and eat crow now that the chemistry (and slow-build) between the two characters is really juicing along.  I honestly didn’t have an opinion going in and I know that plenty of people were ready to run poor Kelly Monaco out of PC on a rail for interfering with either of their preferred super couples.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly receptive to the character of Sam in the beginning, not because I disliked KM, but because I wasn’t familiar with her skills except to a very limited degree.  What really irritated me was what I saw as laziness on the part of the TIIC who looked to be casting another Brenda clone to try to break up Sonny and Carly, or play mind games with Jax or even remotely touch on some of the chemistry that was beginning to build between Brenda and Jason during their ill-fated marriage.  It just seemed not well thought out and maybe they wanted to snatch up Kelly Monaco because she was a hot property, a case of creating a story for an actor instead of having a solid story and then casting the perfect actor.  Now of course, I’m loving every single nuance between Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco – every time he smiles at her as if she’s charming and every time she attempts to pull him a little further out of his stoic demeanor, I fall a little harder.  The adoption thing is a little dicey and while I realize it’s a matter of driving their story ahead, I feel for Jason as he tries to not only protect Sam from more potential heartbreak, but also to protect himself as well.  Steve Burton’s a lucky guy and a talented actor – not many have the opportunity to reveal layers that have deliberately been locked away tightly by the writers in charge of your character.  I’m rooting for them in a big way. 

Ric and Alexis make me smile.  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I have to think that Nancy Lee Grahn and Rick Hearst really do like each other.  I mean that in a totally non-work related hanky-panky way.  I think they get a kick out of exploring the boundaries of what they as characters can do and how they can affect the other’s performance along the way.  I loved the scenes with Ric moving in and explaining the deep significance of his peewee hockey trophy (or whatever it was) – basically it was a charred piece of metal – Alexis wasn’t impressed at all.  And the free weights/gym crack?  I was wracking my brain to remember the last time Alexis hit the gym.  Not that she needs it of course, but I was wondering if it was during her marriage to Jax – when she was dumping his protein shakes in the potted plants and trying to endure 10 mile hikes with Lady Jane, all so that she could have her microwave popcorn at the end of the day… it was so easy to slip into her place when Ric made the remark about the gym – my back actually snapped - when will men learn that it’s not exactly what you say, but how what you said makes us feel? 

I just love Georgie’s new hairstyle.  Very hip, but not too-too trendy.  Speaking of hair, what was up with Dillon’s ‘do today?  I’m used to the bat guano they put on him, but something was off kilter.  I had a flashback to Coleman’s unfortunate bad hair week (no offense Mr. Gibbons – please understand it’s just my personal preference talking).  Anyway, fix it now please. 

I am still pretty bored with NEM, but we did get Greg Vaughn with no shirt on today (woo hoo!) so I’ll refrain from dissecting that storyline out of pec respect.   

Same goes for Diego – out of admiration for Adrianne Leon, Wally Kurth, Alicia Leigh Willis, Ingo Rademacher, Lesli Kay and Ted King – I will not comment on that story and where it seems to be heading.  Why oh why can’t Diego find out HE has diabetes and go off to camp??  *Sigh*  

Love Tracy, love Luke and Skye – can’t wait to see Helena rise from the dead… don’t you just know she was at some spa in Switzerland getting her groove on with some young’un while she plotted Emily’s demise?  I’m savoring the flavor  - looks like Chrismukkah isn’t over yet babycakes!  Pass the latkes and egg nog!!