Random Randomness – All Random, All the Time 

The idea that the writers on General Hospital would create a new character and name it Gordo (as in Dr. Noah Drake’s heretofore unknown son, Gordon) just boggles my mind.  Gordo in Spanish means fat.  What happened to the days when our soap heroes and heroines had lovely, dashing, unique names??  Beautiful names like Skye and Elizabeth, masculine, hearty names like Luke and Jax.  Now we might be having “Gordo”?  Can you imagine what the fanbases might come up with?  Good God ~ we may have to deal with Gorbin or Gordily or *shudder* Gorxie.  Someone please stop the madness! 

Several outlets are reporting that Alicia Leigh Willis may be as good as gone.  You can’t see me, but I’m smiling.  Not so much because I dislike either the character or the actress, but because almost two weeks ago it was announced on ALW’s website that she was backing out of Super Soap Weekend next month.  I commented to several peeps that, for me, that was tantamount to announcing that she was not re-signing with the show.  I guess I can wait for an official announcement before I roll into full-on gloat. 

Since when is Kelly’s Diner the official place to wait for paternity results?   

Holy Chit!  I don’t know why Reese and Ric were so worried about Emily getting close to Sonny and spilling the beans about their one night stand… they should’ve been more concerned with keeping their voices down when they were talking about it at the hospital! 

With all the recent nods to history – a refreshing change from a group of writers that regularly rewrite it – we might soon be seeing the resurrection of a beloved story.  Flashback to 1981 and our beloved hero and heroine, Luke and Laura after surviving many a nasty natural and man-made disaster on the way to their perfect union, finally take their vows in a fairy-tale wedding made possible by their family and friends.  Not only does Helena Cassadine (Elizabeth Frickin’ Taylor – People!) cast a curse on them and all their as yet unborn children… but Scotty Baldwin, Laura’s cuckholded first hubby and Luke’s nemesis, appeared from nowhere to *gasp* catch the bridal bouquet. 

Now we have L&L2, 20-odd years later. Can you spot the similarities?  Let’s see. 

ü      Did they overcome enough personal obstacles in their young lives including rape, brainwashing and coming back from the dead?  Check.

ü      Have they struggled to be together despite obstacles being in their way, including but not limited to marriages to other people and offspring from now-dead peeps (think Stavros and Zander)?  Check.

ü      A good curse. Has there been an end to the Spencer/Cassadine feud as of yet?  Um, don’t think so.  In fact, Hell’s just got a weekend pass from the pokey for the nuptials.  Besides I don’t think there’s a statute of limitations when you curse someone. – Check.

ü      Someone unexpected to catch the bouquet.  Scotty’s on the lam with all that treasure he stole when he went AWOL during the MetroCourt auction, so he’s out.  Who does that leave?  Early photos show Courtney attending the wedding in a red dress (what, the costume department couldn’t find a big fat letter “A”?) She might catch it then she could decide whether to reconcile with the father of her zygote, y’know, the one that asked her if she liked spreading her legs for royalty.  OR she could pick Nikolas and make Helena one very happy psycho-Great Granny.  One thing to watch out for Courtney – Helena doesn’t seem to think the mother’s presence in the baby’s life is a real necessity.  Just saying.

ü      And last but not least, a pseudo Cinderella setting with a touch of goth thrown in. It’s not the Mayor’s Mansion, but I’m sure it will do.  I hope Em and Nik sprung a few extra bucks and had that couch steam cleaned! 

Now that we’ve presented the evidence, I think it’s safe to say that we do have another Luke and Laura in the making.  A real one, not so much insta-manufactured as allowed to develop slowly over time.  So slowly that their respective fanbases had to begin write-in campaigns to get their favorites a storyline, period.  So maybe Lucky hasn’t had a chance to save the world from being frozen – yet, but give him time – he’s young.   Maybe lightning will strike twice and we’ll be treated to another true supercouple, one whose love CAN survive almost anything.  Let’s face it, Lucky and Liz are predestined as the next Luke and Laura.  Greg Vaughan and Rebecca Herbst are up to the challenge and they deserve it.  And I’m finally willing after all these years to accept these heirs to the throne. 

Later Babycakes!