Sept 7, 2005

Sometimes a character either says or does something so heinous you just have to kill them off.  No use trying to redeem them.  Rape your future wife and mother of your children?  No problem. We can fix that.  Kidnap your long-lost brother’s pregnant wife and hold her in a panic room?  Don’t worry - we’ll spin it.  Well no such luck for the very pretty but highly expendable Andrew, Sam and/or Alicia’s faux hubby.  They had to kill him.  After he showed up in that God-awful powder blue leisure suit and uttered the words that still haunt me... “Come bite me again my heathen princess.  Nothing excites me more than the call of the wild” well, he just deserved to die.

Here’s another guy who’s
clothing was so bad that he had
to die too.                     

Speaking of fashion crimes, I want to know what the heck Reese ever did to the peeps in the GH Costume Department?  That poor girl has been like a walking Glamour Don’t ever since she hit Port Charles.  It’s amazing to me that she doesn’t walk around town with one of those black bars plastered over her eyes.  Everything she wears is complex.  It always has ties or straps, buckles and big drapey sleeves.  It’s like boho chic meets Lerner’s circa 1984.  It’s truly bizarre.  

Even Sonny must’ve pissed off someone in a big way this past week.  This is almost unforgivable.  

If you’re going to do this to him, at least
give him a ‘Mansiere’ or a ‘Bro’. 

Jennifer Bransford is rumored to be on her way out as Carly III.  I’m sorry to see her go, she’s a truly beautiful woman, inside and out.  She was absolutely charming at the GHFCW.  She deserves better.  As an homage to her, I recommend we induct her into the Official Carly Whoreblouse Hall of Fame.  She wore it well. 

                     The Original                                    But she’s not bad - really. 

Also needing to be burned this week:

Courtney’s Kmart turquoise track suit  

Target Junior Dept is not a good look for you right now Alexis 

I’m not a snob really.  I like Target and Kmart just fine and I like just about anything he wears  


(I just luuuuuv how my spellcheck goes nutty on that word!) 

I’m certain Johnny Gumba and the rest of the Love It/Hate It crew at E!Online will be happy to know their jobs are secure.  I’m just out for my own personal amusement. 

Mission Accomplished. 

Later babycakes! 


Screen caps are from:

 General Hospital Happenings