Just Add Water and Stir




Let me get this straight. 

Nikolas loved Emily back from the death grip of cancer and had her basically cheat on Zander because his love was pure and true.  He saved Emily’s life again when he threw his psycho granny off a cliff, protecting his true love.  Then he went to jail and attempted to talk Emily into seeking a divorce so that she could live her life without the burden of worrying about her poor little locked away Prince. Upon his release, he did everything he could (for a few weeks anyway) to try to rebuild his relationship with her after her rape by his doppelganger.  

Courtney on the other hand has forgiven her scheming no-account mother from keeping her from her gambling addicted loser of a father.  She took a job as a stripper to pay hush money to protect her DUI hubby.  She’s been fake-stalked by said hubby and put in the middle between her new found mob boss brother and the real love of his life, Jason.  She’s been kidnapped, had a miscarriage and lost hubby #2 Jason to his “job”.  She’s saved an elderly woman and her dog from a towering inferno and been shot at by the Sandoval crime family.  She’s taken in teen strangers off the streets who attempted to ruin her life (or get her in the sack). And oh yeah, she’s also never slept with a man that wasn’t her husband (or fixing to be her husband). 

So now these two seeming paragons of virtue (by soap standards anyway) have got such itchy britches for each other that they’ve taken to rooftops and dark docks for clandestine meetings?  Come again? 

I mean, jeez – Courtney roasted Jax’s ass when he produced the multi-page document listing his various lovers.  Got all holier than thou and actually had second thoughts about whether she should go through with the marriage, all the while espousing to her best friend that she wuuuuved him.  So where’s all this readi-heat coming from?  I was racking my brain trying to come up with some passing scene in the past few months that would lead to this insta-attraction and came up with squat. 

Now I for one, love heat.  I even kind of dig the sweaty, flushed, over active hormonal look they are both getting.  I loved when Courtney said to Nik “I am the world’s worst liar” – it had impact.  But this storyline, like so many others is so hurried, so rushed, so forced that I just sit there and roll my eyes at what I’m seeing.  

I get that the NEM storyline stalled – for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional.  I mean how long could they continue to write stuff like “Nikolas moves to embrace Emily as she gets the icky constipated look on her face and tries not so gracefully to hide her revulsion”?  But the speed at which we’re being force fed this pabulum is mind-blowing.  Chunk blowing too. 

Random Randomness 

I’m guessing that this Sam as a dancing twin story is the horribleness that Steve Burton not so subtly alluded to at his event over the GH Weekend.  Can’t say I blame him, only two days in and it’s stinking up the place.   

Sorry to see Larry Poindexter go.  He said he wasn’t necessarily brought in as a “revisionist” but that’s what his character came to be.  The term “sacrificial lamb” also comes to mind. 

It seems a lot is happening off screen these days.  I guess Rachel’s death, Jason’s actual arrest and Monica and Alan’s recovery are just a few things TIIC thought we didn’t need to see.  

Kelly Beaudry.  Kelly K. Beaudry.  Mrs. Jesse Beaudry.  Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Beaudry are happy to announce…  sounds good, don’t it? 

Loved Dillon whacking himself on the plumbing. 

Loved loved loved Skye and Lorenzo’s heart to heart.  Fabulous outfit on RC – kudos to the wardrobe department.  Now if we could just see how it looks all crumpled up in a ball at the foot of Lorenzo’s bed you could color me happy. 

Cup of coffee at the Metro Court: $3
Blueberry Muffin: $4
Double order of Banana pancakes: $9.50
Seeing your husband’s law partner & one night stand’s expression as she thinks you are propositioning her for a ménage a trois: Priceless 

I crack myself up. 


Screen caps are from:

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