Hey Howdy Gang ~ things have been a little crazed around here lately, and I’m not specifically talking about Port Chuckles.  I just got back from a home buying trip in Ft. Lauderdale and my GH watching was sporadic to say the least.  Since I can’t really get it together enough to spit out a full-length column on one particular topic ~ you’re gonna have to deal with my sorta old, semi-schizo ramblings. All Aboard!! 


Of black diamonds and traumatized ’tweeners 

Oy Vey – I thought I had seen about everything that General Hospital had to shock me with…  Bullets fly in a church, a child’s photo is doctored to show him as dead to his grieving parents, said child commits involuntary patricide (my law school alma mater can be found on the back cover of a book of matches) and over the last few weeks Carly walked in on Sonny in mid-hump, not once, but twice.  Now Michael is being initiated into the club.  Ick – double ick.  For those of us who grew up assuming that our parents couldn’t possibly “do it” ~ this is a sad day indeed. 

I’m blind!  I’m blind! 

Can I be Reese – Puhleeeze? 

OK I can do without the explosions and thankfully TIIC didn’t subject us to whatever evil Evan perpetrated on our Miss Charlotte in her hospital room, but hell ~ when Ric AND Sonny stood at the foot of her hospital bed all concerned and everything, all I could think about was a big ‘ole RicSonny sammich!!!  I’m a Drama Queen, not an actor, but I couldn’t help but wonder if in preparing for her scenes, Kari Wuhrer tries to keep in mind that she’s slept with both these brothers.  Not a new plot twist in daytime soaps to be sure, but a mighty fine one if you ask me!  If’n it was me I wouldn’t have to be asking the Director, “now what’s my motivation in this scene?”  Just look babycakes – take a good long look. 

The shirt that launched
a thousand Internet sighs

‘Havin’ My Baby…’ 

Another faboo soap plot  ~ let me count the ways that I like this story.  First off it features Greg Vaughan.  Secondly, it features Greg Vaughan –hehehee.  Cop Lucky and Nurse Liz are living together, not yet married.  One point for reality – unlike Carly and Lorenzo who ‘had to’ get married before one of them exploded or decided they wanted Sonny back.  Cop Lucky and Nurse Liz get their nookie interrupted by a crying child – Another reality point.  Lucky was in the hospital for weeks without full insurance coverage and now owes GH in excess of $50K (sadly, it doesn’t get much realer than that).

Fixin’ to get “lucky”…. Cue the crying child       A-Alabama, B-Boston, C-Colorado…

 I don’t want Lucky to be a dirty cop so now Liz is ‘riding’ to the rescue (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) with the idea of being a gestational host.  Yay for Liz for being so selfless and giving – and yay more for Lucky for being honest and showing with incredible facial expressions just how uncomfortable he feels about the idea of Liz carrying another man’s child. He wants to make babies with Liz – how sweet is that?   Though that brings up another issue.  What are the rules regarding making love to a pregnant woman when she’s carrying another man’s child for cash?  I mean, I’m all for healthy sex during pregnancy – but Jax may be a little weirded out if his new kid comes out with dents in his head.  He might ask for a partial refund or something citing hail damage!   

Now it gets a little stickier (sorry) with the fact that Liz would also be donating the egg with Jax’s sperm.  Did you get that they said sperm like 10 times the other day??   Lucky jumped all over that and rather intelligently pointed out that since the child would now be a biological part of Liz, she would so grow to love it that it would be damn near impossible for her to give it up – even to wonderful parents like Jax and Courtney.  BTW, for what it’s worth, I do think Courtney and Jax would be great parents so I’m kind of rooting for everything to work out.  Unfortunately I’ve seen enough years of soaps to know that nothing ever works out.  I also like the byplay between Ingo Rademacher and Rebecca Herbst.  They seem to genuinely like each other and how cool would it be for Lucky and Courtney to bond over their third-wheelness and comfort each other with some no-tell motel sex?  In the meantime, I’m really liking Court and Liz’s insta-friendship and look forward to Liz and Lucky having someone else in their realm besides Nik and Em.  Let’s face it; those two are a major downer.  At the very least, it means I’ll be seeing Lucky and Liz on my screen for about the next nine months or so – a vast improvement wouldn’t you say? 

Worker’s Comp Claim #115487795 

Did Georgie fill out her W-4 and I-9 at the Pizza Shack???  Who’s going to be paying her hospital bill?  We can’t have two characters on the show that owe big money to GH…This is a major concern for me.   On the BJ/Maxie heart story - I do like Kristen Storms so far; I’ll freely admit that.  I wasn’t jazzed about them replacing Robyn Richards, especially when they’d tried it unsuccessfully prior to this.  But NuMaxie is doing a fine job; in fact she hasn’t gotten on my nerves once.   

I need to get better ~
I hear that chick
KellyB even wants
 me to stick around

Friday and today I spent the better part of GH with tears running down my cheeks.  Would this story be more poignant with Robyn Richards and Kristina Wagner starring – definitely – is it wondrous storytelling regardless – most definitely. 

Who’d a thunk it?

About a year and a half ago I started writing a Muse column for EOS… for my very first one I included my wish list of potential storylines.  Here’s one of them from my archives:  

6)      Coleman saves Tracy Q’s ass when she inadvertently stumbles upon an Alcazar arms deal gone bad.  They go on the run a la L&L and she’s forced to lower herself to do unspeakable things, like eat fast food and enter a Laundromat.  She finds herself falling for him and vows to become the reincarnation of June Cleaver in order to keep him.  Coleman decides he’d rather have a fling with Monica, who obliges him – again and again and again.  

OK so I’m not Miss Cleo ~ still, I think some GH intern was surfing the web and reported my wise-acreness to his higher ups and 18 months later we have a pairing that’s really HOTT!   

Ya’ll can thank me
for this later

Pick me, me ME! 

Spoilers indicate that Alexis is going to approach Reese with an offer – sleep with my hubby so I can get a divorce on the basis of adultery.  Reese is in a quandary… a quandary, a quandary?!  Oh yeah, not because she wouldn’t do Ric to help Alexis out – she’d do him just for the great big sheet-slipping thrill of it.  Talk about a defining moment – sheesh. 


PoP LIfe

An O.T. space for me to vent – it’s me in Living Technicolor!  

OK so we sold our house in Texas, flew down to Ft. Lauderdale last weekend and bought a new house ~ Mikey starts his new position on August 1st, we close on house #1 this Friday, close on house #2 on July 11th.  We’re having our moving sale on July 2nd, going away party on the 9th then I leave for GHFCW on July 14th ~ fly back to TX and the movers come on Monday, July 18th.  Start driving on the 19th, get there around the 21st – I figure I can squeeze in a mini breakdown on about the 23rd or so.  I better pencil it in. 


Here at Furniture City we want to SAVE YOU MONEY!! 

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Smooches Babycakes!



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