Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it…

 When did Carly get grow’d up?  Carly’s strongpoint has always been her absolute selfishness and Geiger measured level of immaturity.  Nobody manipulated like Carly.  If she couldn’t have it her way, she bullied, blackmailed and bamboozled it into making it her way.  But things have changed lately, maybe there was a full moon, planets collided – hell she might’ve had a full body orgasm.  Whatever the reason, Carly is officially behaving like an adult.  Even her perennial whipping boy and ass wiper Jason has managed to fly under the radar while she navigates the river divorce.  Sonny is going to give her pretty much anything she wants in the settlement, so no point in pitching a bitch there either – right? 

 I guess if I could put a time on when I first noticed this emerging thoughtful woman from the grasping, needy codependent mess she was before, I would have to say it was the day Carly told Sonny about Kristina’s paternity.  I mean there it was, major bombage about to drop on our girl.  Sonny could have just as easily let loose and had a good old fashion rant and (complete with barware breakage) rave.  And with Carly y’know, her best defense is a good offense. But no, Sonny and Carly both looked at each other with old and tired eyes and knew – this is it.  No crying, no whining, no threats – just over. 

Since that day Carly (and Tamara Braun) has managed to turn in some startlingly strong and multi-layered performances, and all without the use of screaming histrionics.  Whether she’s counseling Courtney about telling Diego the truth about his paternity or offering personal advice to Lorenzo about connecting with his heretofore-unknown son, Carly is a woman grown.  Case in point, Courtney is her bestest friend, and when she emerged long enough from her own Jax-induced CPS haze she mentioned that she hadn’t been there for Carly during the divorce.  Court actually had to ask her best friend and sorta former sister-in-law how she was doing.  And Carly, wonder of wonders, was gracious about being left to twist in the wind, told her it was difficult, smiled a sad smile and kept going. 

With Lorenzo, she was grace under pressure.  No matter that Lorenzo somehow rigged the elevator to get stuck (clevuh!), in between bouts of anxiety, Carly was able to laugh at herself.  “Please don’t tell me any secrets while we’re stuck in here – the last one was the beginning of the end of my marriage” – or something like that.  While she obviously was panic stricken at the idea of being stuck in an elevator, she still managed to temporarily forget her own fears while she shared her feelings about finding and knowing her long-lost dad.  She didn’t make it seem like everything was perfect, in fact Lorenzo reminded her that John Durant came to town to try to kill Sonny; “So did you” fired back our little wonder woman. 

Carly’s a long way from being the wise and saintly character that everyone consults for good advice and warm fuzzies, but in a soap opera world that would only get her backburnered.  What the writers and Tamara Braun are doing is aging the character – gracefully. 

She’s Giving CPS a Bad Name 

I’m really getting sick and tired of Courtney and her quest to save the children.  How totally bizarre is this storyline??? First they foisted Diego off on her for what was supposed to be a weekend until they could get him permanently placed.  Right – we have no place to stick this man-boy and no better prospects than lodging him with a hot little blonde not more than 5 years his senior??  This wasn’t a storyline, this was another PruZa teenage wet dream.  Come on, didn’t anyone else see American Pie??  I kept waiting for Mumbles to ask Court if she knew what a “MILF” was.   

Now we have Bridget as the latest victim of Courtney’s Baby Envy.  Yesterday she told Bridget she had two choices, stay at the loft with her and show some respect or she could take her chances with the PCPD (*insert smirk here).  Bridget chose to stay with Courtney who proceeded once again to make her underage houseguests the unwilling spectators of her Jaxlust.  While Bridget watched, Jax nibbled Courtney giggled and KellyB blew chunks – it was disgusting.   No wonder Courtney spends most of her free time chasing teens down and trying to convince them of her concern for them.  It’s obvious where her priorities are and “The Foundation” besides being in every sentence she utters, is just a lame excuse for a hobby.   

One of my online buddies is distressed by the story because it makes it seem as if it’s ok to toss kids aside if they’re difficult or in any way needy.  I agree fully with that sentiment, but it’s even worse when they are used in such an unskillful way to flesh out a weak storyline!! J/K ~ But my point here is not the moral issue that’s being addressed improperly – I can’t even see it in those terms because it’s just so damn unfrigginbelievable.   If I thought that TIIC had any clue as to what constitutes the ethically and morally acceptable way to assist children in need, it was totally blown away by this asinine story.  It’s an insult to any parent, CPS professional, foster parent, Big Brother/Big Sister, Mentor, Teacher… the list goes on.  This is just so bad on so many different levels that I have to stop writing about it. 

Random Randomness 

More Luke, please. 

Oh how the mighty have fallen … Nik + Em + prison cot = gag reflex 

How about Liz and Ric as friends??  I like it – we could all use more friends. 

The yellow-pages plastic surgeon that botoxed Jordan’s lips should be shot. 

Bravo for Carly for rather succinctly shutting up Alexis by telling her emphatically that one of the reasons she (Carly) wasn’t afraid of dying in that hotel elevator during the fire was because she knew Sonny would take the best care of her children.  Pretty cool testimony if you ask me. 

And Finally… 

Well, I don’t know how many of you are in mourning, but color me officially bummed.  Hollywood nicey-nices Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are dissolving their marriage after five years.  Not since Britney cheated on Justin, J.Lo returned the ring and Waylon dumped Madame have the media been in such a feeding frenzy. 

OK – I don’t know how ya’ll feel about it, but this picture fairly screamed “we’re pregnant!” at me.  Anyone else? 

Kelly B