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The Wub Queen gives us a totally hilarious and irreverent spoof of our favorite GH characters...a total crack-up.  NOT for those easily offended by poking a little fun at the denizens of PC.  After taking over from the ever popular Gedstern, The Wub Queen also included scoops, news, spoilers and "The Boom Room!"


How can you not love a GH page that has an adult content disclaimer to click through in order to access it??  Straight-forward and hard hitting, The Rock Staff tells it like it is. 

(No longer a functioning site)

Every dedicated OLTL fan should go to this site.  If you are a vet, you are going to love the walk down memory lane.  If you are a newcomer, you are going to love the history lesson.  A lot of work has gone into capturing pics and names of the children who have appeared on One Life to Live and I promise you are going to adore this site.  It is the sister site of:

Which is the most comprehensive Llanview Family Bible you'll ever see.  To continue you education of who goes where with whom and how, you need to visit this site as well!  The work that has gone into is is incredible and these two are the ultimate OLTL compendium on the net.  Beth, Cain and Ido have done an INCREDIBLE research job and have been kind enough to compile the info in one place for our easy reference and perusal!  We really need to buy them dinner.

Under the skillful hand of Kathy Carano, this site dishes up some of the best AMC info on the net!


Great screencaps to accentuate our commentary and fuel our ridicule!!

More AWESOME screencaps!  You GO, Angie!!
(No longer a functioning site)


The official site for ABC Daytime Soaps.  Don't believe it until you've read it here.  We are eternally grateful to ABC.com for graciously allowing us to use their photos for our site.

An extensive wav file collection that includes cuts of all the variations of the theme song in addition to memorable comments, quips and one-liners from the entire history of AMC.  Karen looooves this site!

Wow!  What an incredible links site!  A HUGE list of character, couple and every other kind of link you'd ever want!!  Kudos to Katie for a great job.

Hands down the best OLTL site on the net.  Has great spoilers, news items and much more.  Dot from DotCom turned me on to this one and I'm definitely glad she did!  They have consistently provided the most complete and accurate OLTL spoilers I've ever seen.  Soap Gal, who runs the site, has graciously allowed us to link to her from our spoiler as well, always ensuring that EOS readers will get the best OLTL spoilers on the net from her site.


Just go to it.  It is a OLTL historian's dream; a fantasy site.  *sniff*  I love it.  The amount of work involved with this site is unbelievable.  There are not enough words of praise in the English language to adequately express my admiration for this site.
(It frequently exceeds its bandwidth allocation.  Please be patient and try again.)


This site is FANTASTIC.  It has TONS of information, right down to contract expiration dates of the actors.  There are games, spoilers, family trees (which are a KING sized pain in the butt), BEAUTIFUL pictures and much, much more! 

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