August 22, 23 & 24


On a more serious note, I think the saddest thing, even beyond the people in the room who wouldn't know the WSB from the WB network, was that having these guys there served as a sobering reminder of the contrast between GH then and GH now.  For me, Sean and Tiffany and Duke and Robert and Anna and Holly and Felicia and Frisco and Tony and Bobby and Rick and Lesley and Alan and Monica and Heather and Jeff and Luke and Laura (My goodness, would you look at all of the character!  All having a presence at one time!) all represent the best time in GH's history.  As great as it was to see those guys, it was also sad to remember blatantly just how good it used to be.

*moment of silence*

After that, some of the dining tables were broken down, the better to walk the floors, my dear, and the stars were led to the perimeter daises to set up for shmoozing, cuddles, autographs and photos.  Oh, I very nearly forgot to mention that we had RULES.  The two that stand out most in my head were "don't bother the stars while they're peeing" and "don't hand them cell phones" (blowing my surprises for Sherry Mercurio and Kate Brown, my intrepid soldiers holding down the fort back home, out of the water the second time, the first time being when the objects of their pending cell phone affections, Lane Davies and Ron Hale respectively, failed to show).

The stars in place, we set about our tasks.  Being far more than simple blithering, drooling, GH fans, we reporters had a job to do, so we decided it was business first, then  fulfilling our own girlly soap fantasies.  Fortunately  for Miss Carolyn, our first item of business also involved her number one , so off we went to score a coup.  Before you continue, if you haven't read her prequel, you must do so for this to make any sense at all.  If you don't have time to read it all (and you SHOULD), go down to where she starts talking about "Sex and the City." 

Ted King.  Look out.  We're after you, baby.

His line was growing quickly, so we scrambled there before someone who may have read the column asked first.  As we waited our turn (blessedly, we were close to the front of the line), we assessed the evidence:


Being a slut from long back, my first notice was not that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, but that his fingers were long, of decent girth, I mean width, and had a slight curve to them. 

Then, in comes beautiful Carolyn for the kill.  You have to know, looking at the picture, that Carolyn has this angelic, ethereal, gorgeous thing going on that wouldn't let him think for a moment that she could go from beautiful batting eyes to "Does it really look bigger after you shave?" in a nanosecond.  I, your devoted reporter, was there to capture THAT Kodak moment:

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that Carolyn is uncomfortable with me posting this picture, saying: (actual IM discussion)

carolyn: oh gosh. i just enlarged the pic and my arms are so fat!
carolyn: don't put that pic on the net. i am a huge cow in it! =-O
katrina: are you kidding???
katrina: that's our money picture!!
carolyn: No, I'm not kidding!
katrina: oh god, carolyn, can I really not use the ted king pic??
carolyn: Ugh! Can you tweek my arms? don't you have the magazine software they use to alter their covers?
carolyn: no, you can.
carolyn: but I refuse to admit that is me. those are not my arms.
katrina: OK, are you sure?  (please say yes)
katrina: I'll tell them that
carolyn: I am not the woman in that pic. someone took my arms and put theirs there instead.
carolyn: just let them know that.

So, um, listen, those are NOT Carolyn's arms.  They're mine.  I put them on there with Photoshop.  Really.  No kidding.  Mine.  (You may write to Carolyn at to tell her how absolutely beautiful she is and to inquire as to the exact location of her left hand in that picture and hear a report of the exact firmness, texture and warmth of where her hand was).

Although I am unable to confirm his reply to the question (I'm going to let Carolyn reveal THAT mystery herself in her weekend wrap up), I can tell you it definitely looked bigger after Carolyn gave him a cuddle and asked that question.  I mean, Lorenzo, is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see Carolyn?

The following are just miscellaneous pictures worth of commentary.   Other not so commentable pics will be thumbnailed at the end of this section

Horrible picture (lighting versus old digital camera) of
Maurice, John Reilly, Wally & Tristan Rogers

Beautiful Kathy with Beautiful John J York (so yum)

Carolyn and Chad, looking like a matched set!

Da Mob never looked so good!

A steely reason why one should not try to take pictures
of or otherwise bother Maurice while he tries to pee.
(Nah, I'm just funning.  This was a zoom lens)

Kathy with Ted a few minutes postCarolyn (he was still
on the emotional mend)

Blake Gibbons with his Mom. I spent quite a while talking
with his parents, who are really lovely people.  I commended
them on their good work.  They are GH fans and enjoyed
meeting the stars.

Rick Hearst.  Not nearly enough room for all of the "hubbas"
that would be required to adequately describe this guy.


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